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क्या हाइड्रोजन कार एक हाइड्रोजन बम है? Can Hydrogen Car Explode like a Hydrogen Bomb?

क्या हाइड्रोजन कार एक हाइड्रोजन बम है? Can Hydrogen Car Explode like a Hydrogen Bomb?

Hydrogen cars are being used all over the world. But is it possible that a hydrogen car explodes like a hydrogen bomb? Are we going to buy a hydrogen bomb instead of a hydrogen car? Let’s understand it in this new video of DiscoverFact The difference between a battery car and a hydrogen car is only its fuel source. A battery-powered car also runs on electricity.. and a hydrogen-powered car also runs on electricity. The only difference is that electricity is stored in the battery car … while electricity is produced in the hydrogen fuel cell. That drives the motor of the car. But when hydrogen gas is such a flammable gas, in leakage and accident, will a car explodes like a hydrogen bomb or something else? Let’s understand how safe a hydrogen car? Hydrogen is the lightest, colorless, tasteless and odorless gas. Despite that, it is a highly flammable gas, yet it is less dangerous than petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG, and batteries. As you can see in this video, a hydrogen car is standing on the left side and gasoline on the right side. And the fuel tank of these cars has been ignited by deliberate leakage. It can be seen clearly that the hydrogen gas is so light. And the hydrogen gas emptied from the fuel tank in just 2 minutes and defuse without any damage. In contrast, the petrol fire has completely burnt the car. The direct reason for this is that hydrogen is a very light gas and does not accumulate around the leakage point. Rather this gas dissolves in the air very quickly and also burns in a few seconds. Therefore, these [Hydrogen] qualities make it less dangerous than petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG, and batteries. But what if a hydrogen car’s tank bursts into an accident? Will there be a nuclear bomb blast or something like this? Let’s understand this also. Actually, Hydrogen car manufacturers have tested the hydrogen fuel tank to an extreme level. And all the hydrogen fuel tanks that are being built today are being made with “carbon fiber” which is the strongest part of the car. Toyota even tested its fuel tank firing a bullet but still, the hydrogen fuel tank did not burst. In such a situation, this tank is safe even if there is a dangerous accident, even if the car is completely ruined. But many car companies have gone to the extreme level in hydrogen fuel tank testing. You can see that this fuel tank made of carbon fiber has been hit by a missile and it has been seen whether the fuel tank explodes or not. But compared to LPG, CNG or other cylinders, this hydrogen cylinder opened but did not break to pieces, as other cylinder cars explode. This proves that the hydrogen fuel tank is much safer than any fuel tank today. But finally, a question arises as to… why these fuel tanks have been made so safe and strongest? Is there a possibility of a hydrogen bomb exploding behind the strengthening of these tanks? Let us understand this also. Hydrogen gas is the lightest gas in the world. And compressing and storing the hydrogen gas than other compressed gas is completely different and difficult. The energy density of hydrogen gas is twice as compared to petrol or diesel by its weight. And also produce 236 times more energy than a 1kg lithium battery. But its storage density volume is very high which is the cause of a big problem of storage and transport this gas. You can understand this by assuming that if you have 1 kg of iron block and 1 kg of cotton … then what thing will be heavier in weight? Of course, the weight of both will be equal. But because cotton occupies more space due to being light, so it requires more space to store it. And if it is tried to compress it in as the iron block, then it will be very difficult. The same is condition and difficulty is with hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas weighs only 90-milligrams to grams as compared to 1-liter petrol in average weight. But this 90-milligram hydrogen gas also produces 2 times more energy than 1-liter petrol in weight. Do you know that CNG gas is filled at a pressure of 200 and hydrogen gas at 700 times higher than atmospheric pressure? This is the reason why a very strong gas cylinder is required to store hydrogen gas. But even then a hydrogen bomb is made of hydrogen gas, so is a hydrogen fuel cell car a mini hydrogen bomb? Actually, hydrogen gas contains 3 isotopes which are made up of Protium, Deuterium, and tritium. To make a hydrogen bomb, deuterium, and tritium isotopes of hydrogen are kept. But for a hydrogen bomb to explode, deuterium and tritium require a very high temperature of about 10 million degrees for nuclear fusion, which is not able to be made artificially. In such a situation, Nuclear Fusion* is done by Nuclear Fission*. which produces helium and unlimited energy, which we call the Hydrogen Bomb explosion. But this nuclear fusion produces dangerous radiation and heat of millions of degrees of temperature, not water as a hydrogen fuel cell does. And, You may not be aware, but today more than ten thousand hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are operating in the world and by 2030, this figure is going to reach 1 million in the whole world. In such a situation, to say that the hydrogen car is a mini hydrogen bomb is only an illusion and myth. And there is also no doubt that the future is for hydrogen-powered vehicles and not battery cars.

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62 thoughts on “क्या हाइड्रोजन कार एक हाइड्रोजन बम है? Can Hydrogen Car Explode like a Hydrogen Bomb?

  1. बहोत,बहोतही अच्छा विडियो बनाया है!मैं ऐसेही विडियो का इंतजार कर रहा था!लेकिन इडियामें ऐसी कार आने को बहुत देर हो जाएगी!

  2. Using hydrogen as a fuel is less costly (in terms of fuel cost), safe and environment-friendly. The only downside is the lack of affordable technology which can efficiently use Hydrogen as a fuel. If we could make this technology cheaper, hydrogen-powered engines would be way ahead of its competitors. By the way, comparing a Hydrogen car to a Hydrogen bomb is the purest form of idiocy.

  3. Mujhe lagta hai ki india Risk nahi lena chahta hai, aur kisi tarah ke experiment ki ummid bhi nahi karta hai, so jab duniya me ye succesfull ho jayegi tab india Japan se kharidega

  4. आप की जानकारी सर्वोत्तम जानकारी दी गई है क्योंकि आने वाले युगों में हाइड्रोजन का इस्तेमाल नहीं किया गया तो पृथ्वी का बर्बाद होना तय है धन्यवाद l

  5. Bhai apne 100yr wali video kyon delete krdi hamare yahan internet band tha isliye nhi dekh paaya bata dijiye kyon delete krdi

  6. BHARAT ke liye hydrogen economy hi vikalp hi nahi militancy,pollution, population aur economy ka bhi solution hai jitana jaldi utana achaa.

  7. Toh fir saari indian car companiyon.. battery car kyun bana rahi hain… Sidha hydrogen car banana chahiye… Becoz kuch saalon me battery car bhi band hone lagegi or sirf hydro car chalenge..

  8. Wow. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaja aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagaya.
    Aapka Presentation jordar hai.
    Aapakao yakin nahi hoga ki mai aapke battery problem wale vedio ko ek seminar main dikha chuka hun, jismein 1000 se jayada log the.

  9. Best solution for range problem of battery cars & chemical pollution caused by waste batteries. Hydrogen technology should be the future solution of fuels not batteries.

  10. हाइड्रोजन बोम्ब हाइड्रोजन से नही बनता ! थर्मो न्यूक्लिअर बोम्ब को हाइड्रोजन बॉम्ब के नाम से जाना जाता है !

  11. कल का इंधन है हायड्रोजन। पेट्रोल खतम होने से पहिले सभी वहान हायड्रोजन से चलेगी

  12. How is hydrogen gas produced? By adding carbide with water in a tank. Many such tanks explode while performing gas welding with this technique.

  13. Hydrogen bomb is concept of hydrogen fusion reaction.
    Hydrogen car concept is different which is simply burning hydrogen in presence of air due to heat of combustion piston will move,and byproduct will be water.
    In fact car will run on water by electrolysis.
    And electrolysis may be carried out by solar energy.

  14. bhai jaldi se hydrogen ko world fuel banao..isse environment bhi clean hoga aur world bhi..kaise? Mullo haramiyon ka desh hai saudi aur wo pure world me errorsit jihadi funding karta hai aur unka strenth petrol hai..jis din petrol ki demand down ho jayegi…musalmano ki britality ka end usi din ho jayegi..kyuki fir terrorism ka funding band ho jayega.

  15. दोस्तो hydrogen, electric कारो के बारमे गलत अफ़वाह फैलाने ने मे petroleum कंपनिया और gulf के सारे देश लगे हुए है. कृपया समझदारी से काम ले.

  16. Hydrogen bomb is based on nuclear fusion which releases large amount of energy whereas burning of hydrogen gas is not that much powerful compared to a bomb.

  17. दादा उत्तराखंड से हूं जरा गाड़ी को 500 फीट गहरी खाई में गिरा कर देखना फ्यूल टैंक मजबूत है

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