11th June 2019 TV5 News Business Breakfast

11th June 2019 TV5 News Business Breakfast

good morning Kalyn first my own personal business breakfast rookie swath on Asian markets stronger territory in fact hangsen nickel on to indices almost today's high degree trader through narrow stone Trump's tariffs tensions consulta Mexico someone in China in the co the Ethel's Naru so tariffs Restonic Mexican goat Smith our tariffs knee we didn't Iran Iranian a postponed you sir so he avoided the tariffs on Mexican goods so deal problem canta Mexican currency a log a over Olga who sentiment me the good a con supposed to go on these so markets cheered flew a trade off nine chopper last night Nasdaq almost more than one percent xi o closing Lee Murray PO dollar index alig a crude you don't know what a we got rid of tonight so which is good for emerging markets including countries like India Saudi know markets low posture opening him on shore both no no no world war two essential our little trading animal government job or alga finally markets first you go close a but it 11,000 871 he's in a nifty Susan lower level so Aachen and she no 11,000 975 was highest level motif Asda's come to buy ink which are two hundred and sixteen crores what stocks knee cash markets lay face Koneru and envelope could do buying new some f ing so maybe he could dig a nifty Bank restaurant key policy for Nutella cannabis on the fatigue campus only in the country hatchet FC twins sajin Thor can elevate a pretentious my bank nifty knee Connie a croc on selling an antenna gamma know so he imperial in a stock sent a mid caps over there Ibaka underperform disclosing some encode nigga recovery I like Monica Manappuram finance Moo toot finance like a Mahanagar gas bought Britannia Sterilite technology lunch talks Romano strength through some of course the hf l for a different reason while well kkona connelly asserts nummy other house England what Nami truth Owen cross-registered on the bond holders cannot really forced Indiana okay principal Allegheny test payments Jagger Lutheran North although quanta dhf aluminum buying new zone 7 and of person does talk lovin to close any but really promoters eben the loan ro deal soggy potent I oh I like a debt burden a cougar on the defaults a co-owner at run companies like PC jewelers Anil Ambani group which aliens talks Jane irrigation in fee beam he learned company son Agora in college a la viga trade order new some close call tomorrow Susan Susan energy rent companies so any Monaco troubled companies have an Agora so under canaima markers he sorry mail a backup or performance a global market sneak after a good may this is kind of okay kind of zone ok anti-gamma no in fact under performance economists know compared to the global markets money Indian markets so rich and humid caps but capsule Allahu Allah weakness convinced only in the corn take he troubled companies list Perry Pathan ESL group companies alike Anil Ambani group Chilean companies in catch all accompanies d hf l learnt money in epigenome Onaga pre-budget rally was la jolla v La Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman budget respect to both Naru so about yet low mundo MOCA pretty budget rally was in the crab boats both sides are in and the last budget Ramon do some yoga one month monument Chi market low by Ingram since it's almost seven person paradigm is oh heas armitron parse it can percolate in the current a agricultural the hfl and financial crisis Okoye pooh Moreau a poo budget Laguna and the positive developments on the porch who in fact long-term capital gains he proved they they they more than one lakh gains me the 10 percent tax on though are the pinched or unmarked lost nine i thinkin is Aretha Marcus lonnie- what is connect our custom the cavity pre-budget Riley Nathan expert jello on konasana budget low when you pause to Sochi markets very–they then it will be a bonus for the markets in the country mono markers already elections time na nee Baga period hope really hope trade show so are policy moon sent or cobra really constantly have a policy Valona throttle and chi you know college gave stroke or selling an abdominal chomp overall index management Allegan or sony you know range gunmen to stay in the country a 11,000 871 seven thousand 975 my chair okay narrow gorilla narrow Gonzaga accustomed consolidated Cassandra and mid-caps Rama through violation secreto active on I don't a mono mid-caps mid-caps on a cougar what means disrepair top large gaps written each a I'm Selma no marathon in fact every portfolio should have some large gaps some mid caps and some small caps so a combination you know follow call for instance HDFC Bank Negara communities a last four years slow please talk any mid-cap contig order accurate initially so consistent returns so 20 ideas from on approval to ignore a guru on Shalom a coma body taco rate on stocks no see okay I have a repeal on the repeal stock happened a parent a immediately counter Danny I they were no mana or shop Logan recommendation slow same composition maintain here in the real HDFC Bank land to collage gaps talking in the combination safe haven stocks and connect me a legate say from tire name day cash which stocks currently mid-cap companies smoochy Korean sell JC ordinary and I hope they are a small cap companies smaller community so or 20 oka healthy portfolio nom bilges call it a he a market on Agora a 20 economy K xx Romano Tiago Romano portfolio Marie there Burton condom on copper Google autumn so a 20 portfolios in drop one inch contain bull market slow Sycamore return algorithm multi bagger sneak boxes cocoa and wealth greatest cocoa and listener details no so posture opening maneuver market low soda both now that the government can take use comfortingly the global case pasta go night and Dollar Index configure and be solely so a 20 factors markers and register its absolute fundamentals and a and a primarily I'm gonna be domestic and external factors under the market with the directly about and put in a mirror on it secondly July low present just a budget good I don't think it'll add more flavour to the market and they either positive or negative and Tamira little capital gains tank it's gonna cut pinch it a shared Smitha definitely it will have a very short term negative impact are good I challenge a clever move two or three days it may really be shaft or ferocious but after that eventually is back to fundamental singing chala companies of politics Katya Tonga or you know even domestic and external reason slow macroeconomic fundamentals Kim attended key and wooden accompany nearly every time maintain shake and grow to basically with her art-world companies eventually growth and we have a list of companies about 20-25 companies in that meant mentioned yesterday Steve subhanallah got some top-of-the-line companies maybe like Asian Paints can indeed HDFC economy understand Unilever so across sectors corny companies matter inconsistently they have given good return to shareholders Madame Angela there can be a lull period of three to five years or so so ultimately fundamentals are going to rule the market and it but you $1 Xin at the Manor I think it's going to place some negative impact in the short term and the contain almost you know you won about 8 to 10 % engine in the last you know three months and you pay money you so kawaiii 25% tariff hike Jason again if you one goes down still and if it cuts seven you on to $1 any expert ship Tanner then what them while increases in tariffs Cuba it's going to lose its main purpose because they'll get more yuan for every dollar exported inertness so that could definitely pay a spoilsport any kind of worldwide markets are in a recession so that's a macroeconomic factor which can definitely disturb oil prices tengo tonight that's a positive sign all in all I think we should be positive about the market and if you cannot expect mega gains from yet but definitely steady gains between 12 to 15 percent in some stocks maybe between 15 to 20 25 percent also definitely possible so quality companies on every decline one should buy shun the noise in domestic as well as external noise and the way Chuck at companies Martin and Charlie public demand order solemn Mahna Mahna under a panelist Laura conference less Chaplin jury in the workshop low our parameters could dig emiru websites Liszewski me not in-depth analytical research topic on a munch quality companies Cantera by 2 3 s li you will get very good returns so it only trading muesli some Hello interesting again personal trading do rely on tako monarchy in this is slow erotic unni stock schemata and parameters rooster now one day auto mid cap low mana cane in the market too low Nietzsche recovery in a colab mid-cap low it went a recovery and I reckon appellate though in kefir and a mid-cap was talks loans and ended my demo kinga in the high slow in the market too strong you know what a nifty of aranga mid-cap alone but the gap buying another kind of parlor car but credit submit capital o koala for since this koala and o'connor shot rooms allah allah o stocks lamonica routinized governance alley Katta salazar one of my chapters allowed to go trading piranha to relent a large cap stock summary mocking index tax low name trading activity near the coogan opportunity cooperative article what clone and trading positions this command Jeptha no heroes unionization in a market volatile to each other I could polish to your clothes in the bank nifty nad baaga weekend and they in hiding T'Challa Nala gondola pint or no longer have a fine-toothed a cobra and if Cupid nd I deep contingent market mundo Alan Tam earthen bankrupted chalice strong would take the upper market indicate like a power to combat the next show to cut throws Eloqua karela bank nifty grande 31200 a pint-sized jennacalee in the paris it slow thank me of tu in 31,000 go to break it's a la vie KO castle can Appleton a indicator PhD buying such a la vie Konoha comin in Sally what appears to be their weakness can operate them can apart their mother can contain DLF overturned a last few days commander K 196 levels in chi character torch in d euros neon color 189 – austin calculate a 188 kinnda anti-worker open iraq in the stop-loss spread corny by jim and chapter no 192 193 that i stock winter develop arigato either no got a perfectly good at the Kouga taco prophet cakes it command chapter on throw out I can cook a banker banking stocks low Paula stronger than taxes bank and Shepherd Sunday recent Salah Electra Watea 88 and a rupees by coach Indy I didn't know got one percent positive low close any a positional traders who intraday question cocoon de ante one week 10 days cause of holschuh girl get a diene a 28-inch eh $32 to combat a very deep Lakota access bank earning buying change am i buying changeable by jmontano throughout the cell English and question majority PSU stocks and neighbor peers to bank stocks and developments allowed to go sailing Conoco long on a car battery what it may value celsium cell jmontano either good or not to decision at the first day go chase a Montana as they come at his talks local Jamaican and shamanic you buying or how holidays in the kamati stuck so which allowed perform chase any alike and all coke on a Monday when Dakota okay well a positional data so by Jaylon contagious deadly steel knee to closer I got to 76227 Taser karatsu to 60 degrees topless read comment on own dime the position reading piranha bytes Hamilton nifty Baraka do squinted mannequin in the closing this could eleven thousand nine twenty seven eleven thousand nine sixty to ninety eighty degree cone resistance 120 added are tamale new high so I pull a nifty Paragon accustomed money okay Kinnison Qi mails calls this non Casa poo hello Naru Alka 38 are you on 33 first thing isn't an alkyl O'Meara Navi came low correct exotica company with antenna ku 52 weaker locota 46 and their demo pentameter plugin or along back a probe another and Konya lecithin hunter we sent to get them open the Erie stock it's a taller than day but a then over stock at a pistol quenching peril an accountant and I made of it a metals generous tax comes with no pay that they got better got em pakka no Betty we get an ID by enlarge on Yokota covered in blue path the got pollutant athenian kono around sixty sixty to our level anti-worker ten to ten or fifteen percent stock perry they their exit command chapter and append there are long-term ketupat the guy who paid coconut when she returned so soon there and Osuna they you know gonna copy to sixty sixty to a level or exit command chapter no mother i po are easy to screw into bog outperform jason a stock and a denim a the country just Conde at least took a five to six months when I made a country a girl get any Ankara mo 180 levels plus last time on Zeus could be closer or 200 Aqaba Lindy a collegiate entry was signed it he sorry 180 190 levels that in the Antarian quorum new high silica at kutsher's canto 220-240 even investment targets in a trading try to get targets car trading partner item color 170 to 180 short term giddy paradigm across commonly been launched its Rina the line loaner good morning sir certainly no purity technical subscribe just penetrating JSON that sir II so recent agama the general adamant is conan o plus 50% of butchers tuna no remaining 50% popular filming location lsah what unit Rd minus 20% possibility to us alone sorry the Navy type Amanda aliamanu Oconee smoke a 10% of watch out car Saluda you stock an illusion yet AirAsia jet Airways okay so jet a race car on D and contribute money nicotine use Auslan the early Theodore Lou steak 3 squadron leader and worthless night our tea properties talk recovery of castle ooh the last book Charles and Percival can be something don't expect for big rallies in this county you know Genoa rallies – rallies overbite Burundi that is the best option Ranjith chalahe males watch a roller let's start taking males plung'd Meredith nor pretty senior financials allow an entourage was con engineering were knee-high press no kanata nothing look anneal nozzle on it wait Jess they own of Altona not so much an APD senior financial is more of a tradable shares very high wall in certain number two an anthology it went one nigga Ramiro I think this is the best time to you know shift your portfolio from these absolute that stocks to some good stocks undercoating a price pairing American arrow Toledo a pro corner atomism but in my opinion definitely a quality of portfolio doesn't call for a investment long term horizon and please shipped out to better companies and better sectors maybe own banking and financial speedy see packin with a very strong even know building and construction material infrastructure a 20-watt mean the focus chain throat spank IDBI Bank Andhra Bank Allah Arwen Vani Koneru Shrikant masala Naru so we launched e Allah the coach is coach Lawson 20 Bureau maneuver a you Baga weak honest action and a Andhra Bank and even the IDB Bank annamund annual review kunai even has been good a vegan only the sonic meadow and a market quenches strong on they Quentin pollution the capitalist and cold changing voltage see when Dakota rally exit car a car the gas stock and a Kona water quench in his bank when Jim Bob apart in the car but going to start covering rally until Robert so I've got me to a shorter mutiny magic on you in Toronto got exit kind of I talk a lot under load this went a whole chain day but me a Eid Bay Andhra Bank Matt Romero investment portfolio it's rational Italy they kneel and promote about John Conde good the Carmen's Iranian tomorrow until monarch Carmen booth in meta karma other currently so log on each shell anyone comport fell over certain depreciate our own type oh and they can in that place are you put your pay in and take only man she shared Lou sorry it is this gurgling theme in gambling chocolate echoed the earth portfolio month another five to ten percent mentioned all the clan share low in rationale we were a shallow poor fundamental some stocks receiver plenty of concurrent Polly position on the caramello Munchie companies currently value on the company's con only quality companies cannot be any equality and to endure job from everyday zoo or shop litem Roseanne today evening and Molly Willy money price to attract or thermally Machiavelli offer up a low low pony Cheryl made a most Bertha so which is very wrong and challege a lot operate amount per day per they had a the police won't take you up there your name oh no L casual adjacent open e he hate to deliver yes Archana no area code the would've X's thrown to me munch polyester on Tom a lacuna mana stock market low day one and she on a Rotarians work as a Panisse on Coney then God only can say was it Vivi's Laboratories 1700 collapse in monitor June expiry surrender above the graph in church Danny DB lap so a mere exit can and a deep area of castle immediately live and it's ala weekend but a post result Revati stock low 10% correction which Indy down the road to recovery an atheist righteous uno chorus taco recovery collect both and a new column 1791 forty rupees pedigree macabre Chaka salad heroes heroes who made exit common chapter in Kearney an economy salon rallies and iam atomic r22 beast a trip is very heated in a char cell chairmanship pravin Naruto Naruto reliance industries monochrome finance lantern goes along David yeah Davian reliance industries are definitely good and a Manappuram finance also it's a complete recently revived candidate in terms of gold loans the Manappuram and mu tutoring doing well I think mainly consumed because of financials back seat disconnect about the Manappuram finance heavily traded stoppin me so at the constant dips Corinne ths O'Connell day even mana from peanuts can be bought but it may be a 10% cushion but other to definitely mere first price point leak recognition they both are very strong companies KOCO 5 to 7-percent deploy second price one telephone call zathras will support energy bill confident alone atta boy atta Guinea in Sheldon honey he's gonna company low abnormal development and Amir dumbness Nara you put Zack a public demand rather than they can it rose ammonia Luton owner we have been even warning and cautioning investors also already on Noah look Monica in Chapel only because public demand Lovato cheddar come on Achilles but continuously the fighter six Lord circuits five person but in Toronto could the circuit would expand in the even yesterday it was done by almost eight to ten percent so we don't know so I'm making a comment chillin and they he had a public domain loan new so stain against Islam on governance on a Marathi project Lorna Maliki register hundred approach throughout twenty charities now cousin there and CC pollen for India like the liberal convert Cody a political developments on never normal cancellation so you learn do not so yeah so are the public domain law said I could tell you that but there is something wrong we can definitely sense it and they can't are eight to ten lower circuit Sunday they work a stock and the easy about that if they were Co could are the twelve hundred ninety three hundred dog apart that they would have come an inch allen may put on again Amano at the government Charlie passed stranger in a mystical data go to school tomorrow sorry they're not putting a gem such never know I think please come out of the stock so now I can throw in kinda on canto I couldn't mainly twenty percent actually contracted Kintaro 20 percent that you know so I come only 20 percent multi 20 percent turkey salon energy lower quality the liberal can be smarter neither and an oligopoly so an algorithm here – i poach sling casablanca the pouch it converges so hello kitchen open in the european company Alcantara no Arthur I wouldn't enough for Indian art Allah chain so in collating so Anthony chalak here flew on dolly rice socketed – smattering promos for though I like gentleman they workshop recommendations are Luton are profitable trade dot in you have said look we got chopped recognition Salah on the law favor only ordinarily try to follow those instructions workshop recommendations we email box will go side either ult business professional Madonna Marley smart in staccato

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