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15 Groovy Concept Cars from the Out of Sight 70s

15 Groovy Concept Cars from the Out of Sight 70s

It’s a long time ago now, but 1970s era car
builders were designing some bold lines as they worked to develop those crazy concept
vehicles which now seem rather commonplace in cars of today. Here are some of the best and the worst. I’m Glenn, come along for the ride! Number Fifteen This wildly streamlined, one of a kind concept
vehicle is actually street legal and features power from a 310 horsepower, 4.7 liter V-8. The body is a sharply designed wedge with
lots of glass and a relaxed seating position. It also featured a unique steering wheel with
a gauge cluster inside. Number Fourteen This delightful little Toyota concept car
featured some very quirky features such as an asymmetric gullwing luggage door in the
rear and a pointed snub nose on the front. It had a 2 liter, 4 cylinder engine with 97
horsepower. Ahead of its time, it also had four-wheel
disc brakes and a fully independent suspension. Number Thirteen The Kar-a-Sutra was built in 1972 by Mario
Bellini in collaboration with Citroen and Pirelli. Other designers say Bellini always had the
cultural dimension of design and architecture clear and saw himself as a designer interested
in the new organization of the world as a whole, someone who designs “like an architect.” Number Twelve With no thought of putting this car into production,
the Rainbow was for Bertone and Ferrari an experiment in unconventional styling. First shown in the 1976 Turin Motor Show,
its advanced features included a retractable hardtop that is stored behind the seats. Thirty-five years later, Ferrari included
a retractable top in its model 458 Spider. Number Eleven The Hai 450, shown at the 1970 Geneva Motorshow,
featured a 450 horsepower Chrysler Hemi engine. This mid-engined supercar was rather compact
and had a short wheelbase and wide footprint. It also inspired a similar Monteverdi model,
the GTS in 1973, which had a longer wheelbase and was powered by a Chrysler 440 engine. Number Ten This car, designed and built by Michelotti
in 1971, was housed over the chassis of the French-made mid-engine sports car Matra M530. Looking similar to the prevalent wedge-shaped
concept cars of the ’70s, this French designed and built concept had the wedge but had smoother
outlines that previewed the look of many vehicles of today. Number Nine This concept car, debuting at the 1972 Brussels
Motor Show, featured a forward tilting roof and windows instead of doors. The vehicle, powered by a 1147cc engine, had
a top speed of 130 miles per hour. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number Eight This one-of-a-kind Aston Martin Bulldog was
initially designed to achieve the distinction as the fastest production car in the world. Its low profile angular wedge shape had five
center-mounted, hidden headlights as well as gullwing doors. It features a 5.3 liter V8 with twin turbochargers
that produce 600 horsepower. It’s fastest speed was verified at 192 miles
per hour. Number Seven Another concept vehicle with an aerodynamic
style and sharp lines was the 1978 Lancia Sibilo. Its polycarbonate windows didn’t roll down,
but it had circular holes that slid open, and had one large windshield wiper. Smoothly shaped from hand-beaten steel with
the windows blending into the overall shape, the car had a mid-mounted 2.4 liter Dino V6
and a 5-speed manual transmission. Number Six This ground-hugging concept car by Alfa-Romeo,
and designed by Bertone exchanged smoothed out edges for striking sharp ones. The body had a distinct wedge shape. Using aerodynamics, it also had active spoilers
and an adjustable wing. The car featured a 2-liter, V8 engine with
227 horsepower mounted in the middle of the vehicle. It also featured hidden headlights and was
rear-wheel drive. Number Five Mercedes Benz also had their concept car of
the ’70s. This third version of the C111, built to break
world records, first had a Wankel engine. The later version had a turbo diesel engine,
which helped it to win nine absolute world records in the late 1970s with the five-cylinder
diesel under the hood. It had 230 horsepower and had a top speed
of more than 186 miles per hour. Number Four This handsome BMW Turbo was the company’s
first-ever concept car. Its sleek lines are wrapped around a mid-mounted
turbocharged four-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine with 200 horsepower. It featured a rear-wheel drive with a top
speed of 155 miles per hour. Most interesting is that it featured an old
version of today’s active cruise control, as it had radar and warned the driver of close
vehicles ahead. Number Three This vehicle may look mighty powerful, but
this concept featured an 86 horsepower four-cylinder engine. The driver likely got very hot because of
its large glass canopy windshield, which incorporates the doors. The rising pillars formed a roll bar in the
rear of the car and also acted as a spoiler. Two small windows on the doors provided ventilation
inside the vehicle. It also had hidden pop-up headlights, and
a dashboard designed similar to today’s vehicles. Number Two The company attempting to sell this “Dale”
was the Twentieth Century Motor Car Corporation, a company started by con-artist Geraldine
Elizabeth Carmichael. The company preyed on potential customers
as they claimed the car would get 70 miles per gallon, and it would sell for $2,000. It was supposed to be powered by a BMW two-cylinder
motorcycle engine with 40 horsepower and would travel up to 85 miles per hour. There were only two prototypes built, and
only one could run on its own. Looking like KITT from the 80’s TV show Knight
Rider, this Nissan concept car debuted in 1970. Featuring a rear-mounted 6-cylinder, 3-liter
engine with 4-wheel drive, it could seat four persons in a relaxed position and had a forward-tilting
cockpit canopy. Colored lights were along the middle of the
hood. Number One This sleek 1970 Ferrari 512S Modulo body was
a futuristic styling exercise, attached to a chassis, housing a rear mid-Ferrari 5-liter,
V12 engine. The vehicle threw out traditional styling
and construction techniques in favor of futuristic ideas. Ferrari said it produced 550 horsepower at
8,500 rpm and claimed a maximum speed of 223 miles per hour.

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44 thoughts on “15 Groovy Concept Cars from the Out of Sight 70s

  1. Thanks for the flashbacks guys… Formative years, though I was always into the muscle cars, not the sleek and slippery ones.

  2. `'' La conception des yeux de l'esprit !!! '' Un titre vraiment super bien choisi ! De magnifiques voitures ! Bravo !!! ;<)

  3. Ford Pinto wagon that was an earlier production model here in CA painted orange with a little round back window!

  4. The trivia car is a Ford Pinto Delivery Wagon. Some of them were dressed up to match their Econline Shaggen Wagon.

    Chevrolet had the Vega Panel that came out before Pinto Delivery

  5. Kar a sutra was a crude joke which thankfully didn't made to the production, by watching the video I realized rear mid mounted engine cars are best performance oriented fuel efficient cars even a small capacity engine can do the job.

  6. At school in the 70’s I was a member of the ‘Science Club’ and as a treat the CEGB (Central Electricity Generating Board) brought along ‘the car of the future’ to show off to us. It was (drum roll please) an Enfield 8000!

  7. The car in the question is s vega wagon, that's a 'll j can tell. A couple of concept gm cars built under the Australian holden badge were the 1968 hurricane which looks amazing! And the other was the torana gtr-X. Keep them in minds eye design🙃 when you do another vid like this.

  8. trivia car i am going to say is a chevy vega with the camaro front end and gm side panels as we australians had a hz panel van with higher roof compared to the wagon model

  9. Allie, thought it was a Pinto wagon but the front end looks more like the 1976 Chevy Vega and in a wagon coachworks similar car available in Australia. Thinking it looks like the car in Mad Max

  10. as a child of the 70s and early 80s i drew cars similar to 15 maserati and even did draw one like it , but the 4 BMW consept most parts made it onto the bmw 1 car of the 90s

  11. Cristiano: j love to car 70 year's but not every are's aerodinamic line correct for effect Wind up or down stret …

  12. Love most of those Italian designed cars (especially the Ferrari Modulo), although I preferred what the original Stratos design evolved into for rallying than that concept-car shown! The colour of this Lancia concept made the car look like a chocolate that had softened in the sun!

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