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2017 Holden Astra “Don’t Buy” Warning | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

2017 Holden Astra “Don’t Buy” Warning | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

Astra’s actually not a bad effort for Holden.
What a pity the sanest advice I can give you on Holden’s much-hyped Cruze replacement
is ‘don’t buy it’. At least, not if you know what’s good for you. That’s next.
I’ve been getting a lot of Astra enquiry from people like you lately. Understandably,
I guess. You know, Holden has amped up the marketing spend, and consumers – perhaps you
– are responding to that. I’m John Cadogan from,
the place where Aussie new car buyers save thousands off their next new cars – you can
hit me up on the website for that. You’ll notice that I don’t accept any
car company advertising. So I’m not in the business of keeping carmakers sweet, and nor
am I in a popularity contest. Commercially it makes no difference to me what anyone buys
– my procurement guys get the same fee for an Astra as they would for a Mazda3, an i30
or an Impreza – whatever. That’s as unbiased as you can get.
I’m just biased against people spending tens of thousands of dollars on the wrong
car from the wrong brand, and living in consumer hell for the next three to five years as a
consequence. You should see some of those e-mails I get. It really does drive people
to the edge, and this informs my advice on what car to buy more than any other single
factor. Astra’s not such a bad car, simplistically.
The detail design of the interior is not as good as a Mazda3 or a Hyundai i30 – dollar
for dollar. Nor is it as space efficient. Despite all three being the same size, you
actually get 10 per cent more cargo volume in an i30, and 13 per cent more in a Mazda3.
If you’re thinking about breeding over the term of ownership, that might be significant
to you. The 1.4 turbo petrol engine in the cheaper
models of Astra … it’s OK – it’s comparable with the 2.0-litre non-turbo engines in equivalent
Mazda3, Impreza and i30. But Astra has a nine-month service interval, where Mazda, Subaru and
Hyundai all have 12 – and this is significant if you’re a low-mileage driver.
Unfortunately, Astra’s 1.6 turbo petrol engine (allegedly the premium engine) is not
really very well thought out. Astra RS is the cheapest model with that. You’ll drive
that away for well under $29,000, and you’ll probably get the auto for under $30k if you
negotiate like you mean it. So it’s pitched right at Hyundai i30 SR, which is also a 1.6
turbo petrol. But the problem with the Astra 1.6 is: premium
unleaded. And even though it demands this more expensive fuel – which pumps up the ownership
cost considerably – it does not deliver any more performance than the Hyundai, which runs
happily all day long on 91. So frankly, this is kind of a cheap-arsed
way for Holden to bring the Astra in from the Opel factory in Poland, where that car
is built. Opel was basically GM Europe until earlier this year when the French bought it,
and that lost Holden a heap of leverage for future product right there.
Opel makes about 1.1 million cars a year – and just for reference, Mazda is about 40 per
cent bigger and Hyundai-Kia about seven times bigger.
So: Back to the fuel. The basic fuel in Europe is 95 octane, and it would cost money to re-tune
Astra for our 91 in Australia. So, any time you see a cheap Euro-made car running premium
unleaded, it’s an advertisement for ‘cheapskate importer’.
The price of fuel is very important to many new car buyers, and while there’s a general
obsession with fuel economy, a lot of buyers – maybe you – forget to check the minimum
octane requirement. PS – here it is a very bad idea to operate the car on lower octane
fuel than the manufacturer specifies. Because that can destroy the engine. Good safety tip.
So, if the car says, premium unleaded, do not use 91 or e10. You will be stuck paying
for the high-priced fuel. Holden has also stripped the advanced safety
features out of the base model, effectively making corporate fleet drivers, rental car
drivers and private punters for whom early $20s is a real stretch … it makes them into
second-class citizens on safety. And frankly in this popular segment, it is immoral to
make safety a socio-economic criterion. Astra also has a space-saver spare wheel and
tyre. That is completely unacceptable on (quote-unquote) “Australia’s own” carmaker – nice job
dismissing the needs of everyone who might drive long distances in regional areas. What
happened to core values suddenly? Did we fall over on them in the shower all of a sudden?
Holden has done a great job on the suspension tuning – they’re pretty good at that. So
at least the Astra is set up for Australia’s crap roads. And it looks OK – except for the
sedan, which is as ugly as a Honda City – and that’s profoundly ugly. Still – it’s also
a subjective assessment right there. And the only one in this report.
If you’re in the market for a car such as this, and you’ve narrowed it down to an
Astra, you’re probably reading and watching a billion reviews. And I wonder how many of
them – which are really there to appease carmaker advertisers rather than to inform actual car
buyers – I wonder how many of them mentioned all of this stuff.
They’re probably mostly road tests with some specs and some quotes from the press
kit. Unfortunately though, owning a car is not a three- to five-year road test by you.
It’s a serious, medium-term financial commitment. You are locked into that car for your mobility.
And this leads me to the main reasons why I recommend you not buy the Astra.
Firstly: Holden is terrible at customer support, and renowned for selling unreliable cars to
uninformed Australians. Holden has been so bad at this, for such a long period of time,
that the corporate watchdog, the ACCC, recently attempted to put Holden’s head in a vice
via a court-enforceable undertaking to comply with the legislated consumer guarantees.
You know a company is behaving badly when the ACCC issues a press release (August 3rd)
entitled “Holden undertakes to comply with consumer guarantees” – I couldn’t make
this up. Like, in what universe is it newsworthy when a company agrees to comply with legislation?
It implies that compliance with the law up to this point was only optional.
What sort of limp-dick regulatory environment declares it OK to fail to comply with legislation?
Consumer guarantees exist to protect you – with a right to refund or replacement in some circumstances
and by ensuring that there are minimum requirements like fit for purpose and reasonable durability.
For many years Holden has treated these guarantees as completely negotiable. It’s absolutely
immoral. Like, you’re a king when you’re on the showroom floor, but a slave in the
service department. Now, people always accuse me of bashing Holden,
and to those critics I would say: A bash is where you deliver intentionally, a tsunami
toxic fiction. However, these are facts. You cannot bash someone with the facts. The ACCC’s
action is a fact. Easily verifiable, like the rest of the facts here, should you wish
to investigate independently. So, with its head in a vice, Holden admitted
the breathtaking panorama of its consumer misrepresentation, and its widespread breaches
of consumer law. This too is a fact. The e-mails I have received for years from Holden owners
at the ends of their tether – left completely out in the cold – these are facts. And I would
not want you to walk a mile in their shoes. Doing battle with a corporation such as Holden,
in court – is a soul-destroying, and financially debilitating exercise – even if you win. And
then, Holden will attempt to slap you with a gag order – a non-disclosure agreement – just
to shut you up. I’m told this remains standard operating procedure at Holden even today.
If you sign that NDA and then talk about your settlement – just once, at the pub, to a girlfriend,
in an e-mail to a friend, in an SMS, years later – whatever – and they find out, Holden’s
arsehole lawyers will sue you for breach of contract. Because they are arseholes. It’s
what they do. As a reporter, I have made various critical
statements about Holden that history subsequently validated, and they behaved like consummate
arseholes to me, too. So, kindly excuse me for failing to give Holden the benefit of
the doubt in this regard. My advice to you is: You can probably live
with Astra’s premium unleaded fuel requirement, with the space-inefficiency, with the crap
spare tyre, and with Astra’s general interior mediocrity. But because you are owning the
car – as opposed to just road-testing it for three years or something – you’re financially
committed – you need to manage the risk of being badly supported to completely fucked
over if your Astra has a problem. With Holden this risk is too significant to
dismiss, in my view. Mazda3, Hyundai i30 and Subaru Impreza are objectively better products
from objectively more morally focussed carmakers who will support you better. So there’s
that. Lastly, you need to consider Holden’s protracted
slide to obscurity – 147,000 sales in 2007. Fast-forward 10 years: 94,000 sales last year
– that’s Nagasaki on the morning of August the 10th, 1945, commercially. And there’s
no evidence Holden has stopped the bleeding, having just fired one in 10 of its dealers.
Things are looking very bleak indeed for Holden’s future.
And then there’s the French, and the entirely unknown way that Peugeot-Citroen ownership
of Opel will play into Holden’s future product. And both of these facts play into the risk
of depreciation disaster, which Holden Cruze owners today feel only too acutely.
So I’d suggest the depreciation risk here is too high to ignore, and neither of these
future-type crystal-ball-gazing risks pertain to the Mazda3, the Hyundai i30 or the Subaru
Impreza – subject to unknown unknowns of the future. So if I were you, looking at buying
an Astra, I’d weigh all this up very carefully indeed. Even if you love the Holden brand.
I get that. This is not a bash. These are facts. Inconvenient
facts for Holden, certainly, but facts nonetheless. It might be time for you to change horses
– before you need to enquire about getting a good solicitor with consumer law experience,
who’s not too expensive. And after all that, if you still want an Astra
– OK – I’m happy to help. My team will do the best it can to get you a good discount
there. Ultimately it’s your choice, and definitely I respect that. Either way, I want
it to be an informed one. I’m John Cadogan. Thanks for watching.

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100 thoughts on “2017 Holden Astra “Don’t Buy” Warning | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

  1. I can see your point about Holden and agree with some,
    Im not a fan or biased by Holden, i own Vw now and owned 2 previous Astras and i was happy with them.
    But looking at the deals they are doing now, 19.900 drive away with Auto, 5 years warranty and road side assist, and 3years free schedule???? Oh dear, im regreating my Golf 7 buy right now for 25.990!!

  2. you can now get a demo RSV with less than 1000kms for $21k (as of april 2018), very tempting (i drive a faultless 2011 ex-rental kia cerato and just waiting for the new cerato)

  3. I'm actually looking at a top of the line demo 2017 Holden Astra RS-V with 1500km on the clock for around $21000 drive away. Even taking into account your negatives (I use 95 RON fuel in all my cars and drive more than 20k km a year anyway) I feel this is a great buy compared to the competition you mention. I'm almost willing to take the gamble with Holden's abysmal after sales service in order to save almost $10k over the Hyundai or the Mazda. What do you think honestly?

  4. As far as i understand with listening to this dude Don,t buy anything with for wheels . I wonder what kind of review he can give on a coles shopping trolley .I guess dont put your 2 bob in there aswell just grab the basket instead ??

  5. In the uk at least Vauxhall Astras have been sold in there thousands to hire car companies at crazy prices. Come 2/3 years old if you. Ought one the market is full of mid level super cheap used models and so your resale value has gone off a cliff. Ford do a similar thing with the focus. It ford watch release values and manage used prices so retail customers don’t get badly stung. Vauxhall’s/GM do no such damage limitation they care not how badly burned their retail customers get.

  6. I bought a 2017 astra rs-v 2 days ago with only 1600km on it for ripping $20800. Mate that's a bargain tell me one car that is within that range and its top of the line. Better then Hyundai i30, more power and better driver.

  7. Facts you present are far from being a no go. Interior quality is almost in pair with a BmW 1 serie, compact and robust, you find it mediocre??? then you praise hiunday and mazda, are you joking???? These Have always been cheap and asianish dashboards ……. Astra was car of the year 2016 and it's the second most sold vehicle in Europe……but you are the expert.!!!!!

  8. The Astra RS-V outperforms all of its rivals with its 147 kw / 280 Nm 1.6 liter Turbo engine. It comes readily available as a 6 speed manual. It is an absolute BARGAIN!

  9. Both my father and I got the 1.6 Turbo last year. Both of us are extremely pleased with how it works. Quite fast and has a decent mpg consumption, definately needs some improvements (interiors suffer from rattles that got fixed easily) and well, Opel/Vauxhall/Holden has a reputation of poor reliability which I think is deserved.

    Hopefully the Astra K will be turn out better car than they used to be (or not as bad as people claim them to be). Know a lot of people who owned older Astras and have always been pleased with their reliability.

  10. The auto R version is 20,999 drive away with 5 yrs warranty…..After test driving the i30/mazda 3 with their 2.0L engines I find them very gutless – I am so tempted on the Astra. What about all the awards it won in Europe? If it has to do only with the bad dealership/after sale service what about service it somewhere else?

  11. I’m sorry but I’m super happy with my Astra RSV. I got it cheaper as an ex demo and love it. Half his argument sounds very biased and sounds like he’s never even driven one

  12. Honestly John what do you know all you are is a YouTube university graduate who has time on his hands to read books and research stuff. While admittedly I do agree with you on some things on this one i most certainly don't. The Opel astra has proven itself in Europe. They are reliable popular cars and they are easy to maintain. But what would you know you love your shit box Korean Hyiandia i30s and those 7 year throw away Kia's. You can't admit the fact that the Germans have always led the way when it comes to mechanical engineering but you are entitled to your opinion.

  13. I'd buy one for 10k outta the showroom. Should put me on par wth the depreciation when Idrive off the lot.

  14. For someone that is known for such good honest reviews its a shame you seem to not even bothered to actually test drive this vehicle and rather take this opportunity to bash Holden than to actually give a proper objective review. I own an Astra RS so yes, I am somewhat biased (but so are you) but having test driven the i30 and Mazda 3, still felt this was better value. I was trying to find something that had reasonable power, drove comfortable and wasn't too pricey – The Mazda was ok but under powered unless you got the SP25 at ~$28k (buy extremely comfortable to drive I will admit), the i30 just felt uncomfortable and 'cheap' to me. The Astra delivered (however the 'R' 1.4 Variant did not), yet this was only $21k and is very economical on petrol. The higher octane fuel to me is irrelevant. I know you reviewed this some time ago when the prices were equal but it is no longer the comparison it was when this was published. Not only that, the things you complain about with the car itself are petty. i.e Most small cars these days have space saver spare wheel!

  15. The Astra is still popular in the UK, most of them being diesels. They’re as close to the Ford Focus as they’ve ever been. Looking at the background picture here I can’t see any difference apart from the Holden/Vauxhall badge on the front. Are the specs massively different between the Australia and UK versions?

  16. Just another meaningless video. Peoples dont buy car because of the space or gas or whatever. Peoples buy car because they like the design the way it looks . Is higly emotional thats all. If the car is reliable everything is ok. By the way today's car makers push the maintenance even higher to say "with us u save money on your car maintenance" but in reality you should change your oil after every 10000or 15000km So im totally ok with the fact that opel only give 9k.

  17. A load of bull. Opel astra is a premium brand way better than the i30 or mazda3. Why dont u do a physical comparison and speed test on all 3 instead of speaking something u believe.

  18. I wish Holden would just go away. I've owned one of their cars and after three years of that heartache, I'll never go there again. Nothing but trouble and totally negative customer service experiences.

  19. Chip on shoulder and issues with Holden and Poland. What are you waffling on about. Buy what you want and suits you. 🙄. All major brands have issues, it’s not a perfect industry.. get over it.

  20. Total BS I would say. Have worked since 2014 on 1.6l turbo engine and we have no issue running with 91 Ron. We have had released the same engine in US on 91 Ron. Running on low octance will not destroy the engine. The ECU will automatically adjust to low octane fuel and rescale the base spark and max torque. Check your facts before you open your mouth.
    Plus Astra is the highest selling car from Opel.

  21. I was just starting to respect your opinion until i listened to this bucket of shit, wow, paid or what. I've owned an Astra, i'm after another, they are an excellent car and yes I've driven an i30, no comparason. Holden i dont care about as we have it through Vauxhall and they are excellent. Subaru, no. Mazda possibly.

  22. I agree with you on the Equinox, Cruze and Captiva BUT the Astra is an exception. I will buy the Astra RS V or i30 SR. Probably the Astra due to it being a fair few grand cheaper. It does suck that the Astra uses 95 though. It not having A.Safety on the base model is fine because look at the i30 the Active and to Go do not have A.Safety and even SOME exensiveish cars still don't have A.Safety, e.g the Ford Escape.

  23. Gotta say after driving the Astra i bought one ,,, but definitely I don’t agree with you about the i30 on par with the Astra

  24. 🙄​🙃​geese what a boring review..GM must have hurt you badly as some point…

  25. I judge cars by their predecessors. If I’m looking at an Astra, I ask myself are there any old ones running around on high mileage. Yes? Then it’s fine to buy. Look at the old commodores still running at 200,000-500,000 kms. That tells me the people with problems neglect their cars when they complain about Holden.

  26. 91 octane will be gone here in next few years also .., petrol in this county is also cheap… people who complain about the price of a litre of petrol are the same people who spend $2.50 on a bottle of water at the servo.

  27. Bloody hell what a crap review – 12.55 of moaning and negativity. So its got a small boot and a run flat spare and this is all you've got? This car won the European Car of the Year – and its pretty good. I bought the RSV version and its fully optioned and a ripper of a car. I like honest reviews, but I think you need to have a think about they way you review cars and try to be a little more un-biased.

  28. John, the Astras so far a proving themselfs to be good cars, that are better than those rubbish Korean Kias or Hyandias that you recommend to people. I don't know what your problem is with German cars. Maybe you are getting some sort of kick back from car manufacturers in Korea. Now that's a rumor worth taking note of. Now of course I have no proof of that but I can garuantee I'm not the only one who thinks your being paid off. I highly doubt any of your credibility.

  29. Can anyone explain why a few years ago GM decided to import the Opel brand (using Astras) instead of just selling them as Holdens?

  30. You're a complete moron. The Astra interior is better than the i30, and has far more inclusions, although no sun roof, which I do not care for anyway. My mother purchased the i30 before I bought the Astra, I drive it often, and I got a real good look at everything inside and out, which is why I didn't buy it. The cargo volume, measured in litres, is absolutely no indication of the vehicles ability to store things. My Astra can hold a hell of a lot, and if I needed to cart anything bigger than a washing machine or a 55" TV (Yes, they fit), I would have bought a station wagon, or a van. Besides, we are not talking about a TARDIS here, you cannot have more volume inside than outside, the space has to come from somewhere. The extra storage space in the i30 is a result of having rubbish passenger seating and legroom. The motor is significantly better than every other car in the price bracket I tested, the handling is better, it's more fun to drive, and the first service, after 10,000km was merely an oil change and general checkup. I suppose some people make the mistake and buy the auto, but they should probably be driving an i30 or a Mazda 3 anyhow, as they dont get it. It seems you know very little about these cars whatsoever. I'm no "journalist" but I've driven just about everything from scooters and road bikes to hatchbacks, wagons, vans, utes, 4WD, light trucks, and raced on and off road. Where the hell did you get your information from ? The warranty I received was 10 years, so it's really irrelevant to me what you think of Holden's behaviour regarding warranties. And that seems to be the basis of this entire post. In fact 3/4 of your post seems to be nothing more than a spotlight on Holden's customer service, and how bad you consider it to be, and so on and so forth. And lets face it, there are many large companies in Australia that have been forced to comply with the often ambiguous consumer guarantees usually not outlined in ACL (Which I have also studied as a requirement for my profession), and fined when they do not. Consider it a learning curve.. But none of that really matters. You aren't advising people to boycott Holden, you are advising them to avoid one specific model, so I ask you : Where is the actual information about the car ? Did you test drive it ? Which model exactly did you test drive, and which exact models from other makers did you compare it against to arrive at your conclusion. Did you, or someone you know buy a Holden Cruze and get shafted by Holden on the warranty at some time in the past. Awwww, poor baby

  31. The Astra is a pretty good car in its own right. Mazda is quite pricey in my country whereas KIA/Hyundai offers are as aggressive as ever. The i30 was already a great car but now that the new Ceed is out, I'm having trouble figuring out why NOT to buy one over the Astra. And even if I stretch it and come up with a reason, I always come back to the same conclusion, the same debate-ending argument: Opel 2 year vs KIA 7 year warranty. Enough said.

  32. It seems all the opponents to this video are citing performance or personal preference, which was actually mentioned. Perhaps a little projected guilt for not being so informed.
    I guess the dim witted don't compartmentalize information.
    Buy the Astra. Or better yet, buy a VW TDI. I'm told they're "eco friendly and good for the environment". 🙂

  33. Shut up, you dont understand nothing old sick man, i had a astra for 18 years and i dont had any problem whit it. Go die old stupid man

  34. The Astra sedan is also a GMN Korea product too so basically a Cruize before being built in Australia

  35. With GM announcing they will reduce their range of sedans & hatches, most not sold here anyway, Holden is going to struggle to assemble a complete range if Opel make it hard for them. All Daewoos? One more reason why your suggestion that GM might sell the Holden name seems possible.

  36. HI john it is now april 2019 can you tell me what cars in this segment dont have these temporary 80km tyres New kia GT not full size tyre mazda 3 gt space saver i30 n line has space saver toyota camry yep space saver so astra not so bad on that score but how did we let these unsafe space saver tyres to be fitted to these new cars skinny tyre on one front how safe is that????

  37. My Astra VXR 2.0 ltr turbo is a LEMON! Major and minor faults bimonthly. It has definitely been consumer Law hell for the past 2.5 years and it continues! On the phone with GM as we speak but needing more help, advice welcomed?

  38. I bought my Holden astra sedan for $17990. I love it. Economic, smooth and comfortable, I love the look as well.

  39. My 20 year old daughter recently purchased a 2018 r+ Astra. Stylish (which is obviously subjective), very spacious, great value for money, plenty of features and good quality materials in the interior (again considering cost). Zippy performance for engine size, a comfortable but tight ride and has responsive handling bearing in mind that most people don't drive their cars on a race track or are into drifting! We also looked at Kia and Hyundai as well test driving both of these. Not sure whether you've actually driven one but I have. Just a footnote, my father drove a 2004 Astra for many years until he passed away in 2016 which at that stage had 300,000 kms on the clock with no major work having to be undertaken in terms of repairs. I drove it as a runabout for the next 2 years and it only died as a result of a tree on our nature strip falling on it one hot still Summers day! (a gum naturally)

  40. Conversely here in Blighty there is no saving on petrol buying a frankly unfashionable Kia or Hyundai.I believe the British built Opel is a more accomplished and refined all rounder for Euro conditions. PS I will check out the Mazda etc though.

  41. I've had an Astra for the past 5 years and am about to upgrade to a new one. My local Holden dealer has been nothing but absolutely excellent and helpful if I ever had any issues with my Astra. I was never over-charged (even when they had ample excuse to argue for it) and I've always had quick, affordable and efficient service. I don't doubt the negative accounts you speak of exist. I just doubt there are as many as you seem to present there are. If you look at the socio-economic class of Astra customers, you might argue that they are simply more likely to complain online or experience regular costs as injustice. I bought this because it's affordable and I have had it alongside a Ford and Volkswagon… and it was by far the most reliable.

  42. I have driven a few Hyundais, and they are good cars. But every kilometer you can hear a little voice in your head saying "it was cheap". The Astra doesn't give you that voice but you wouldn't know that from a paper comparison

  43. 91 octanes? Hilarious 😂😂😂 yeah seems that Australian Opel Astra is a shit for that market.

  44. We've owned our Astra RS-V in coconut brown for 2 years now, and I have to say I am very impressed with how Holden has serviced us after the purchase. I too have experienced the labyrinth of Holden's service department in the past, but they seem to have turned a corner. As for the Astra, we have not had a single issue with our car, the build quality is good, and value for money wise, I feel you get a lot for the car. And the intelliLux headlight system is amazing. It's a shame about the reputation the current Astra gets due to Holden's rubbish name, as it is a very good car and we are very happy with it.

  45. John Cadogan MATE I just bought a Brand New Demonstrator 2018 Holden Astra LS Sedan and I LOVE IT. I reckon this model of Astra is so much better than the previous 3 models of Astra this is including the opel astra just before. The sedan is not ugly mate and you don't know what your talking about. My new 2018 Astra Sedan even says inside the petrol cap that I can use E10 Ethenol fuel in it quite fine. Stop bashing Holden cause I've had few Holden's myself now and I've grown up with Holden's and they are the best car company in Australia in my opinion. I've even worked for Holden and they treated me fine as a employee and now as a ex employee that treated me really well.

  46. What a load of BS, I have had my Astra RS-V 17 since new and it's a brilliant car., you talk through your arse. It's your opinion, have you ever driven one is what I'm wondering…

  47. Thank you thank you we were going to buy one tomorrow not now no way but now I have to tell the wife thanks matey

  48. Pffft. ..Premium unleaded you say it only takes and Hyundai 91..

    We have had a cdxi AH Astra 2005 model since new and still drive it now on 288,000 km ..

    Yes I’ve had to do a couple coil packs and the timing belt change and water pump change when required by myself but apart from that it’s solid.

    Had a close family member that purchased the equivilant year Corolla back when we purchased our Astra and bagged our car for years ..Guess which one’s still running..yes our Astra ..

    Z18XE is a good little engine if looked after well..

    And in regards to premium why the hell would you want to use 91 octane anyway as you end up with crap in your tank because of the quality.

    Australia a nation obsessed with Asian cars or a grudge against anything German engineered because of the war..

    Pffttt I sit in the Astra looking at the Nissan Tida or the Hyundai Getz and think if I hit a pole or got hit side on in my Astra I’d stand a pretty good chance of survival in a severe accident.

    I look at those cars I mention and would not risk my money on the build quality…let alone my life because they are tin cans..

    After all 91 unleaded aint going to save you in a serious accident and either is Kim yong..

  49. I rented the european version i.e. Opel Astra, and although interior felt a little bit cheap the car was just fantastic. REally nice driving experience, so this is a disapointment for sure.

  50. TL:DR

    The Astra is not a bad car, but fails in comparison to it's competitors. The cheaper model engines are also comparable , but the 1.6T is less so, and requires premium fuel, which shows Holden didn't really bother trying to convert it, and costs you money.

    Safety Features are also stripped out of the base model, and only comes with a space saver (tbh, so most car)

    Suspension and looks are decent.

    Main reason: Holden has a bad reputation for customer support, reliability and has an immoral corporate culture.

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