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2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition | Limited Edition Jeeps | Fort Mac, AB

2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition | Limited Edition Jeeps | Fort Mac, AB

Hey Fort McMurray, it’s Jeff down here at Legacy Dodge and I love these Jeeps, alright Now, because you guys buy so many Jeeps at our dealership, every now and then we get a Special Edition one, like this beauty that I’m about to talk to you guys about Right here is a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Limited Rubicon Recon Edition, okay If you love custom Jeeps, this thing is not going to look like anyone you’ve ever seen before Now Stu, why don’t you follow me over the front I’ll show you some of the exterior styling elements, alright This beautiful blacked out grille, we’ve got this red Trim right around the Jeep logo that I just think look so amazingly sharp We got this steel Rubicon front bumper red tow hooks as well, we’ve even got the Power dome hood on this thing as well Man, this thing looks mean Check out how beefy these tires are, mud terrain tires on this Wrangler, this thing is ready to go off-roading Now, there’s something really neat, Stu get a little close here, look at this step rail, alright It is a very functional steel rock rail that also has a little bit of a silly in step-on, you will never see this on a factory Jeep until now, alright Now, you thought I was just excited about the outside, wait til you see how excited I am about the inside, alright Inside this beautiful Jeep, we’ve got red Trim on the mesh, we’ve got red accent buttons we’ve got red stitching on the seat and we even have red seatbelts as well I mean custom is the name of this Jeep I lost my mic there, alright so guys, if you want me to put this Jeep in your driveway for as little as $180 bucks a week, we can make it happen so come on down and take this Jeep for a test drive Remember guys to like and share our videos and for the month of July, for every comment you put on one of our videos, that’s an extra entry into our contest at a $1,000 cash Let’s make sure everyone sees these videos and I want to read your hilarious comments Heck, tell me what day you want to come down test drive this guy and I’ll make sure that I’m the one doing the test drive So, once again, it’s Jeff in Fort McMurray the best place in Alberta and we want to put a Jeep in your driveway, come on down to Legacy Dodge, Let Your Legacy Start Here

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