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2020 Jeep Wrangler Giving Us Problems

2020 Jeep Wrangler Giving Us Problems

guys let’s have it Sunday Greg and I get
sweaty out here ready there that’s Pro Shop we’re gonna
do some shopping the tree is beautiful yeah freaky these intervals are yeah they are so freaking oh my god that’s anybody Allah higher than that
one I think Greg somebody is looking for okay it’s no clue but apparently we need
that this is my old hood all right so this is our first time at this store I
don’t know what to expect we’ll say these cards look all cool and
blue what what direction do we go in oh look
Charlie Brown pink Christmas tree and the Charlie Brown tree but not pink I’m kind of digging this store so far I
think it is the same thing found a cat couch that matches my Jeep it is only
five hundred twenty-nine dollars in any nine cents these are adorable
it’s why no clock quick call wine 1 1 my glass is empty there’s always time for a
glass of wine wine a hug in a glass look at these days at Doug’s day of the Doug
look at the head tag of the Dead skull and like this like that that’s kind of
cool too what else do we have over here well doesn’t that look different yeah yes I don’t have anything let’s walk
over and take a look at the rugs hey guys let me introduce you to my new
temporary loner this is the second loner I’ve had because my 2020 Jeep Wrangler
and yes we’re still in 2019 has been in the shop for over two weeks and it has
been there three times for oil then they give us this which has mud all over the
place dog hair everywhere you check the back seat there’s dog hair every I’m
like and there’s no modern-day conveniences like a backup camera or
anything like that I just feel so wronged hey guys what’s up it is
Wednesday the last Wednesday of the year 2019 Greg is making dinner it smells
amazing cooking dinner
we’ve got steak onions peppers and we’re doing like a pasta sauce on top of it
with some spicy cheese I might throw the jalapeno or two in there because I have
a lot of them ok so right now I’m sitting on the kitchen floor and I’m
reading the loonie spoons collection recipe book I really enjoy the way that
this is kind of set up it’s pretty cool like shanks for the memory is and I
think the one before it just another one I just saw it was that far back
he’s the super humble that’s cute in the range oh that made me
laugh we’re human that’s so cute I don’t know this book is
making me happy so I am looking in my recipe book and
this is something about cannoli right and I’m looking at in this pasta like
long pack that rolled with it looks like lasagna and I asked great I’m like oh
wait cannoli is a dessert right would you say meat cannoli Horace sausage
cannoli you’re a perv you’re perfect this is what I live with y’all this is
oh look that right there it’s all recycle so yeah table back there I gotta
get my life together oh my god so the names in the book
the recipe names are making me laugh out loud and having so much fun
you really did hook out so this is the meat cooking right now and I can’t even
tell you it smells amazing it tastes amazing Greg did a really good
job okay this smells amazing this is our pizza steak sub and oh my god I wish you
guys could smell it cause it’s yeah amazing the bread starts on the toppings
I’m just like you know Greg put the oh wow that’s crunchy
I’m Greg puts the whole sandwich in the airfryer so so the bread we get toasty
and it is it’s toasty and from what Gregg said it’s good so oh that is really good every time we get a
son who is dry yeah no dry mint sauce is like cool oh my god
great good morning it is day if the short week it’s a three-day week I lost
Tuesday Wednesday this is gonna be nice let’s go ahead and get this thing
started I gotta take my blood pressure meds eat breakfast and get ready to head
out of here for the day look at this crazy little thing but you know it’s all
good also let me just mention today’s day
number 24 just the month of December that I have been without my Jeep because
it has been in the shop I have to tell you guys all about that but basically
there was a small minor oil leak but still that’s 2020 so it shouldn’t be
leaking oil took it to the shop they put some dye in it they had the car they had
the jeep for two days they said drive it for a week bring it back I brought it
brought it back they had it for a week I went and picked it up and then the next
day so I picked it up in the morning and within 24 hours I was getting ready to
leave to go to work and it was gushing oil gushing oil so now they’ve had it
for over a week and it’s just really frustrating and I have no idea what’s
going on so that is my life right now I’m going into 2020 without by 2020 Jeep
Wrangler and I’m very frustrated hey guys what’s up it’s the end of the night
I was gonna take some time and started taking down the Christmas tree I might
do some of that this evening today why was it work it was very slow so I was
working one at my Erin Condren 20/20 cleaner yeah and just trying to get birthdays into my
there’s like a little book that comes with the planner and I just kind of
transfer some of the things over some of the things that I put in there are the
NPC show dates for my area also birth dates and any others like important
dates that I need to or want to remember so I did that today I also took some
time and was able to train with the other department because I am moving to
a different departments at the beginning of the year so on Thursday I will be
moving my stuff and learning some new things and really excited about the
change that’s happening I found out about that a few weeks ago like three
weeks ago so that’s a lot we’ve just kind of been doing a lot of things Greg
and I have been doing some things around the house and yeah so we’ve been trying
to do SATs and the holiday it’s been crazy this month has been a month
Angeles I mentioned that earlier today I called them this afternoon because I’m
feeling I’m dealing with two people I’m dealing with the dealership and then I’m
also dealing with Jeep as a whole and it has been today is 20 days without my
Jeep this month I had my I had my Jeep in the shop for like two days then I got
it back for a few days and they put it in for like a week and then I got it
back and then they’ve had it for like the remainder of time and it just sucks
but I called them today and I’m like so when are we gonna get my Jeep back and
they were like well so what is your name and I’m like my name and they searched
it and as I was searching I was like I have the 20/20 bikini blue Jeep Wrangler
that’s been in the shop for 20 days and she’s like
hold on and then they put me on hold and she says she came back she’s like well
we got it fixed but we want to run it and we want to test it in the morning
and we can have you come pick it up tomorrow everything seems like it’s okay
I’m like whatever but when I go tomorrow I’m going to be complaining cuz I’m
gonna be like dude I’ve been without a Jeep and then the loader Jeep they gave
me had mud on the seats and when I see metal Missi I mean like if you go to get
in the Jeep like you’re gonna get muddled in your pants because you’re
sliding in and there there was mud all over the seats mud all over everything
there was dog hair lots of dog hair and just with dissidence and everything
that’s going on I’m just like I just can’t deal with that so it’s been
building up and I’ve been frustrated and I’ve been given Greg like some major
hints like maybe you should call and handle this but he hasn’t taken the hint
so I had to do it today myself and that’s where we’re at so maybe maybe
I’ll have my Jeep tomorrow maybe I won’t who knows our dad who knows all right so
that’s what we got going on tomorrow night is um just gonna be another boring
night right tomorrow night it’s just gonna be another boring night New Year’s
Eve it’s gonna be a boring night we’ll probably go to bed before midnight no
alcohol probably just cleaning up the house I’ve
got a whole bunch of Betty Boop pops I’ll have to show you that tomorrow
I got the full set of Betty Boop pops there’s 10 or 11 I think so I got those
for Christmas and I will put those in one of my curio cabinets I have seven
one two three four five six seven curio cabinets and Betty Boop stuff the Pops
we’ll be going in one of them I’m thinking the one that is in the living
room by the Christmas tree but whatever all right I’m rambling I’m
gonna go ahead and end this here I know there hasn’t been a whole lot that I’ve
done or talked about I’m trying to get back into the habit of this vlogging
thing it’s been a minute but Greg and I are gonna be doing all kinds of fun
stuff in 2020 ain’t we babe we’re gonna be going to the Gettysburg and all
through Maryland a bunch of places in Pennsylvania maybe some places in West
Virginia we have three wine festivals we have the one on Main Street we have Main Street we have the big one
huh no too immensely then do the York County Fair are we doing a couple beer
effects this or a bourbon one if you want no words that we have lots of stuff
we’re gonna do so that’s the plan all right 2020 is gonna be fun I have some
videos we need to do I’m really upset too I need to go get my nails done
probably this weekend I’m frustrated I want them to take this dipped crap that
they put on here and I want acrylic they made me mad they need to fix my freakin
nails all right between my Jeep and my nails
I’m extremely frustrated it but frustrated I do not need to go over 20
20 that’s frustrated my babe no frustration no stress we’ve had
enough I think we’re doing okay we’re doing okay right we’re doing all right
so all right like I said it’s it’s been I don’t want to be like it’s been a year
because I think the year has been it’s been a lot of growth and a lot of
physical and mental changes I think all that’s positive the summer sucked ass so
we’re gonna move on okay Perry was saying that I was gonna stop rambling at
four minutes and here we are at 7:00 I’m gonna end this here thank you guys for
hanging out with me I will catch you up with you guys in the a.m. I think Greg
and I have a bunch of little things we’re gonna do tomorrow
nothing is super special that will be out because I’m off tomorrow and I’m off
on New Year’s Day so I’m off New Year’s Eve and your stay and Greg just posted
something in the local group you have to see what he posted cuz yeah Greg can’t
be trusted on the internet sometimes all right if I don’t see you guys before the
new year have a wonderful new year happy new year all that jazz I’ll see you guys
in the next video

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