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24 Hour LAMBORGHINI Vs JEEP Challenge! $10,000 Vs $300,000 CAR Overnight

24 Hour LAMBORGHINI Vs JEEP Challenge! $10,000 Vs $300,000 CAR Overnight

I think the pizza guy is here 20 seconds
all right you all right have a good night hey what’s going on guys this Papa Jake
and we are back with a brand new video and today we are doing something that
pushes the limits of science we are going to be surviving 24 hours inside
this Lamborghini now I know what you’re thinking Papa Jake you got the
Lamborghini are you gonna be able to survive 24 hours in it well that is what
we’re gonna try and answer today I’m gonna be teaming up with Logan and we
are gonna survive in there we cannot leave the car we cannot get out of it we
have to sleep in it we have to eat in it and do everything you would do normally
inside a house but inside a Lamborghini originally I was gonna do it in the i8
but the interior is so nice I didn’t want to get a dirty you know if we spill
something in there or if we’re eating Chinese food for dinner I don’t want to
get I don’t want to get it all dirty in there also one thing we’re debating guys
which car do you like better personally I kind of like the eye a better but let
me know down below in the comments but we need to get Logan out here and we
need to get ready because of the Sun the Sun is there he’s looking at is he
saying Papa Jake I’m going down so you better be in your car I’m ready for this
24-hour challenge hey yo Logan Logan you got to come in
the driveway and see what I got okay we’re doing we’re doing something really
big today also guys if you happen to be brand new to the channel and did not
know this already at the end of every video we give a shout out to one amazing
viewer who is part of something we like to call God be really seeker because
there could be people watching it’s awesome shown at the end of the video
all you need to do is hit that subscribe button as well as that Bell button and
comment hashtags so be sure to comment that down below and also komen hashtag
Lambo or hashtag I ate let me know which one you personally like better no Logan
check what I got I got as a Lambo what it’s green Jake why did you get a Lambo
we need Logan Lamborghinis are the sickest thing ever I’ve always wanted a
Lambo we take your have and I hate I mean the doors are better on the i8 and
it’s definitely a lot easier to get inside but the thing is okay the i8 the
i8 don’t do this now listen to that purr Logan that is the Lamborghini relax we’re good we don’t need any more Jake
it’s cool you got a Lambo and stuff but why do we need a Lambo
we have vi8 well Logan because we are gonna be doing something the science has
never done before put on your astronaut helmet cuz we’re surviving 24 hours in
this bad boys that’s right we are pushing the limits Logan we are
gonna stay in this Lambo right now I hope you use the bathroom coz it’s 24
hours no one’s leaving lock to you this place is way too small to spend 24 hours
in can barely fit my legs you got some room back here y’all go into the oh it’s
the gym back here wow so much room maybe you have a fortnight gaming setup over
over there there’s no room but definitely this is the dinner table
right here that are we gonna do for 24 hours we’re gonna make this into like a
box for it that also does this it’s a room room box for Jake I’m sorry but
this car is way too small and it makes no sense to do 24 hour challenge I mean
you might as well do it in the Jeep the Jeep Logan the chief doesn’t make room
room noises the Jeep isn’t green no but I least in the Jeep I can lie down how
am I gonna sleep like this no no no I see what you do okay okay I see what
Logan’s doing here he’s trying to go for a classic Pappa Jake versus Logan
challenge he wants to go for the classic $10,000 versus one dollar challenge
those numbers are that’s not what I was trying to do I see what you’re saying
Logan you’re gonna take the less cool and you’re gonna see if you can
beat me in a 24-hour challenge well you know what I just I think that vehicle
will do much better okay but after 18 hours of sitting it I I bet you do
alright well there’s only one way to find out you go get in your Jeep I get
in my Lambo we both spend 24 hours and we see who really has the better car I
already brought stuff for that challenge so the challenge starts exactly now you
know I got all the supplies I need to survive these 24 hours for supply Jake
are you gonna fit your bag in there and then the flat screen for fortnight will
uh you’re not getting a flat screen in there I’m gonna I’m gonna figure that
out but what I do know is I’m gonna beat you look at this guys check this out
tonight I am gonna be laying back chilling well Jake’s gonna be stuck in
his little Lambo got my luggage and we are ready to start this challenge we got
the Lambo wienie all ready to go I’m packed up with all of my gear for this
24 hour challenge Logan is ahead of us in the Jeep so I’m gonna try and find us
a pretty good spot to chill for the 24 hour challenge let’s head out the Sun is
going down I need to get some more supplies and we’re gonna show Logan that
the Lamborghini is the better car alright guys so we are currently heading
our way to our first meetup spot where we are gonna be decking out our cars for
the night obviously this is a 24 hour challenge so I have no idea what Logan
packed in his bag there has some pretty fun stuff to entertain me while we’re
spending the night inside our cars and I mean I know Logan saying that this car
is too small I know he’s saying that this car probably isn’t the best thing
to sleep in for 24 hours but guys just look at it she’s beautiful and she’s got
a great wakeup noise that’s how you wake up in the morning so
I just came across my first issue guys the Jeep is running on empty there’s
like absolutely no fuel left so we have to get gas right now so we’re filling up
the Jeep right now and it just so happens that we’re out of car walk so
this is a perfect excuse to get my Jeep all fresh and clean so we made it to the parking lot where
we were going to set up our cars for the night but there’s no Logan I think I
might have drove and a little bit too fast in the Lambo we nee and got here a
little too soon which means I can start upgrading the interior for the night
before Logan even gets here I just decided to get my car washed it doesn’t
really add much to you know your interior but I’ve had tons of time here
I’ve been chilling getting my car ready for the 24-hour challenge not looking
too fun in here Logan but I can tell you one thing it’s it’s fun in there all
right guys so the one issue that we have up against us is the fact that the
Lamborghini doesn’t have a lot of room for storage so but inside here
all you got is your backpack I brought a suitcase Jake enjoy the Lamborghini hope
your legs don’t cramp over here in the Jeep we got a full on suitcase with
blankets extension cords everything we need cuz guys I got a lot of stuff for
tonight so let’s check out some of the awesome stuff we have here for the
24-hour challenge of course I got mr. mushrooms here who’s gonna be chillin up
here on the dash with me keeping me comfy all night I’ve got this which is
actually gonna be my pillow it’s inflatable just by its on plated right
now but that’s okay head massager I mean it’s pretty nice oh yeah I don’t know
what Logan’s got in this car but I can tell you he does not have anything as
good as this head massager in terms of entertainment you have a Nintendo switch
which means we can be playing fortnight inside our Lamborghini it’s all pretty
good you’re probably wondering probably why didn’t you pack food well the reason
I didn’t packed food is because I don’t need to we’re in a car I could drive
anywhere I could literally drive and get my food or I could order the food to the
car that would also work alright guys I’m starting to realize that we don’t we
don’t have that much stuff in here I know I know I was talking being in front
of Logan I know you’re thinking pop Jake you’re talking up a big game and I was
because I really want to win this challenge I really want to show Logan
that the Lamborghini is better than the Jeep I mean it’s just a Jeep but I’m
starting to realize we don’t have a lot of stuff in here guys and I’m kind of
worried about surviving 24 hours inside this Lamborghini
with just a Nintendo switch and have a proper blanket wait a second
Oh guys I just had a massive Epiphany we are in fact in a car yes we are confined
to the car for 24 hours but that doesn’t mean we can’t go anyway what are you
doing inside my car this is my private space I’m just checking in you know it’s
looking it’s looking like a luxurious mansion in here
pretty small yeah it is small but it’s cozy sad okay as I was saying now that
Logan’s gone we are in a car which means we can go anywhere which means we can
make this as luxurious as possible so I’m saying we live the Lamborghini
lifestyle we hit up one a papa Jake’s favorite ooh stores of all time I’m
talking Best Buy I said we drive by a Best Buy I lived the lambo weenie
lifestyle go get a bunch of stuff and make this force so awesome Logan’s gonna
be begging to sleep in here tonight I think it’s time to activate the Lambo
wheel steering with check all these buttons I don’t know what they do check
this thing check mister mooshrooms check this thing check Lambo wienie he’s
on time to go to Best Buy and make this the best 24 hour challenge we’ve ever
done what am I supposed to do I don’t know
man make your cards best you can me yeah home oh all right Jake that’s fine you
go to Best Buy I don’t need Best Buy see you at home we’ve officially arrived
at the happiest place on earth and now it’s time to go inside and grab all the
ultimate gear to make our Lamborghini limo
sorry I’m still learning so let’s get inside see what we can find
all right now because we’re doing this Lamborghini style we have absolutely
zero budget the only budget we have is what we can fit in the Lamborghini which
is like three things so not not a lot of budget all right guys so we’re in Best
Buy now I don’t know what Logan’s doing he’s probably still trying to make his
car somewhat usable but as I walked in here I was trying to figure out
something that we can actually fit in the car but use at first I was looking
at the TVs sounds like this would be sweet but then I realized we can’t fit
the TV in the car then I thought what about music his music is the second two
TV and then I saw a beast so so far now we’ve got two different speakers one
massive sound bar and then I came over here and I saw a fridge but I realized
we probably can’t fit the fridge in a car so we’re not gonna get the fridge so
we just got back in our driveway we are officially home now and ready to retire
for the night I still got a little bit of work to do inside my Lambo so I can
make it as cozy as possible Logan’s been now he’s been doing something there’s
like lights going on in there I don’t exactly know what he’s up to but he’s
definitely up to something one thing I did notice though unfortunately inside
of Lamborghini uh also I only brought my phone as a flashlight so he might have
me beat in the light department the other issue that is kind of a problem is
it’s kind of cool that night and I thought well okay that’s okay I’ll just
leave the car running but it’s just a little loud you gonna sleep I mean it’s
kind of yeah it’s a bit too big noisy to sleep
in this so I don’t know if I can keep the car running tonight hopefully my
comfy blanket will be enough but let’s uh let’s start setting up and making
this place look nice and then I think it’ll be time to order ourselves some
dinner so I got our comfy pillow cushion here which I’m gonna use as my either my
seat or a pillow itself is gonna blow it up like so there we go we got ourselves
a nice little pillow and we are back home inside the Loeb mobile I have I’ve
done some upgrades as you guys can see we have LED lights this place is looking
super awesome Jake is just sitting in a small cramped dark Lamborghini right now
which is cool but you know what I got a Ferrari I have a Ferrari steering wheel
and that that’s that’s cool right we have an xbox one we have fortnight
loading up and just like that we’re all snug inside our Jeep we have tons of
legroom I mean I’m completely fitting in the car this is super luxurious I don’t
know what Jake’s talking about all right I got my Nintendo switch loaded up with
some video games I bet Logan’s pretty jelly the fact that I got my Nintendo
switch going here oh we may have messed up guys all right Papa Jake might have
messed up a little bit so I bought my brand-new speakers you know Lamborghini
lifestyle I went into Best Buy and I bought two brand-new massive speakers
only one problem we don’t have power in the Lamborghini
in fact I don’t even see a USB port in here okay well so far so good
I think only 14 more hours to go my back’s hurting a little bit but other
than that I think it’s uh it’s pretty good now one thing guys about the
Lamborghini is it is pure luxury which is why I brought my very own head
massager so Logan might be in is Jeep all uncomfortable you know he’s probably
in there he’s probably cold probably really sad I’m chillin in my Lamborghini
with a head massager oh yeah you’re looking at the best car to spend 24
hours in all right guys there’s been some activity going on over in Logans
camp here I’m thinking you know maybe I bring a peace offer and I’ll order s
pizza I’ll bring the pizza over and then we
can eat it in Logan’s car and then we can really see what he’s doing in that
Jeep Jake’s calling me hello hey Logan how’s it going oh dude it is awesome in
here there’s so much room and the lights are awesome I’m honestly having a great
time Jake how are you that’s good that’s good no it’s it’s great in here I’m
super comfortable the the space is unbelievable you would not believe how
much space is in this we are doing a child together what if I want to order
us pizza and then maybe either you know come over and get eaten yorker yep i
could definitely go for a pizza right about now okay all right well I’ll order
I’ll order the pizza and I’ll come over all right okay bye
extra large pizza yeah I’m gonna get extra large pizza meatlovers yeah that
that’s the house number but if they could deliver it there to the
Lamborghini out front in the driveway there’s there’s a green Lamborghini
that’s where I am all right guys we got the pizza coming we also got waters we
got snacks we are good to go for this 24-hour challenge I was even thinking
while I was on that call I realized if I get bored you know just go drive the
Lamborghini like that perhaps the amazing part about having two
Lamborghinis have fun in this Drive here we go we got fortnight working but
before we play any video games I just want to show you guys the home spa we
got in the front so as you come into the front seat it’s a little crowded up here
but like so and press the on button and there we go I got a little foot massage
and we also got this back massager so you could say I’m living the dream right
now in my mini car spa gotta say guys I think Jake chose the wrong option on
this the Jeep House is looking pretty sweet
there’s no way Jake is comfortable right now there’s just no way I think the
pizza guy is here you got it put the window down one
second sorry hi thank you hey you all right have a good
night now that we got a pizza I think we can head on over to Logan’s car see
what’s going on over there okay okay I got a pizza dude oh I guess you need a
stretcher later no no no I just you brought some piece together yeah guys
meat lovers you got us a big pizza Jake yeah I got my own Ferrari dinner in your
car it’s too nice I don’t want to I want to spill pizza anywhere in the car you
do really bad things in your car you don’t have one of these no I I why me
I’ve got a a therapeutic pillow and a head massage pretty close at the end of
the day doing these challenges are always a ton of fun and of course if you
like us doing them a be sure to smack that like button down below and I know
we’re not dead okay well guys I know we’re not done the challenge yet but
comment down below who need thinks winning so far and who do you think is
gonna win this challenge and who’s got the better car
I am pretty stuffed yeah that was pretty good I’m glad we were able to have it
inside your small car it was a little difficult to eat in here maybe I shoulda
stayed in the Lamborghini but you know what but you know what I was thinking
okay since we still do have a little bit of time sad no I know you’ve got your
xbox and like the Nala Pumbaa there you’re probably pretty bored why are you
come for a little Joyride in the Lamborghini act real fast ago since you
were so gracious of a host to bring me over into your small car that is so much
worse than my Lamborghini you come over to my car and I take you
for a little Joyride I have one quick Joyride and then I got a little bat yeah
check it out it’s really not that much room I know there’s tons of room it’s
just cuz I got i got these speakers for my car which i haven’t installed yet cuz
i have so much stuff to do in here alright Logan I’m gonna give her a
little bit of a launch here put her in launch control and see how
you like it dig I don’t know about long control-1 maybe we don’t do launch
control I lost control that was a lot of fun driving but like I said this car is
just too small to sleep in so enjoy yourself in the Lamborghini but I’m
going back to my Jeep we’ll see come morning time who had the better sleep
and who’s still in their car now that Logan’s gone guys I did have one more
trick up my sleeve I brought VR goggles so now I can
literally be anywhere in the world I want I don’t have to be in my
Lamborghini I could be on the beach I could be out in the force I could be
walking through a park or fighting off aliens
right now I’m in just my nice little bedroom kind of looking place here so I
think I’m gonna chill here I don’t even realize that it’s small honestly I might
just keep these on because when I open up my eyes and look around I’m in a
massive bedroom and this is way bigger than Logan’s Jeep and then when I take
the goggles off and a beautiful Lamborghini but anyway guys I think I’m
going to pack it in for the night I’m gonna try and get as comfortable as
I can you know cozy up like this with my with my pillow just just go like this go
sleep any minute I’ll fall asleep I I kind of expect Logan to cancel this
challenge early but we’ll see we’ll see if he makes it to morning time so I’m
gonna hit the hang out let me get my VR goggles off and I will update you guys
in the morning back into our nice comfy bed it’s been
quite the eventful day see you guys in the morning is going on everyone it is another brand
new latina Lamborghini uh guys it is officially morning I had the absolute
worst sleep ever I am slept in a lot of different box for
us before and forts and some were small some were big but honestly guys this was
extremely hard everything hurts my arms hurt my legs hurt my feet hurt at one
point I was trying to sleep like across this way I just put myself over here
that didn’t even work very well Lamborghini is extremely cool but
probably not the best thing to sleep in I think I’m probably gonna have to go
inside and take another nap but nonetheless we did complete the
challenge I have no idea of Logan is even awake yet he’s probably sleeping
because he’s got a full bed in there so I thought why don’t we wake Logan up the
good-old Lamborghini way let him know that the challenge is officially over looks like the Lamborghini a long plug
does work I so loud I was just I was just saying I slept like a feather
that’s the same but I slept like one so many positions to go into it was it was
one of the best sleeps have ever had well I slept absolutely wonderfully guys
you guys are gonna have to let us know who do you guys think won this challenge
was it me and my Jeep or Jake it was definitely Jake in the Lamborghini and
also guys before I forget we do have to give a massive shout out to one of you
amazing squad members shout out to Darin for being an amazing squad member guys
if you see Darin down below be sure to give him a big thumbs up leave him a
nice little comment of course guys if you do want to join the squad
all you guys have to do is smack the subscribe button and the Bell button and
leave a little comment that says comment supposed to say but guys thank you so very much for
watching speedy this of course has been Papa Jake and Logan we’ll see you guys
next time and another awesome video

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