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7 Unusual Human Powered Machines and Vehicles

7 Unusual Human Powered Machines and Vehicles

Hey YouTube, take a look at some of the
most interesting human powered machines we could find. Number Seven The Lopifit Walk to work by riding your bike. We’re not sure how many more steps it would
take. No seriously. Imagine walking to work on a treadmill bike Lopifitt lets
you do just. That the unique design is a combination of a bike and a treadmill.
The Lopifit is a totally new way of moving. With electric assist, it takes no
more effort to walk, than a walk in the park. The electric-assist in combination
with the gear is boosting your walking pace up to the speed of a regular bike.
You won’t get twice the exercise but you’ll definitely get twice the stares.
If you are into head turns this bike will set you back about $2,500. Number Six The Strandbeest Bike This half
bicycle half spider is a design of JP of Carve. JP adapted the idea of Theo Jensen
Strandbeest leg system to a bicycle. He started with a sketch in a 3d print of
the idea. 700 hours later and over 400 custom parts made the Strandbeest bike was
born. Although you probably don’t want to take this awesome creation of a bike
further than your driveway, the Strandbeest bike is an innovative and unique design,
that pushes the limits of human ingenuity. Number Five Skeletonics The Skeletonics
suit is a mechanical exoskeleton that mimics your movement without a battery
or motors. It has a mechanical master slave system to let you walk, stretch its
arms, and perform other dynamic moves. The user stands in the skeleton similar to
walking on stilts. This is also one of the only human-powered exoskeletons
created so far. I could definitely see these used in some futuristic movie
where the users have to battle each other to the death, or just on a Japanese
game show that gets adapted to a U.S. television show. Mind’s Eye Pop Quiz When did
Leonardo da Vinci designed the Aerial Screw? A; the early 19th-century, B; the
late 13th-century, or C late 15th-century Make sure you watch till the end for the
answer, and if you think you know comment below. Number Four The Taniwha Sub Taniwha is a human-powered racing submarine constructed by students and
the staff from the Auckland bio engineering Institute at the University
of Auckland. It is the only human-powered submarine in the southern hemisphere. The
submarine is the equivalent to a bicycle, but underwater. The pilot hops inside and
pedals to rotate fins on top and bottom propelling the submarine forward.
Hydraulics are used to flex the tail and rotate hydroplanes to maneuver the
submarine. The project serves as a platform for research and student
projects with the goal of advancing human mobility underwater. Who needs a
floaty when you can have one of these awesome little submarines in your pool? Number Three Schweeb Schweeb is a personal
Rapid Transit network based on human powered monorail cars. The project
prototype was originally designed and implemented in New Zealand as a leisure
attraction. In September 2010, a proposal for development of an expanded network
was chosen to receive funding from Google as part of a project ten to the
hundredth. As of August 2017, there are no active proposals to utilize the system
for public transportation. Although a sport resort in the United States is
considering it. The original track in New Zealand is still open to the public.
The proposal originally envisioned networks of monorail track providing
point-to-point commuter transit for urban areas. This would have been an
incredible idea for college campuses. Imagine going to class and the winter in
these pods. Number Two The Snowbird It’s a bird, It’s a plane, um well, yeah kind of.
It’s the Snowbird. The Snowbird is a human-powered ornithopter that was
designed and constructed by members of the Aero Velo team. The project was
initiated in the summer of 2006, with initial low fidelity proof-of-concept
simulations. Research and testing of various construction techniques took
place between 2006 and the summer of 2008 when the team relocated to the Great
Lakes gliding Club in Ontario. Construction primarily took place in a
barn on-site during the summer of 2008 and in 2009. The first flight tests began in
October of 2009 and resumed after a winter hiatus in July 2010. The Snowbird
has a total span of 32 meters, an empty weight of 45 kilograms, and flies at a
speed of about 26 km/h. Unfortunately, the flight only lasted about 20 seconds, but
was still long enough to break a world record. Number One The Mow Cycle You might think that push mowers are a thing of the past, but
actually in the last decade or so makers of push mowers have been seeing a huge
increase in sales. This is obviously because of the big push of everyone
going green. Well the Mow Cycle is a combination of a push mower and a
heavy-duty recumbent tricycle. It’s more or less the green version of a riding
lawnmower. We’re actually really surprised that
these haven’t been more readily available.
I mean great exercised and mowing your lawn at the same time. Yeah of course you get
exercise when you push a mower, but most mowers now just kind of pull you. So far
only one exists. It was created by the New Hampshire bicycle builder Ted Wujek
and his son Cody, a mechanical engineer with inspiration from one of their
clients. This client had been using a reel mower towed behind an old mountain
bike but contacted Ted about the upgrade. The Mow Cycle was the result. It has
been featured in numerous bike shows and magazines around the world. Now if they
could only find a way to put a bag on it for all the clippings. Hey guys. This is
Amber and Alex from Minds Eye Design. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us
in the comments below what you’ve found to be the most interesting and why. Also
if you haven’t done so yet make sure to hit the bell notification next to the
subscribe button to stay up to date with all of our latest tech. Thank you for
watching. I’ll see you guys next time. Did you get it right the answer is C
Leonardo da Vinci designed the aerial screw in the late 15th century.

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