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BCA Buyer app – Search and Buy Vehicles

BCA Buyer app – Search and Buy Vehicles

Running a busy dealership isn’t always
easy. Time is short and keeping an eye on the vehicles you want to buy, while
trying to sell the ones you already have, can be tricky. But what if there is a way
you could be in two places at once? BCA have developed a great new app to
help you do just that. BCA buyer lets you quickly search for vehicles by make,
model, auction centre or sale date, as well as track and keep personal notes on
vehicles you’re interested in. It takes the guesswork out of auction timings
with real-time vehicle tracking across all BCA sites and push notifications so
you know exactly when the vehicle you want to bid on is going under the hammer.
And when it’s up for auction, you can bid on it live from the app, meaning you can
stay in the showroom, making those all-important sales.
You can also buy vehicles at a fixed, price, anytime, day or night simply using
the BCA Buy Now Channel, with easy access to detailed vehicle information
including Guide Pricing, Condition Reports and supporting Mechanical
Reports. Helping you make that decision remotely and buy with confidence. From
fingertip to forecourt, the new BCA Buyer app means you’ll never miss an opportunity to bid on the vehicles you need. Take
control of your vehicle searching and buying, all in the palm of your hand. Find out more at

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