Behind the Scenes of the Bet-Losing Machine

Behind the Scenes of the Bet-Losing Machine

hey guys welcome to the behind the scenes for the bear losing machine okay so we'll start out with the reason that most of you were probably watching which is the backstory for the bet the story of the bet actually starts all the way back at IFM 2015 one of the Machine villas that we had in is M 2015 was toothpicks 35 whom I'll just call Noah from now on because that's an actual name so at this point it had been a while since the last toothpick 35 video and it was kind of already established that Noah had stopped building he was retired I guess and he was going to make anymore machines except for the one well but I believe it was the day before the event he made a bet with the entire is M team that his machine didn't work for the live fall down the next day he was going to have to make another machine at home and on the day of the fall down his machine didn't work and while everyone else was busy celebrating the overall success of the event the only thing Miller could think was this yes that's how bytes actually in the official behind-the-scenes video by the way if you were confused about what that meant the first time you watched it this should help explain but know what not being one to break a promise or a bet went home and made another machine despite totally not wanting to and that's what Rube Goldberg machine 32 is that's the punishment for the bet all right so I'm going to completely change the subject here for a second but I probably could have to do with the bet so I'm going to use one of the requests that I've seen on multiple occasions is that I should do something bigger than a regular one table machine specifically make a two table next a while while your dad your dad and I we went out to shopping for another table while you were gone and I've always kind of been against this idea because I don't have enough materials I don't spend all that much time on it I want to get machines done a little bit quicker than that I don't have that many fails and just a bunch of other reasons so I've kind of always been against the idea all right so here's what I have to do with the actual bet fast forward to is at 2060 Noah actually shows up to the event that year to watch the fall down even though he wasn't actually part of the team that helped build it that year so it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision but I just decided to go up to Noah and make a bet with him on the spot the same way that he made a bet with us the year before I'm going to make the same bet this year except my consequence instead of trying to make another machine I have to make a machine on two tables okay it's official now you see I thought this was pretty fair because he had already said on multiple occasions that he didn't want to make another machine and he was kind of retired from building and I already said on multiple occasions that I didn't want to make a two table machine so to me these punishments were pretty equal and my machine failed I'm the kind of guy that follows through on a bet regardless but since he had already fulfilled the punishment for his that the year before I kind of had to so the physical story of the bad losing machine and I'm 2015 oh I made a bet with the rest of the is M team that his machine didn't work for the final father he was going to have to make another machine and I made a bet with Noah at item 2060 and if my machine didn't work for the final fall down I'm going to have to make a two table machine in both cases our machines didn't work the final fall down and we both fulfilled the requirements of our bets so with a machine of such length and complexity as the bet milling machine you're going to have a lot of fails in fact I had 297 for this machine which isn't the most I've ever heard but it's still a lot by pretty much any measure and especially after a number that high it can get pretty frustrating after a while so of course I have the fails where I reacted like this oh really so know what oh crap oh what oh oh oh my god in order to cope with such failure you have to learn how to deal with it and for me that way is by giving sarcastic remarks every time somethin failed holed up on what plant absolutely not huh oh my god interesting I don't know how it does that what in the world don't do this I don't do that doesn't make sense that's anyone that's the first time that happens why not again say whoa Wow if you wanna get the side but not the blue uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh good you can just get just nipped appendix oh okay why no no no no no no nice what is wrong with the same removable not even a little bit close oh you can do it boy excuse me sir would you mind moving come on man don't do that please don't well like what do that no no no no no no no no no no no oh my god so if you're getting frustrated because your machine is failing then I don't know maybe try what I do and just get sarcastic works for me no like I said this machine fail a lot but I'd say probably 90% or more of those fails happen within the first 20 seconds so what happened the most often during that first segment of the machine where the swinging track swing catafalque in the ball somewhere where it wasn't supposed to go the first trick where the dominoes didn't provide enough weight to tilt the lever the spinning tube trick and the white ball missing the holder on top of the car now one of the tricks that was actually problematic from a little later on a machine was actually the following a brick technique now even though it did fail a few times the fact that it didn't work wasn't really the main problem when it's called is actually called the tunnel vibration throughout the entire table and I had a bunch of takes where something else would go off early because of the vibrations now what the tricks that surprisingly didn't fail all that much was the launching clothespin trick it only completely missed the target one time and the other very few times it failed it was because it hit the target and then bounced out the other thing that fails surprisingly a few times and I think this really might surprise you is the expanding ruler trick not the actual expanding part but when the balls roll down there are no barriers on the side of that ruler so you'd expect the balls to fall off every once in a while right well believe it or not that happened zero times like literally zero times and keep in mind there are two balls roll down that ruler for each test and then of course they're the fail to happen only once but are just so weird that I had to include them in this video [Applause] some of you may already know this but this machine actually only made it to the second table five times six times if you include the time that I forgot to reset the stream at connect to table so to do the math real quick that's 293 fails in the first table and four fails for the second table because the fifth time was when it actually worked one thing that I've done a lot in previous machine but I tried to not do as much of in this machine is the kind of overlapping and returning to old tricks that I used to do let me explain with an example so basically instead of having a trick where it does use wine and then goes to another trick and then comes back for use two and then goes to another thing and then comes back these three and then go back to trick one for the second use of that trick and I didn't do any of that in this machine because I feel like it's a lot to keep track of as a viewer and if you can't really remember what use one of these two was for a specific trick what it returns for use three you're kind of like yeah I remember that trick before I remember it did something but I don't really remember what and now I kind of feel like I can't appreciate that trick as much as I would be able to if I just saw all three or four however many uses in sequence consecutively so I try to not do that as much in this machine as I was as I did in previous machine like the rhett and Link machine and I really like the final product I think this way is actually a little bit easier on the viewer because they don't have to keep track of as much and they can just kind of enjoy the machine in a more linear fashion the other thing that's really interesting about this machine is the lack of traditional multi-use so the traditional format for a multi-use element is a ball rolls over a track in position one the track moves and the ball rolls over the track in position two and delivered a lot there are only between like two and three tracks in this machine that actually fulfilled that requirement now the two tracks that I can think of the follow this format off the top my head r1 the trunk it's attached to the gear that rotates around the stable point and to the track gets hold 90 degrees and catches the purple bouncy ball as it falls through the rails of the trick where the track gets pulled out from underneath it all of the other tracks in this machine are either one stationary and they don't move – the ball rolls over it in position one but then the track moves and it doesn't roll over in position – or the other way around it doesn't go over in position one cent move and it rolls over in position – and then there's some more obscure reasons why a specific track doesn't follow that format the main one being when a ball moves over the track as it's moving but it doesn't really use it twice actually now that I think about it there are a lot more examples of balls that roll over tracks as they're moving but still I stand by the fact that this does not count as the traditional multi-use element for me but if you don't believe me feel free to take a look at this machine yourself go back to the video and look there are no tracks that follows that format except for those two alright so now I'm going to talk about some of the actual specific tricks with machine and show you guys through early test footage so the first thing you have to figure out was the configuration that I wanted for the table I had to figure out what would work best for building but also what would look best for filming I eventually settled on this sort of el-sheikh where the tables were at a 90 degree angle to each other so what I have the tables were avoid them it was time to start building the very first trick that I made to this machine was the swimming track swing and I made all the way back in early February that was quickly followed by the collapsing track dominoes picture bottom until trick and all the stuff on the board and before I knew it I already had a pretty good start to the machine a 90 degree curved auto tilt trick actually started out a whole lot simpler than it ended up originally I only had to do a simple auto tool but then I decided that it was way too easy and then I added a track on top all right so here's the early test footage from when I decided that it was actually time to record some of the tricks normos that I didn't have everything connected at this point they had to use my hand to pick up balls and put them in certain places but surprisingly the entire thing actually worked now for such a simple straightforward trick the loop-de-loops were actually quite difficult to figure out originally I didn't even have them in there at all I was going to use some kind of plank of wood but then I couldn't figure out what to do with it so I decided to do the loop-de-loops but then I was going to do one loop going one direction and then one loop going 90 degrees to it and that didn't really work too well so then I decided to do two of them in parallel and that ends up working a lot better so the expanding ruler trick was one of those foreign object tricks that I've had in my mind for a while but I just never really got around to building I've had that folding ruler for a long time and I've never really gotten around to making it into a machine trick until this machine and I'm really glad that I did because it's one of my favorite trick to misbehave if it's not not one of my favorite tricks in this machine it's pretty lame and going and not all that complicated but it looks nice and I'm kind of proud of it so have a tuba tricks was something that I actually discovered completely by accident because honestly how else could you discover something like that before those tricks that you watch it and you're like how is that possible and to tell you the truth I don't know I don't know how that trick works I'm not gonna lie I have no idea it was reliable enough to play the machine but I don't even know how it works the next trick that I made was something that I honestly think is one of the most underrated tricks in this machine at least when I watch it and kind of gets overlooked a little bit and that is the two twisting tracks right down the middle of the first table it just looks so elegant they meet the way they just spin around so slowly and perfectly and line up in the exact right spot and will even that difficult of a trick to design I just really like it because motion is so smooth and elegant looking and then I made all the stuff that goes underneath the twisting tracks that I mentioned before this was another huge challenge because I had to make sure everything was low enough that it would be able to sit underneath that I also like to make sure that the tracks above them still had room to turn which is the same thing I think it was right around this point that I realized that I was going to completely run out of connects or at least certain parts so I decided to ask my cab teacher if I could borrow the same connects pieces that I used for six simple machines and bring them home to use for this machine and he said yes and I end up bringing home all of the pieces that I use for 600 means and I ended up using almost all of them as well okay not really not almost all of the pieces but almost all of certain pieces but there's also meant that I had to keep a running list of how many pieces I was actually borrowing from those bins so every time I took a piece out I had to grade a little tally mark on a piece of paper just to keep track so I can return them later which was kind of a nuisance but you know you kind of have to do it the next trick that I made was actually a rejected trick I made it and then immediately realized that it was way too fragile and it looked terrible but when I was showing it off how it worked in the video it broke anyway so that's what I did this I'm actually really glad I got rid of that trick because that's why I ended up replacing with the twisting trackball lift trick and the falling brick trick which were way cooler tricks anyway and then I moved on to what I think ended up actually being the most overlooked trick in this entire machine and that is the tape measure trick just like with the ninety degree curve autumn tilt trick this was going to be a lot simpler than it ended up being but then I decided that I'm going to add two uses for the tape measure instead of just one and getting it up turning out a lot better so this trick I ended up making was the flexing bridge trick and I'm actually going to talk about this trick a little bit more than I have for the other ones because this is probably the most likley complicated trick that I've ever had to make this flexing bridge trick was actually inspired by a really old game that I used to have it was like a little obstacle course for a marvel that you controlled with your fingers and one of the very first obstacles in the Alps of course was a bridge that very closely resembles a trick that I made for this machine and you can't really tell from the top view because I tried to hide it as best as I could but this trick is actually really really intricate this wood looks like from the bottom and that's just to make the tracks actually flex the next part was actually to connected to K'NEX motor which is connected to a piston which makes it move automatically which was also another big challenge once I was above all that I ended up with this but then I had playing cards on each of the tracks that the ball would always travel forward now the trick where the ping-pong ball rolls down the marble track said the marbles rolled down earlier was actually a trick I discovered by accident I decided to just try it out and see what happened and it actually ended up working and ended up really perfectly over the segment that drops down and then perfectly ordered that contains the models fall into and then perfectly into the track where the car starts and then perfectly down that track as well and as soon as I saw that that worked I knew I had to use it in the machine the next trick I made was the trick with the Brio train and the two tilting tracks above it believe it or not this trick was actually inspired by the Sun revealer in the invention 11 video 11 inventions side so at that point I was done with table 1 I had officially done a little bit more than half of the bet losing machines the first table is slightly larger than the second table since I had an entire table done I figured I would do some full table tests just to see how everything worked and believe it or not I actually had a lot of success with these I was really confident with the first table at first but then I don't know what happened when I started doing full machine tests but man that first table just failed all the time first trick I made for the second table was the gear trick now unlike some of the other tricks I talked about before this trick actually started out more complicated than it ended up being the next trick I made was actually the little swinging track that goes off near the end of the machine when I first built it it had a really nice smooth motion to it that somehow got lost as time went on originally it looked really smooth and elegant when it works and it still works at the end but it just kind of didn't book at night the next Atrix I made with a spinning cup and ball net trick and the expanding track catcher trick both of which I have literally no clue how I came up with the next trick that I made was the trick where the ball gets pulled along and then underneath it gets pulled out from underneath it the trick was actually inspired by a really old Kotaku Otsuchi trick that I've seen many many years ago and wanted to include in a machine and I've actually tried a bunch of times and I just didn't have the right material I didn't build it the right way it just never really worked out until Matt the Tiger Luigi actually did it a little bit differently where the ways that pulled the track is actually the same weight that falls off the table whereas mine just pushes the weight off the table and also they did it with a train and not a ball which I honestly think is even more impressive now the next trick that I made actually uses the invention 11 will green card then he gave to me at the Jillette event we used it back in the coin flipping machine and a couple other things in the past as well I decided to repurpose it and instead of using it as an actual car I decided to use it on its side and have it turn a track despite being one of the weirdest tricks I've probably made in a while I'm pretty proud of how it looks even though it's sort of just a connection now the next trick I made was absolutely trick that I'm probably the most proud of out of the entire machine and that's the auto tilt shifting the zigzag board trick now this is going to sound completely ridiculous but I was actually inspired to make this trick by the design of leads that I saw on the side of the tissue box the reason I like this trick so much is because a little bit different than the regular connects contraption or track trick that I usually make and this might surprise you but even though my strength is typically connect contraptions and track tricks usually the tricks that I am most proud of are the ones that kind of go out of my comfort zone a little bit and this one is definitely one of those tricks the other reason I like it is because it took a really long time to design everything it's made of four different modules this is one of them and each module is a flat segment that doesn't move and one segment is a track with an actual zigzag piece in it that does move basically I just made four of these modules and lined them up in alternating directions on the board and then tested them with a ping-pong ball to make sure that it actually worked after that I split the four modules into two pulley systems each one consisting of the weight that falls off the table and pulled each pair of tracks in alternating directions the next part of this trick would be actual auto tilt part where the car slides back and forth which meant I had to make sure that the weights were calibrated correctly so it would back and forth automatically I also want to make sure that the timing of the weights would pull the zigzag pieces was correct the ball would actually be able to roll down in the opposite direction in the end I think this trick came together really really well I'm very proud of motion that looks really smooth and aesthetically pleasing and honestly I think it's probably my favorite trick in the entire machine so after that I was pretty much done the only thing I have left to do is put on some fishing connections even stuff and put in the actual spine flip down after each table and then start testing so that's it that's basically the entire process go to the bet losing machine always from February to June so there's actually one other thing that I want if I've got in this deal real quick and that's the thing that I said in the main deal which is that I don't want to make another two table machine so I have a few reasons for this the primary one being that it just takes forever I mean this one told me for an entire month and especially with cause coming up I don't really think I can devote that much time to any one single project any time in the foreseeable future there are a few other reasons too like I don't have that many materials and I don't want to have that many fails but the time thing is the memory and those same reasons were the same reasons that I was reluctant to do it in the first place but looking back on it now I'm really glad that I did it so I think that's it for the behind-the-scenes video I hope you got enjoyed getting some insider info on the BET and the machine itself if you want to watch the main video for the bet losing machine you can click right up there if you want to see some of my other projects you can click right down there and if you want to subscribe to my channel you can click right here alright that's it for me I'll be like most Bay's 98 and I'll see you guys in the next video Oh you

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24 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of the Bet-Losing Machine

  1. I love this BTS video! What I really like about this is, that it isn't this typical vlog style but more of an second video about the machine. I love how much effort you put into this. I'm thinking you made some kind of script for it which is special for domino/rgm videos. Or you are just very talented at speaking and explaining 😀 Or both. Either way, I really enjoyed following your explanations throughout this beast of a machine 😀

    PS: What you said about the repeating tricks at around 8:50. As a viewer and no rgm builder, I totally agree!

  2. this is a really cool vid explaining your thinking process! i think perhaps instead of trying over and over and finally getting it on the x time, it would be great if you thought about "tightening the screws" so that the trick would not fail so often. so for instance the brick fall, could we add a cushion to soften the thud to not create such an intense vibration? awesome process!

  3. Well done for not swearing when the machine failed (or perhaps you were sufficiently mature to edit them out) but the exclamations you did make were not sarcastic. Impressive machine though!

  4. Honestly, four months for a machine this size is an achievement. I know if I had to do something like that it would take much, much longer…

    Also, you should be proud of this machine, but that wasn't your fail. I built that part of the table so I take all accountability for the fail xD

  5. Watching your reactions to the fails reminded me of my reaction of when my camera shut off for no reason five seconds before the end of a working take to a risky machine, lol.

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