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Best Opening Races From Pixar’s Cars! | Pixar Cars

Best Opening Races From Pixar’s Cars! | Pixar Cars

Checkered flag here I come! (tire blows and screeches) Oh no! McQueen has blown a tire! And with only one turn to go! Can he make it? You fool! (tires screech) (engines rev) (distant chatter) Tire pressure is excellent! He’s got plenty of fuel! And he’s awesome! Real gone Real gone There’s a new cat in town he’s got high paid friends thinks he’s gonna change history You think you know him so well Yeah you think he’s so swell but he’s just perpetuatin’ prophecy Come on now! Slow down (“Run That Race” plays) Woo hoo! Come on stickers! Best friend coming through! McQueen! Wooo Hooo! Lightning McQueen! Go 95! (horn blares) Woo Hoo! Hey Cal! Your blinker’s on! What! No it’s not Hey! Your blinker’s on Good comeback Cal! (“Run That Race” plays) (cars crash) Ahhh! Wait a second Daryl! McQueen is in the wreckage! There’s no way the rookie can make it through! Not one piece that is Lightning! Ahhh! Look at that! McQueen made it through! And a spectacular move by Lightning McQueen! Yeah! Ka-chow! Yeah McQueen! Ka-Chow! As they head into the place show pen Francesco builds in the lead Ah hang on boys! Here comes the dirt! McQueen It’s time to make your move! Get on the outside and show them what Doc don’ taught you 10-4 Mater Oh boy! Francesco’s brought to a screeching hault! Lightning McQueen is the first to take advantage and just like that folks Francesco’s lead is left in the dust Nice call Mater Keep it up! Man McQueen looks happier than a rollbar demolition derby! Everyone’s jostling for position as we hit the asphalt again Francesco lost a lot of momentum in the dirt Wow he’s got some serious work ahead of him if he wants to get back in this race Now the racers hit the Rainbow Bridge with it’s 360 degree loop Checkered flag here I come! (tire blows and screeches) Oh no! McQueen has blown a tire! and with only one turn to go! can he make it? You fool! McQueen’s blown a tire! McQueen’s blown a tire! Go go go go go go! He’s lost another tire! The King and Chick are coming up fast! They’re entering turn 3! Come on I don’t believe what I’m watching Bob Lightning McQueen is 100 feet from his Piston Cup The King and Chick rounding turn four It’s too close to call! I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! you

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55 thoughts on “Best Opening Races From Pixar’s Cars! | Pixar Cars

  1. in my opinion Cars 2 has the best races since it is not just driving in circles ( or ovals technically ) and with characters like Frencessco Cars 2 could have been a good sequel if it did not have the spy stuff

  2. I'm surprised nobody died from the crash at the Motor Speedway of the South. Hell, I'm surprised none of these races died at all. Although I'll love to see Rip Clutchgoneski die like he was going to. It'll make a interesting, yet dark concept. Then again C2 was going to be dark, by demonstrating how cars get crushed or melted in molten steel.

  3. Lightning McQueen hay
    Me LOL
    lightnig MCQueen I'm going to beat you
    Me no you cheet in cars 3 and you suck
    Me I'm calling Ghostbusters
    Ghostbusters your going down
    Lightning McQueen noooooooooooo
    Me ha ha
    Me now I have a break

  4. Say what you want about cars 2 but the inadequate amount of racing in that movie was the best of the 3

  5. "¡It's too close to call!, too close to call!"

    – Bob and Darrel – 2006.

  6. I Think Lightning McQueen Won The Race Cause He Crossed The Finish Line First Before The King Aka Strip Weathers Aka Cal Weathers Uncle Was In 2nd And Chick Hicks Was In 3rd

  7. No doubt, this has been one of the best Pixar Cars compilation videos ever! Who agrees? 🙋🏻‍♂️

  8. These opening races are good because i miss lightning mcqueen's motivation saying : i am speed , one winner 42 losers i eat
    losers for breakfast i am lightning .

  9. I Know he is the protagonist but in Reality. There is no way a stock car like McQueen is on the same pace as an F1 car.

  10. I think in Cars 2 McQueen has his limiter off that would explain why he can keep up with Francesco and also beat him in Cars 3 he might have his limiter on which prevents him from exceeding 198mph

  11. 3:52 Crusher blows a tire
    Anne Marie: Oh no, Crusher has blown a tire!
    Darrell Cartrip: And with only one more turn left to go, can he make it in time?
    Kristin: NOOOOOOOOOOO! No! No! No!
    Abigail Hale: inaudible Crusher's blown a tire! Speed up to a speed of 9000 mph.
    How fast were those racecars going? Only time will tell.

  12. 0:13 Start of the Universal Orlando Speedway Race
    0:46 City Stunt Track
    2:00 and 2:49 Thunder Hollow Track
    3:25 Sponsor Tunnel
    3:36 Bonus Points Track
    3:52 Blown Tire (only used for Crusher)
    4:22 Blazing Speed is super duper mega awesome fast, in any direction.

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