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Biker News East Bay Dragons MC He$$s Angels MC Motorcycle Events

Biker News East Bay Dragons MC He$$s Angels MC Motorcycle Events

Mack Oakland Willie Harper still remembers the first time he saw the East Bay dragons then an emergent motorcycle club rolled through the streets of West Oakland it was around 1964 dragons rode by matching a-frame harley-davidson choppers so called because they had been stripped off of any unnecessary parts Rob down to the bare frame with only the tank headlight and motor a bike shiny chrome finish stood out against bright paint each a different color the men riding them I had a polished boots and me my jackets blue jean pants and matching striped motorcycle helmets Harper said whoa they were all sharp real clean looking Harper remembers only white boys had those types of bikes back then and not in a motorcycle set it was really powerful the club which this weekend celebrated at sixty year has since become one of Oakland’s most iconic cultural exports one recognized around the world it was the first all-black motorcycle club in the Bay Area and one of the first in the country emerging at a time when a black man riding a motorcycle was seen by some as inflammatory but the Dragons endured through six decades not because of some outlaw image said Joe Lewis aka Papa Joe Lovingston a founding member and brother to Tobey Jean Levenstein a club’s creator it survived because of the deep roots the club has in the community its focus on family and the tight bonds of brotherhood we’re like family to each other son Levenstein who’s is in his 70s raatan when you get the patch it means you’re a real dragon you’re in a brotherhood for life Lovingston and his four brothers were born in louisiana to a sharecropper father who made the migration in west along with thousands of other black American families in the 1950s at the time West Oakland 7 Street corridor was still a bustling commercial strip dotted with jazz clubs and black owned businesses buzzing with customers from Oakland army base East Oakland was full of families who worked in the nearby metal foundries and packing plants and the lemon stone family settled in Brookfield Village but a history here though industrial jobs were plentiful young black men could still quickly find themselves getting into trouble if they didn’t stay busy Harper said and Toby Jean love instant bought he and his brothers needed a hobby Oakland was all rock and roll and on chromed out cars at the time Toby Jean Levenstein wrote in his memoir souls on bikes the East Bay Dragons MC and the black biker set so he decided to start a car club and the dragons were born Joe Lewis Levenstein would later add east bay to the name creating the Green Dragon logo with red mutterings set atop a gold backdrop a year later a switch to motorcycles which were cheaper more accessible and didn’t draw as much attention from the cops Toby Jean Levenstein wrote dealers at the time wouldn’t settle Harley’s to black customers Levenstein wrote so they would buy them use they’d often find them in people’s garages or under houses Harper said oh yeah that’s long time ago Harper the third longest-serving member of the Dragons first showed up at the group’s clubhouse which was then across the street from a barbecue restaurant where the members used to hang with a honda before being told to come back with a Harley he did only to have several members drive him back home and dismantle the bike in his garage telling him to come back again when he could put it together he said Harper was dismayed he said until Toby Jean Levenstein showed up and told him to come by his garage where they would put it back together together that was 1964 and Harper has been a member of the club since it was in the way of building bikes together that the group fostered a sense of community said Liam O’Donoghue a local historian and host of the podcast East Bay yesterday he interviewed two dragons for an episode in December called respect a patch our Oakland’s oldest black motorcycle club survived nearly 60 years they literally built the community together one bike at a time he said and that’s why they were so tight it gave these guys a sense of accomplishment and something they could really bond over being a pillar of the community is inseparable from membership in the club said ray Nelson one of the club’s youngest members who is also a third generation cousin to the live instance the club regularly participates in charity rides holds black parties and donate supplies to schools it hosts annual turkey giveaways for Thanksgiving and adopt several families for Christmas buying gifts and delivering them in person on Christmas Eve this is awesome way a club should be Nelson grew up idolizing the Dragons he said watching them roll in Mass to his grandmother’s house popping wheelies and burning rubber down the street but it wasn’t just the bikes he said Toby Jean and Joe Lewis Lovingston both had jobs as well as cars and houses and Families he said they took care of themselves and their families at the same time Nelson said in fact everyone in the club had a had a job and skills they could bring to the table it’s why Nelson knows the club will endure for another 60 years well that’s now this Clubhouse got built and why it will stick around he said everyone has something he offered rock on a lot of good history right there Congrats he’s paid by Marissa when zyk a man described by authorities as a member of the Mexican Mafia and so called shot caller for the contour aa Street gang based in Santa Fe Springs and Whittier has been convicted of murder and racketeering charges federal prosecutors said Jose Lazo was found guilty of a dozen felony charges including the murder of a rival member of the Mexican Mafia and several racketeering charges stemming from his involvement and can’t-do Reyes a violent criminal enterprise involved in murders drug dealing and Munder law money laundering according to a new release from the US Department of Justice moza 40 is scheduled to be sentenced on December 16 and faces a mandatory sentence of life in federal prison as a result of the murder conviction alone according to prosecutors on April 19 2006 teen he murdered Dominic Gonzalez who was marked for death after being seen as encroaching upon the territories of other Mexican Mafia members the recently state’s Gonzalez was shot six times at the wrestler in San Gabriel Valley community of Bessette suffering gunshot wounds to the head and chest the shooting left his bodyguard severely injured and wounded and an innocent bystander at the restaurant who suffered six gunshot wounds to the abdomen back buttocks and legs an accomplice in the murder 25 year old Bernardo and two Leone a Whittier pleaded guilty in July to felony charges including conspiracy to commit murder and aid of racketeering as part of a plea deal he has agreed to receive between 33 years and 40 years in federal prison and will be sentenced on September 23rd a high-ranking member of con Terrenas Lazo gave an all orders to other senior members of the Mexican Mafia and fellow long time member of katha Brenes david golub Adan according to the federal authorities Gallup Adan maintained control over to can Terrenas and several other gangs in the Whittier Santa Fe Springs area as well as Riverside Stockton receiving compensation through criminal activity such as drug trafficking he is currently serving life without the possibility of parole at Pelican Bay State Prison in Northern California tired core joint a convictions against Loza are the latest developments in a federal Rica racketeering case known as Operation rogue legs which is being led by the US Drug Enforcement Administration 40 convictions have been made in the case so far those are members of the Mexican Mafia and other high-ranking associates of the prison gang have testified about the gangs existence its criminal activity in centers of power both inside and outside crews and walls something federal prosecutors believe has never happened before law enforcement officials have seized 51 fire arms an executed several narcotics bust is part of the three-year investigation including the seizure of nearly one pound of meth when a search warrant was served after Gonzalez’s murder a federal grand jury indictment feature in charges against 51 can’t the renas members and associates listed Loza as a lead defendant in addition to murder Llosa was convicted of one count of conspiracy to violate the racketeering influenced and Corrupt Organizations or better known as RICO Act or counts of engaging in violent crimes and aid of racketeering or bikkar one count of conspiracy to distribute meth one count of possession with intent to distribute meth three counts of using a firearm during a crime of violence one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm and one count of money laundering conspiracy ouch that’s your gangster news Matthew Claxton the spokesman for BC’s anti-gang police unit said it’s concerning that the Hells Angels gang members appear to have been holding parties in Langley Township rec centers a combined forces special enforcement unit CF s eu has been running a social media campaign in recent months to warn people about the risk to the public posed by outlaw biker gangs such as the Hells Angels anyone could have been in danger of being a victim of an act of violence an innocent victim when penny said win Penny’s back the Hells Angels are perpetrators and detractors of violence she said an internal Township email provided to the langley advanced times showed that the staff were concerned and i’m comfortable after an April 6 party held at George Preston recreational center at which Hells Angels members arrived the email mentioned it was not the first time the group had turned up for a rental at the center Chad Johnson Wilson a member of the hardside chapter of the Hells Angels was found dead under two Golden Ears bridge in Maple Ridge last November Wow ouch it’s a minor girl another hard side chapter member was murdered in broad daylight while he said in the Starbucks drive-through in South Surrey in August according to a spokesperson the township is developing a policy covering rentals your April 6 event which involved alcohol and age strippers violated the rental agreement for the space and have strippers it sucks I am in support of developing a policy to make sure our facilities are used appropriately by people who agreed to abide by rules or calls to law enforcement should be made said Township councillor Margaret cust we have read about people being targeted at and gunned down with alleged connections to organized crime and drive throughs and parking lots Kerr said in an email to Langley advance times this can potentially put staff and recreation users participated in other programs at risk many establishment businesses nonprofits and government agencies deny entry to people wearing gang colors or locals said when penny if gang members turn up wearing colors such as the Hells Angels vest with their death head bogel mm Benny said employees can’t call the police in their jurisdiction who have gang members removed let’s go on to some beds man we got some good ones here wounded that run Saturday September 7th advance ticket purchases WWC wbr org the right end ceremony details xx a rider can a passenger 15 discount for pre red registration opens at 9:30 to dukkha cabron 1 2 3 6 5 plane bla sway Parker Colorado kick stands up at 11 and a two stage coat saloon at 2077 north 83 for a town Colorado no bike and no problem just join us at the stage coat at 2 p.m. all money raised for the ride and activities this year go directly to our honorees or the charity of their choosing come meet and shake hands with our honorees at the ride our Saturday sorry SSG Joseph Fowler SG t Nicole Gibson SPC Aaron bug LCpl Jason Helen are the honorees and thank you for your service motor sight are insane throttle biker news always stands behind our servicemen shiny Oktoberfest oh my god moonshine motorcycles and mayhem presents rusty nuts October 18 through to 20th at 2019 riding motorcycle and rat rod show weekend camping nightly campfire parties prizes for the best moonshine best chili best campsite for more information shine ty o birth s shine to profess cow ah and it is sponsored by the throttle I can’t even read that so you guys gonna have to go to SI h int t OB ers yes t calm October 20 or October 18th through the 20th of this year [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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  2. may the East Bay Dragons MC ride another 60 years and more hard but solid brothers in the culture……………………Anyone one COULD HAVE but in reality no one was in a violent incident and if staff felt unsafe why didn't they call the law at the time. Lets look at this seriously If any Club hires out a venue for a function/party and causes no threat then that's good right. The club pays good money for venues, Shame on the township for waiting till afterwards and i mean a few months afterwards to complain as that money wont come next time it will go to a town that wont complain Wynpenny and the law want to cause issues with all clubs their blind hatred is actually taking money out of towns and they will feel it. (Common Sense) The more the law goes after Clubs the more damage they will inflict on common folk just food for thought there

  3. I LOVED the East Bay Dragons episode, only wish I could be in on Motorcycle reasssembly also, because it sounds like a funn thing to do with a motorcycle knowledgible person. Harriet Seibert

  4. Don't have a a cow Officer Wind Penny, unless it's about the fact that Rec Centers all over the US will RENT Rec Centers for any purpose to raise money for rent centers. You want to stop that—fund Rec Centers better. Attenter cops-Frat parties and what do you call the grooms last fling before he gets married parties can get boozy, wild sexy woman, ETC. Harriet Seibert PS you haters, Go Back to Seseme Street where all your homies are.

  5. Sup James, how's it hanging? Good vid as usual……… Don't forget to catch desert rat on his video "you are not a biker". Well, I've stirred the pot enough for the day, stay frosty.

  6. E B D is the best tutorial segment on building a brotherhood on the internet bar none in my opinion they don't just talk but walk the walk,with respect ,papa dog

  7. Respect to the east bay dragon's Tru mc'ing there. Thanks for the news Wood and hey with the gangster news maybe people will start to see that yeah mc's may do some gangster shit from time to time but they ain't real gangsters

  8. The East Bay Dragons is PURE Oakland history right alongside the likes of the Raiders, Athletics, Jack London, the Black Panthers and Hells Angels. Growing up in Oakland, as a kid you only wanted to be one of three things: An Oakland Raider, Black Panther or East Bay Dragon. They are a pillar in the community. They were even featured in the Golden State Warriors victory parade in 2015

  9. Hey Hollywood: you’re a powerful voice in the biker set black dragon as well both of you are in touch with the pulse in the biker community, this is a what if question: if clubs would all get their act together and show their skills on their bikes meaning a parade in unison pig to pig in pairs with everyone on the same page road captain controlling all in unison And have the news catch on, you would literally have them upside down and want to interview the leaders also the citizens would get a big kick out of this performance that’s my two cents Hollywood.🕶

  10. I'm from the 60's. I wanted a Norton, Triumph, or Honda (ha ha ha ) for my first bike. The dealers did not like minorities back then but Chicago Harley didn't mind so I ended up with a Harley. I still ride one today and will never throw my leg over a foreign bike. Harley is taking a lot of flak but they have always treated me right. One of my motto's is God Forgives.

  11. People hate on anything non Harley but the truth is the old outlaws used to ride triumph and Honda cb750 chops.. those bikes are wicked as hell.. nothing’s better than Harley but there are still good bikes out there .. Hell the old 70’s Yamaha XS650 twins are also rippers. Known as the triumph killer back in the day.. yo Hollywood, what’s your problem with Chicago chuck? If you ask me black dragon is a fucking poser

  12. Ya thats ya tax dollars at work instead of calling cops because of a tragic accident oh no call 50 bc we see 81s in our city lmao fricken corrupt system

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