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Buying my first car in Sweden- English Subtitle

Buying my first car in Sweden- English Subtitle

I will show you BMW 2.1 Million Swedish krona car, please come with me. This is that car Hope you all like it. Fun man Fun night driving Welcome everyone to Malllu Routes TV, Today is an exciting day because one of my dreams is going to come true. You think what was it? Right Today we are going to take a car. Its been 4years I have the licence But we didn’t buy the car yet. So today is the day for that This is not a planned video, So I made this video joining another video bits Hopefully, you all like it. Let’s go to the car showroom Alright This is Volvo xc60 This car is one of my favourite car in SUV model Now we are going to see 2.1million Swedish krona BMW car Please come This is that car The person in charge allowed us to go inside the car Sorry, I thought the driving side is this side, its other side It looks like a Hitech car. I never sit or entered in a BMW car. Please the car, its an automatic transmission I don’t know more details about the car, Its looks awesome The control is using by the wheel. Hope you all like it Unfortunately, I don’t know more about cars, so I can’t explain it. Sorry. Its look is amazing Backside there are lots of control I really don’t know what those are Today we are in vaxjo car showroom KAMUX Why we are here My dream is My big dream is to buy a personal car So We brought this PEUGEOT 308 This place is completely deserted, Its reminded me from Hollywood movies, someone comes with a chainsaw in front of the car Imagine that scene There is no space to turn around. Toby are you scared, He replies- No Now we are in Skurugata reserved forest We can hike on the top of that canyon The hiking trail starts from here There is another way to go below we stand This way take it to the top of the canyon About the natural reserved forest, you can see the description over there. This is the map of the Skurugata reserved forest. My son recognize the place we hiked before ,its a rocky path The most adventurous place of the hike is through the rocky path. Its really adventurous I did this hike with toby before When my bother in law and his family was here we did this hike its took around 1.5 hours or 2 hours to reach the top. Its really a good experience The reason why toby walked that far was My bother in law and their children was here. So toby walked with them. Just now you can see, where he is sitting. Even at this time, he wants to be on top of me. Just If he doesn’t walk, I have to carry him all the way to the top of the canyon That will be the worst hike If I am in the car he doesn’t get pain on my legs We can camp here But we cant lighten the fire Cycles are not allowed here The sign shows the path is only for the pedestrians We can just follow the mud path So we don’t get lost There will be blue and orange markings on the trees just follow that. Just follow the marking I will show you that marking it’s over there I would like to show you the inside part of the forest, sorry it’s too cold now walk 2 hours there with toby will be too painful One day I will come here for hiking so I can take videos That time it will be very interesting Today we came here just to test drive the car Please see the marking Just follow the marking on the tree If you follow the marking you can reach the exit and top of the canyon. If you have the knowledge of the canyon or having map you can use those side paths It’s really an adventurous trip This place seems to be like Ooty in India Toby want me to come back , he said monster will take me if I stay alone there I guess, he is watching too much cartoon I drive the car up to here The car feels very good one , its give me a smooth drive I thought it will be difficult for me to drive We are not taking the risk going inside, because of the rocks will be very slippery Holding the camera in one hand and taking toby in another hand can end up in an accident There will be a great risk of falling One day I will come here alone for shooting. Toby fell while playing Its ok Toby, Big boys don’t cry How did you fell? Can i beat that stick Ok then give few beats to the sticks That is the stick caused him to fall. hahahaha funny Toby Ok then let’s go, Its too told please look my hand We didn’t take any protection to stand in this cold weather. We came here to just drive and test the car We brought the car yesterday, So thought to drive relaxed and check the car condition So I just want to show you all this place, but the hiking will be done on another day. Hope you all like today’s video How are our car and drive? More interesting videos are coming Until we see next time Goodbye from, Rin , Kunju, Toby

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