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Car Parking in Central Geelong

Car Parking in Central Geelong

Central Geelong is growing and changing, and the way people travel
to and within the city needs to progress too. Our streets were designed
in the 19th century, ideal for horses and carts. And wide enough to change
along with community needs. With more people travelling
in to work, live and visit, we need to make our CBD a contemporary, vibrant place where people shop, hang out, and enjoy themselves. Currently there’s lots
of parking provided. About nine out of 10 people
who commute to the city travel by car. But is this the best use of what could be vibrant city spaces, having land for cars to sit empty all day? The goal is to rebalance the public space and create a city for
people, with less pollution, less congestion, less noise, less stress. A city that embraces active transport. This model of less car-dependent cities is becoming the accepted wisdom globally. Madrid, Helsinki, London,
Paris and Geelong. Reducing the dependency on
cars is a worldwide trend. Modern cities are focusing on
ways to improve accessibility, while improving the
well-being of the community. At the same time, car ownership rates in some countries are dropping. That means a more liveable city,
with more land use choices, less traffic, and gives car spaces back to shoppers and visitors. Parking takes up space that
could be used for other things. This land here, it’s big
enough to park 20 cars. Or build a green space
hundreds could enjoy every day. Here’s the thing: if all
development has lots of parking, it creates an environment
that’s really difficult to walk in, or cycle, or transit. So naturally everyone ends up driving. And that means more
traffic and congestion. Geelong is moving forward. The city’s served by multiple bus lines, a central train station
and improving cycle routes. Maybe it’s time our attitude to parking and active transport evolved too. And with driverless cars
and buses on the horizon, there will be more transport options that don’t require car parking; freeing up the land to provide
greater community benefit. We’re keen to hear your
thoughts on how best to use land into the future and achieve a sustainable transport
network for our great city. Click on this link to have your say.

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