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the Spanish word for bus stop [Music] and good morning and welcome to another beautiful day here in Chile if you’re lucky enough to have a car then I feel like you’re gonna appreciate this episode today about the differences between driving and Chile and driving in the United States and even if you don’t have a car I feel like you’ve been in a car or been in some public transportation so you might you might like this episode let’s dive into it [Music] and the first differences right right there the public transportation here in in Chile you’re going to have a ton of different public transportation system you have the blue box that just went by over there you have that other red bus that went by we have in Linares white buses they’re all super super old but they work in it they get you from point A to point B the lease and I used that for the first three years within the last year we finally saved up enough money to buy a car and it’s been awesome but I would say that that might not be the majority of the people living in Chile I’m not really sure but I feel like a lot of people use public transportation instead of car and I think that’s an awesome thing so it’s really hard to show the buses and the public transportation in the United States because it hardly I mean it does exist there’s like the metro stations in bigger cities I didn’t go to any of those at all and I wish that I could have gone and shown you guys because it looks very similar to what you see here in Santiago but I do I do think that we have some gas stations and well let’s go check out a gas station in in the United States [Music] [Applause] [Music] Hannah so you’ve met her before she came to Chile we’ve explored a bunch of different places together and mana the Spanish word for Hannah what would you say she just got her driver’s license if when you go and got gas there was this really really good-looking guy who came out with his shirt off and he pumped your guests I don’t know I thank him for his service no how would you think if okay anyways in Chile maybe you saw it that those guys maybe don’t come out with their shirts off but they do have guys that pump your gas for you and I think that’s a little different I like it better because I don’t have to leave my car it’s really easy and it gives them a job well Hannah I think you should leave a tip if we see one it’s my dad anyways back to get paid to this they might get a little extra tips that’s right if you’re in Chile pumping gas you should probably take your shirt off you’ll get the girls money better getting sick of pumping my own gas I feel like it’s time to go back to Chile alright time to call it chill a – huh let’s go back to Chile [Applause] [Music] [Music] when establish Juneau Quincy to see the other difference between Chile and the United States as far as gas goes it’s the price so for the regular 93 gas here in Chile it’s around $4 a little over $4 per gallon and it’s super super super expensive whereas in in the United States it’s around well it’s around 2 dollars and 50 cents so you save quite a bit I would say you save about almost almost 700 pesos per per gallon of gas which is 3.8 liters in one gallon of gas it gets a little confusing anyways the price of gas is definitely way cheaper in in the United States also a lot of cars here in Chile seem to use the diesel and I feel like it’s because it’s a little bit cheaper for us we have a diesel car and we haven’t because it’s cheaper you go so much further with less price but I’ve heard the reason that they don’t have diesel in the United States anymore is because it’s really dirty it contaminates the air more than a regular unleaded car I don’t know it’s just what I heard I’ve never fact checked it but just my guess anyway it’s uh you know just sitting here letting them pump my gas kind of nice I don’t get out do anything they can wash my windows for me you pay them a little bit of a tip and that’s about it and you know you just look around ah much to do sitting in the car waiting for the gas and away we go Moses is back what a good day of daycare it’s so nice outside they were going down the slide and having so much fun right you say hi but in these videos I’m not trying by any means to say Chile is better Chile is better or the United States is better but what I want to do is show you the differences of maybe where I’ve come from in the past compared to where I am now and there’s a reason that I love it here in Chile and the reason that I’ve been here for over four years and Moses was born here and we’re hoping to live here for a lot longer we love it here and there are things that are different that I’m like I wish I would change to be more like the United States and then I go to the United States and I’m like where’s my mana kata and other things but I hope that you guys understand and I hope that you enjoy these videos Moses loves this Derek and we’ll see you guys next time but for now enjoy this beautiful weather here in Chile or the rest of your summer if you’re in the United States and Chiapas go I also wash my own windows

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  1. Hola viejo lindo!
    Como siempre, un gran video.
    He tenido la suerte de estar en algunos países de Sudamérica y acá en Chile el transporte es… Muy bueno (imaginen como es en otros países…)
    Y tener auto, para mí como ciudadano promedio es caro…
    Así que transporte público no más, así duermo de ida y vuelta casi dos horas.
    Un abrazo grande viejo lindo y saludos a su familia.

  2. In gas stations like Copec or Petrobras, you could find self service pumps, so maybe we´re getting closer to the states in that case, but we still paying a lot for gas.

  3. Is good no bad . E viajado por muchos paises pienso Chile no es malo , pero los chilenos no lo ven de esa manera .saludos de toronto . ❤🇨🇱🇨🇦

  4. Chile produces very little oil and gas. So most of it has to be imported. However, the high price comes mainly from taxes. On the other hand, Chile is aiming to replace 75% of the use of fossil fuel by 2030 and completely by 2040. Currently already 24% of the electricity in Chile comes from wind, solar and hydro plants. But huge clean energy projects are under advanced stages of construction right now. Santiago is already running battery operated buses and the electric car are starting to arrive. As Chile is a very important producer of lithium salts, the fabrication of electric car batteries is high in the agenda.

  5. En estados unidos nunca fue popular el diesel porque como los precios son bajos, no era necesario y tampoco habían muchas estaciones que lo ofrecieran, ademas muchos modelos disponibles eran realmente lamentables con respecto a sus contraparte a bencina.

    Y despues tienes el caso del dieselgate de volkswagen que tampoco le hizo mucho favor

  6. As always, a great video, very well done. Thank you Jon.
    I do not agree with the concept of someone filling the gas tank for me. Because the people who do that is breathing the fumes all day long which is quite bad for their health. I think that is a redundant job that can be eliminated like it has been eliminated already in many developed countries. Yes, it provide a source of little income to someone desperately for cash, it is convenient, it is marginally safer, but really ¿Would you like someone in your family to do it'? (rhetoric question) Nope!

  7. Santiago has a serious air pollution problem, so maintaining the public transport vehicles in good running order is a priority in the capital. Accordingly they replace their buses more often than in other cities in Chile. Which in turn creates a constant availability of cheap second hand buses which repainted end up in other towns (or in other countries!). That is why you will see usually only "super old" ones around there. On the other hand, to be able to be on the street, they have to pass regular strict technical checks, so even when old, they are supposed, and expected, to provide the same level of safety than the new ones. Sadly every now and then we learn that someone did not comply with the regulations and someone got hurt or kill in an accident. Fortunately the b… that do this are very few or in jail.

  8. But in chile we also have self-service gas stations and its a bit cheaper y han the regular Ones 👍🏼👍🏼

  9. Well over here in Jersey you can’t pump your own gas it’s the law
    Awesome video once again
    God bless you guys

  10. John, a question. And the puppies?

      I know it sounds stupid, but I always found it tremendously relaxing to see you walk with them.

  11. Yeah, I'm sure it varies city to city. Canada is very much like USA. The public transportation use is heavy in the cities, especially NYC, but North America is still dominated by the car (especially places like Dallas and LA)
    Also, I'm guessing you wrote down a list of "Differences" video ideas to film when you went back to visit your family…smart!

  12. Viendo el video, me surgió una pregunta ¿como trabaja tu mente para cambiar del sistema imperial (yardas, galones y libras) al sistema metrico (metros, litros y gramos)?
    ¿Cuando viajas, te cuesta recordar las conversiones?
    Eso… Buen video y que estes bien junto a tu familia! 😀

  13. It is so much more convenient not to have a car in Chile because public transportation is very efficient, cheap and comfortable, that is why I sold my little car I had there when I visited, to much hassle to have one and expensive to maintain. Keep posting these kind of videos Jon, they are so instructive for both countries!👍🏻😊

  14. When I lived in Florida, transit was very good, in the sense that schedules were absolutely precise and buses were always on time. However, they only ran every 30 minutes, or even longer. In Chile, specially in big cities, you get a bus every 10 minutes, or even fewer. But they rarely have a schedule; or if they do, they rarely stick to it. Perhaps an exception is in Santiago, where, even though they don't have the popular vote, Tansantiago buses are pretty accurate and close to their schedule. You can even text your bustop and get a text back with the ETA, which usually is correct.

  15. Impuestos compadre , en Estados Unidos si tocas e tema de bencina ardería Troya , aquí el 40% del precio son impuestos

  16. diesel is dirtier than gasoline, but it's become cleaner with newer technologies and regulations. Now we use Euro V standard for diesel emissions in Chile, which limits some of the pollutants produced by those engines. I thing the US market didn't use diesel cars is because of a bad experience with a model from one of the major american brands, and it was a pretty lousy engine, so they associated the fuel with a bad performance and stuff like that.

  17. Hace mucho que no te veia, me alegra ver a Moses tan grande. I always enjoy your videos, if you come here near Santiago, it would be nice to meet you in person!!. Have a good week 😉

  18. You also have to add that Chile’s per capita gdp is less than half than that of the us, so for average Chileans is not really an option to own a car, and a consequence of that is precisely your first point, in Chile public transport is more widespread that in the US. And that’s how chile takes care of the environment, more buses means less cars. And in Santiago more metro lines means a ton less of cars.. I don’t really see gasoline tax going away, to the contrary, it might go up.

    Your videos are just great mate, keep it going!

  19. El otro transporte que más se usa en Chile son los buses interurbanos, utilizados para viajes largos y para ir de ciudad en ciudad por todo chile, deberías ir a dar un vistazo al terminal de buses, te puede parecer interesante, los servicios, etc,
    hay muchos

    Buen video👍

  20. Hey Jon. I enjoy your videos. My wife is Chilean. We were in Chile last month to see family. We visited the Elqui Valley which is where I first discovered your videos! Keep it up. They are very informative and entertaining!

  21. This was really informative Jon! Thank you!! Moses is soooo cute!!! He almost fell thooo omg. It’s so heartwarming to see him hugging and interacting with the dogs ❤️

  22. Bro!! Don't excuse Your Country is bigger than Us!!, you know, you've have more variety of bread 🙂 🇨🇱

  23. Seeing Moses playing with the soil was the best, most children even younger than Moses already use smartphones, good work as parents.

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