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Construction Vehicles At Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoon For Kids

Construction Vehicles At Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoon For Kids

(playful chimes) (upbeat music) (horns honking) – Once I bulldoze this, we’ll
be able to open the new– (steam whistle blows) Ooh, wonderful, it’s lunchtime! Hi, Donna! Can you grab my lunch for me? It’s just on the table over there. (light music) – Here you go, catch. (food splats) – Goodness me! My bulldozer ate my lunch. I can’t very well finish the last job of the whole project
with a messy bulldozer. I’ll need to head over to
Carl’s Carwash right away. (upbeat music) – (sighs) I’m tired of pushing dirt. I don’t even remember why I’m doing it. (stomach rumbling)
(light music) (horn beeping)
Who could that be? – Hi, Carl! – Bolton, from the construction site? (gasps) Looks like you’re
almost done over there. (light music)
(birds twittering) What are you building? I can’t figure it out. – Unfortunately, I can’t tell
you, Carl, it’s top secret. – Oh man, it’s driving
me crazy, I gotta know! – Well, lucky for you,
it’s almost opening day. Make sure to stop by and see it. – Ho, I will, I will! (light music) (Carl clears throat) Excuse me, what I meant to say was how may I help you? – As you can see, I’m sitting in filth. – I do see! You’ve come to the right place. (light music) Okay now, let’s get started. What kind of vehicle are you driving? Is the vehicle a bulldozer, a digger, or a cement mixer? That’s it! A bulldozer! Now, let’s see how messy it is. Is it a little messy, medium messy, or super duper messy? I’d say it’s a little messy. (giggles) (machine whirring) Let me see what kind of mess this is. (sniffs) That actually smells pretty yummy. That reminds me, I’m hungry. Is it funky smelling fungus, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or stinky sardines? Ugh. That’s it! It’s a nice sticky peanut
butter and jelly sandwich. And finally, what size is this vehicle? Is it normal sized or is it big? (light music) Ho, it’s big all right! (machine whirring) (triumphant music) – [Bolton] Incredible! – That’ll be 11 tokens, Bolton! – Fantastic! I’ll do some fancy math
and drop them in by fives. Five.
(tokens clinking) 10. Plus one more equals 11. (engine rumbling) I’m heading in! (light upbeat music) (whirring) (water spraying) (bubbles popping) (machine whirring)
(water pattering) (fans howling) (machine whirring) (upbeat music) Wow, Carl, I can’t tell you how much better I look and feel! – Terrific! Well, thanks for coming. – No problem. Enjoy pushing that dirt around. Are you making a garden? – Wish I could tell you,
Bolton, but it’s top secret. – (laughing) Okay, Carl! See you at the opening day. Bye! (upbeat music) (light upbeat music) – Woo!

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