100 thoughts on “Counting Cars: Danny Struggles to Give Back a 55 Nomad (Season 7, Episode 18) | History

  1. It annoys me when they keep hammering the importance of what customers request, THEN CK adds "their own touch" to the car. There's no way a customer is going to tell them to go F themselves, especially while the cameras are rolling. Personally? …I think if they're going to put the customer and their vehicle on TV(and the DVD series), the shop should do the work/customer's request for free. But I do tend to believe there's some disclosure or contract or whatever having to do with all that.

  2. In my opinion I believe the Nomad looked better with original colour. I think there ideas with the subtle pinstripes are cool, hood look great! I just think they should have also went subtle with the colour like a light blue or gun metal pearlescent. Like a hot wheels car.

  3. There's a nomad down the street from me…complete.
    Been sitting in the same spot for 20 years….he just won't part with it.

  4. thats one sweet nomad..im wondering if tim allen still rocks that beauty he had in the 90s. even for crappy sound outta the black and white that rumble was historic

  5. That pin striping sucks. Ruins the car and is terrible. Not even, different gap sizes right and left. Looks like a kid did it 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  6. I watch a lot of these shows. They all do good work. But The Kount always does something better.

  7. needs a bit of a tint and she'd be perfect. without tint i feel like i'm in a fish bowl. She's stunning though.

  8. If you put louvers on my Nomad, you'd be looking for another hood and fixing it for no charge. The pin stripes are trashy enough, but the hood louvers look like a fool kid's car.

  9. Im just glad they didnt put thier logo on the customers car like they always do on other customers rides

  10. I have to say that is one of the nicest cars that I’ve seen them redo. That car looks strait out of your classic hot wheels collection fresh out of the box ! Good job boys done right.

  11. Love Danny's work and he is a solid person.. Never meet him but he is the gold standard in a person… I live in south Africa and hope he comes to visit our beautiful country

  12. Back in 1990 here n San Jose Calif my neighbor had one and in 1994 I was walking by a auto body shop and I seen the nomad getting work done ,😇

  13. My son & I met him, Kevin & the whole band in Boston at a car show. They were all wicked nice especially Danny he called my son up to take pictures of the group & my son & I it was awesome.

  14. Great car. But What is it with the cheesy swirly pin striping you only see on American hot rods? .. So last century , almost as bad as flames 🔥! Something new please!

  15. SHENANIGANS!! 1:47 there's no pinstripe on the hood! It had to have been added after the owner okayed it.

  16. The thing I love about Counts Customs the most is every thing they build retains a period correct drivetrain they actually restore and make upgrade with out destroying a vehicles value they truly do make dreams come true and none of them have changed much Since the first episode on the history channel and have since gained them world wide recognition I have watched every episode starting with the Triumph sprite limon Rick Harrison brought to Danny to repair But it was beyond help & would have cost more to Restore then She was actually worth but that wasn't the first Counting Cars Series but it was the first time Danny appeared on the History channel So I Concider it the first episode

  17. If that was my car… the first thing I would do is buy a new hood and paint it the same colour….luvers do not suit the car at all… bunch of holes in the hood… not cool

  18. out of all the pawn stars, American picker, etc…. type shows this is my favorite, I like danny and they have some beautiful cars

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