Crash Begins! Bo Polny MARCH 2019 Economic Collapse Of US on 2019 Timeline to Dollar Collapse!

Crash Begins! Bo Polny MARCH 2019 Economic Collapse Of US on 2019 Timeline to Dollar Collapse!

in us that pretty much everything is fine the economy is doing well the Fed raised the rates in your opinion where do you see the economy at this point and where do you see it going it's gonna crash this year this year yes and why do you think it's going to crash let's go back to August of 2015 markets crashed down fell over a thousand points everybody's screaming oh my gosh Dow's you know all these problems and guess what happened market rebounded correct correct it rout rebound rallied all the way back up into October November of 2015 and then it crashed again in November crashing in December and then crashed into January okay so we have three crashes in a row so far okay and and in January member the markets are crashing when we made a naught in January of 2016 all the August lows were taken out across all world markets okay and if they weren't there by February all the world markets we have made lower lows below August of 2015 okay so that's a bearish trend okay so I don't care what the media says what the news says because it's all it's completely irrelevant because the cycle itself is predetermined and it's set into the future ready so everything the media says and does is is smoke and mirrors okay but the reality is of what's coming that's not going to change and so when I was on future money trends in December I basically said no to Cannon on the interview I said watch January all the August lows will break know who everybody wants to confirm go listen to the interview all the August loads were supposed to break in January across all the world markets and we nailed the month and what would happen that's pretty extraordinary okay the point of that being is that when that was happening I sent out an update to all my subscribers on their stock index and basically saying this is we were supposed to be a low and everybody knew the law was a third week of January and then from that low we had a cycle well guess what's happened between the third week of January of 2016 and – right now was his March 3rd what's happened this markets done what it's gone up but that was the cycle we had an up cycle into today so when you called up for an interview and you said hey let's do an interview well the fact that you picked this day I was going to suggest it but you pick this day and it was beautiful because basically it's finished so everything you're seeing in the market today it's whatever is being said is irrelevant but this but the cycle finishes it's over so Jeff just like just like December was the high just like when I did an interview with true news on the 20th of July in 2015 I said it's over the stock market topped today it's finished it's gonna crash now look what happened in August boom and then December down and then January down you know and and right now this is just uh it's a rebound off every lows of lower low and you get a bounce so this is nothing but a bounce but it's over so when you say the market is finished and it's going to crash right now are you talking like this is the major crash that's coming right now or we're just gonna see it start slipping and sliding lower slipping sliding then melting and there's no way the government the central banks can manipulate the market and push it back up I mean in does your forecast see anything like that or you just see it completely crashing at this point the fact that we've called every single turn in the market since July then go back check our interviews every single turn has been called since July this is a cycle turn right here so as the mark sorry so nothing that everything they've done so far everything that the central planners everything the markets have done and the economists have done – the markets have confirmed the trend since the 20th of July so as the mark it crashes what happens to gold because we see gold has been around 1200 or so I mean we saw a little pop up but then it was suppressed once again to around the 1200 mark and it really hasn't moved from that area yes it was down around 1100 and changed and moved up to 1200 but it's been staying in that area and there's been a lot of people out there saying that gold is going to surge you know to 2,000 to 5,000 what are you predicting with gold well gold going to go to big numbers like I've done other interviews like a purchase you know everybody is so fixated as a psychoanalyst to me I care about time because I do mathematical calculations based on time and at certain time points inflection time points there are highs and lows okay okay so to me price is very much less important than the time patterns okay but on those time patterns you'll get even you'll get critical highs so we have several you know the goals got off you know it's got an up-and-down patter for years to come we did an interview again on the 3rd of December calling the low to the exact date with canít at future money trends and that you know that video is on our web page so that we on that day we said today is supposed to be the actual bottom for gold on the December 3rd and that was at 10,000 a 1040 $5 okay well look at gold today it's up like 17 or something dogs laughing check it's over 1250 so it's you know roughly what does that you know it's it's a pretty significant rise from one from a thousand or $45 the point it's an up cycle okay and so now these are biblical cycles so the the cycle started then and it's like you've got like years now forward okay so what I'm going down it's going up and there's gonna be inflection points so if you look at farter you know the potential if you want to price you the minimum on gold we're looking at $5,000 but that's that's not tomorrow or this year okay it's it's it's years out but if but if these inflection points in time points are hits sooner then that you have to if like if 5,000 gets before the cycle the long-term cycle ends then potentially go to 10,000 or higher right so it all the matter of how high the first cycle goes if that is a good way but so if you're looking at potentially where could it go well minimum 5,000 so you know it's it's there's a lot of room to the upside and on the end it could go a lot higher it depends on how much money is destroyed in the years to come because if all the money today isn't destroyed of derivatives and all that stuff isn't destroyed right well then you can have extremely high numbers in terms of price but ah ah but as the markets are going to crash and collapse a lot of the derivatives are gonna blow up and basically become worthless so that would you know ultimately reduce the money some of the money supply so you're talking about derivatives you're talking about Gold surging to 5,000 and you're saying it's not gonna happen this year Gold most likely not going to search to 5,000 right right but we're gonna have an explosion in price like soon it's gonna be going it's you know we've got basically very large projection and price patterns gold may form it made its bottom its shot up it paused right now when I was in Greg hunter it took out see their moving averages so you have like a 50-day you know you put your trader you know it's a 50-day 180 280 300 a so you have the moving averages okay well go look at gold it's never taken out the six five or six hundred day moving average like in three years on the dailies okay and it flew through it like a knife through butter and it did that on the 11th of February so did and since then it's been sitting above it so now the resistance became support and so now you've got a pennant formation and all the from the pennant formation you have another measured moved vertical so back in 2011 we had gold and it topped out at 1900 right do you see gold reaching 1900 this year oh I think it's gonna make a new high this year exude okay it's gonna be a price explosion because what you're gonna have its derivative meltdown evers gonna run to run to the only asset class that people have run to for five thousand years so the one thing that's been money forever is gold like I did an interview with another gentleman you know last week and I was joking you know people buried treasure they buried gold right well if you found a map today you go find that gold guess what it's still money okay but any paper that's in there would be worthless I guess I buried the dollar you know 50 years or 60 years from now it wouldn't be worth anything that's right and so and so the world is going to always always when when faith and confidence breaks in the system that you believe to be functioning when faith and confidence cracks it doesn't have to be destroyed right away but the moment the faith and confidence this question or cracks right then people like wait a second right they start to question the moment that happens our world is basically all computerized now so it's not gonna take more than a you know hours to have a price explosion so if gold is gonna go up what happens to silver well silver because of the racial 80 to 1 right it's not as extreme highs right now it's like I was like 83 or something or 82 to one just last Friday okay but that was a cycle low that we had last week so we're looking for a move here so the ratio is gonna get you know it's gonna go from 80 to ignore probably this is to 75 to 72 60 and so the racial is gonna narrow and so the ratio is gonna get smaller so if gold doubles in price right silver won't double itical three to fourfold because they would take silver to maybe forty to one ratio okay so if gooing Gold's at a at a double price over $2,000 silver would be at least 45 to 60 or you know it would it would have because that because a three-fold increase in silver would take it to say 45 a four-fold will take it a sixty would take it a new all-time highs but silver it would have to narrow the gap and so it would it would take the ratio of making for eighty to one eventually down I don't it's 52 141 and so it'll narrow the gap but it won't get that I don't believe it'll get the ten to one which is like the true ratio in ground for years to come yet I could be wrong we'll see but you know I think that's gonna be a so yours down the road but silver ultimately you know if it gets ever you know it will get back to ten to one minimum at some point and so if Gold's 5000 at ten to one what does that put silver at 500 all right yeah so do you see any events like in the news or anything that might you know speed this up or slow it down do you look at anything like that with what's happening geopolitically or here in the US or to figure out where gold and where silver is going to go well that's the thing you know to me everything I've discovered I do it's through my computer but basically looking at chart formations it's it's it's mathematical calculations off of major cycle lows and highs biblical calculations and then I take it a step further and I do pattern analysis on charts and so it's pattern replication it says you know in the Bible that which is been will be again there's no new Under the Sun but that what that means is from a charting standpoint is you can take an historic chart from a hundred years ago from 50 years ago or 10 years ago and as long as you know where to look do your you can that's calculated through some of the numbers I use you can overlay the charts and that's how I can forecast and project what's what's coming and that's like for the stock market right I've done that and I have the chart and so my subscribers actually get it and you know these time points we've had like the last updated in the stock market cycle I basically said here's actually I gave them the chart from January and I actually drew what it would do from the lower third week in January and I showed what it would do into March and it did it perfectly okay and so that was my last epic so the point is is that these are mathematical calculations and then overlaid with chart patterns and so we have the chart powder for gold after that low came in and all we know is that we have you know higher we have a bull market and that is higher highs and higher lows so each lows can be higher and each high is going to be higher and that is a bold trend for gold however the big issue with gold here David is they've suppressed the price for five years four years ever you want to call it okay so this is not going to be you know ten dollar moves on gold when it goes it's going to go it's going to be a historical move to reposition itself to reprice itself it has to reposition it has to get back to where it needs to be because they've suppressed it it's in a wedge and when it explodes out of the wedge it's got to gonna go very powerfully to get back to a neutral price than a neutral price pattern and what I mean by neutral pice pattern is taking seven like a 15 or a chart on gold going back to the year 2001 okay run a crime board is going to surge this year now is it going to surge in the beginning of this year or the middle of this year or the end of this year can you give us that type of timeframe I have it I can just tell you that the surge itself is going to happen anywhere between now and October okay okay so so all the world changes are going to happen between our interview here today because I when I was on Greg hunter I said you know you have to have your gold and make sure you've got your you know and if you're doing things the stock market you want to be you know out of the stock market but based at the end of February critical time point and so as of this time point gold is gonna is expect it to you know have it come over the bottoms in and so at the bottoms in it's a bull market and so we're gonna have higher highs I believe we're going to have explosion quite you know relatively soon in terms of price and the price is gonna keep escalating higher and higher and that's and that's as the world markets are falling and collapsing so they're gonna be inverse cycles because if you've looked at what the stock market has done relative to gold they've been inverted since the year 2030 2013 yeah 2013 so at that time points gold drop stock market went up and that's why this time around you know people are expecting all Gold's gonna go down on a stock crash no that ain't gonna happen what's gonna happen is you're gonna have the dollar go down with a stock market okay and like I said on the interview with Greg hunter see the problem is if you have a even a 10 percent devaluation or a drop on the dollar okay if if people are holding the stocks when they go back you know everything becomes worth less that percentage whatever the percentage is even bonds if they give you a 1.7 yield if it drop even a 10% drop will still give you almost 8% loss after you go sell your bonds so a drop of the dollar is going to be very very significant because that's gonna fall with the stock market and so you're gonna have like other currencies like the euro and other currencies rise which is you know people are like oh that's not gonna happen but it will because ultimately they're all the paper assets are going down it's not like I'm you know I think at Euro is a good investment I'm just saying that the euros had it's time to the downside now it needs a little bit of reap reap here and the dollar is gonna be there Coptic counter trends you know they're paired they're paired so as paper assets you know from the stock market dollar fall that's gonna cause goal to jump and jump and jump and jump so it'll be a lot of big moves here it will not be near the end of the year even though it's gonna keep rallying the big moves come sooner and that's kind of what I was trying to get that earlier is that you have a five-year wedge it's an explosion out of the ledge okay so you're gonna get a price explosion because of the five year price oppression so it's not gonna be some easy trade that people are gonna go in and say well I'm gonna wait the gold confirms that it's a bull market it's already confirmed it's a bull market okay but if but if you it's because it's already making higher highs that's taken out the 600 a moving average is six hundred day moving average is now support okay so it's taken all the dailies are moving averages are all broken so you have a lot of bullish momentum to the upside and so people are waiting for you know confirmation of a bull market you already got it okay and so if you wait too long when the price explodes you're gonna be paying significantly higher prices for it just because you waited too long now these surges of gold are we gonna see like a hundred dollar moves yeah 150 so at that point people at that point people should say okay oh it gold is on on the move right now I better do something right but the what's gonna happen is people gonna buy that and they're gonna smash it down so you buy leverage positions you're gonna get you know you're not gonna have a real follow that you know it's like so every time is this a price explosion you know it's gonna be they're gonna it's gonna jump down again they're gonna so it's a disclosure it's a pull down you know so and it's gonna be hard to catch it just like you saw happen on the 60 70 dollar day that gold jumps seventy dollars on the 11th of February right everybody who bought that spike look what happening well you know it's it's it went sideways for like three weeks you know and and so everybody's now waiting for it to drop and it you know could it go lower maybe but I still see a lot of movement to the upside and so if you're just not positioned and it's gonna be a hard you know it's it's gonna be difficult because every explosions gonna be followed by immediate you know they're gonna try to it's gonna go come back down again there's gonna explode again it's gonna so it's just higher but it's to be very volatile and I guess what I'm trying to tell you it's not gonna be you know some easy trade so it's gonna be like a staircase effect where it's gonna continually move up as we go throughout this year even though they're trying to flash crash and bring it down we're gonna continually see it move up though right that's basically what a bull market is but the but the each but you know each move will be potentially bigger and bigger and I but and I first see the first few moves being pretty epic like epic yeah you know they're going to be not just you know it'll be you'll have some pretty crazy days a large large moves especially when you start seeing you know the market start to melt I think you know you're gonna see just you know a complete flight to safety you know and a flight to safety mean gold that's that's money so as gold that's going up the dollar value is going to decrease right so is this what everyone is talking about inflation hyperinflation with the dollar well no because that's first that's first a derivative bubble popping and everything basically crashing and gold exploding then the money printing starts so you saying that the central bank's the Fed are going to start QE for [Laughter] yeah I don't be surprised okay so how bad you're saying the market's going to crash this year how bad is the crash going to be for the everyday person well again see now you're talking events right and so when it comes to you pence that's a lot everyone's like you know what's it gonna look like the problem is it's a cycle on toast I can't foresee events like I don't know what what it would look like but all I can say is you know go back and look historically what was it like historically okay so from a Rama cycle perspective this is supposed to be David a biblical cycle that completes now if this ends up being what I think it is this is a completion of a two hundred fifty two year cycle it basically started the monetary Act of 1764 okay so if this goes back that far this is a completion Airi cycle to it basically it's supposed to be worse than you know the Great Depression all those combines because it's the crack of the of the entire monetary system and it's gonna be a complete flight to golden a gold and silver as hard money and and you're gonna see premiums explode if faith and confidence crack they're gonna start to crip print money just to private profit out but the problem is you know they've done that already didn't work so no one's gonna buy it this time but everything will get more expensive obviously because they're cuz them because the money supplies can explode everything's just going to explode do you I mean are we talking about the market coming down 2,000 points I mean we're in half we compare it to 2008 where we saw this huge crash and the market was almost in half at that point and then we saw companies you know all of a sudden start laying off thousands of people everyone was running for the doors are you in your forecast you're seeing something worse than that well see here's the thing as the markets are propped up right now and even though their cycles and for the cycles been planning out itself but the problem is is that there's still a long target to the downside okay so this would be a guess on my part but don't be surprised that between now and the time pole we have in October that will not be in October or so you know you know it'll be sooner rather than later okay but there will be a you know again we have the tie points that I just can't give them out because you know all the subscribers have them but the point is is that on that cycle low to get there okay there might be days where the Dow drops three or four thousand dollars in a day okay and so you know so a thousand points have last August will be a joke compared to what's gonna happen here okay so when this happens what do you predict anything happening with the credit markets or does everything just freeze up at that point do banks shut down I don't see you again question about I don't have an answer to that because I don't under you know those are I can tell you when price price projections but I can tell you and the events are just there there's nothing but a guess on my part but I think you know an analyst like yourself who basically been in the financial system for lankan could probably get a pretty good idea of what that would look like okay so we see Russia we see China and the central bank's since 2008 they're purchasing a lot of gold right now and we see that China is going to start the yuan base gold price fix now does this have an effect on what you've been talking about with gold surging sure all of it does it's you know it all ties into the cycle but you know other countries have been accumulating gold why because why did countries accumulate gold because they know it's money okay and and so the low prices have given them nothing but the ability of the past few years to accumulate more and more gold okay but at some point the game's over and then and then you have like the big shift and it's going to be quick and dramatic cuz again I tell it's computerized okay everything's black bottom so I'll computerized so will be a quick change of events that's going to happen and so it's like at the end of the day like I said when the when the dust settles you're either you know you're on this side of the fence how are you here on that side of the fence but there won't be much time to react so you need to position yourself before all the events occur and some I subscribe you know it's like you know they basically like tell everybody the patterns that I'm seeing and then you have de pointes right and so all you do is you position yourself in your way and you know it's hard to wait but um but if you know the patterns are playing off beautiful so it's a matter of you know if you're gonna do something you need to know when but and and just hold that position until you know and so because it'd be too hard to trade it as it's all you know coming unglued so for my last question from your models how long will this last this trend where everything's falling apart and gold is going up how long do you see it lasting years this is not this won't be the recovery that you saw in 2009 word jumped back up in there and it went back up you know this is a it's a triple top it's pretty easily seen so the best illustration if somebody wanted to see what it looks like take a twenty year monthly chart on London okay okay and what you'll see is a band like this so take a monthly chart and it's looking at witty it's a band that goes like this for 20 years it went up and it went down it went up it went down and it went up okay so 2001 2003 2007 or 8 2009 2015 and now you have your so basically the lows around you know and they'll you know 3000 on the foot seat but it's called a triple tops go boom boom boom it's a triple top and then a failure but after you fail the third time around it's game over so what either has to explode on a third Fingal vertical now be that be true faith and confidence in the system so the system corrected itself when it went up but on the other side of it if it doesn't correct itself it's a failure and in all the world markets broke their monthly wedges back in August of last year I can drink you're gonna have to show you this right right here so here's like I don't if you can see this here you see all those wedges this is like the subscriber update but the point is what you sees all those wedges okay they're all broken so all the wedges broke in August and so because all the wedges broke that's faith and confidence cracking in the chart and so what you're gonna have is just the markets there there's they're lower lower highs and eventually just failure and so all the world markets you know that was little what I showed you was Australia Toronto London Hong Kong Japan Switzerland sp500 and Germany there is no difference they all have the same wedges broken in August okay and so ultimately what you end up having is failure and a meltdown but that's going to be you know so the meltdown could be that's what those massive you know drops because it could hit you know the lows back of we saw on some of the world markets in 2009 okay bow thank you for being on the x22 report spotlight how can people see your work where do they need to go to see this on my web page goal 2020 forecast comm and what I would suggest is there's a few videos that we did you know and watch the videos I can't explain cycles and how our analysis works but I try to illustrate what we do and you know there's just a lot of interviews that we've also done we put below there as well too but there's some of that you know you listen some of the prior forecasts and really it's just a matter of getting at getting yourself educated because you know it's gonna have when this happens it's gonna happen quick and people will be will be caught flat-footed and they're gonna say well we didn't see it coming well if you listen to our interviews and to listen to things that you know you've been talking about as well yes we saw it coming but you know but no one paid attention okay and and so at the end of the day you know when when the markets do meltdown when a goal does explode in price you're gonna be spending you know exorbitant amounts of money to buy gold and if you can even get it because not many people are gonna probably want to sell it and silver or the premiums will be explosive and on the other end of it what's going to happen is your money that you would have used today to buy it would have maybe dropped by 50 or 60 or 70 percent so you're using less money now because the stock crash to buy the buy the precious metals so you're basically you you you timed it terribly so you know you know people you know they they they thought everything's fine because the markets rallied up here into March 3rd and Razzaq oh it's all fine everything's great you know the markets are gonna rebound that was a low and Jade December / February and March is markets are rallying it's all good no it's not it's game over bo thank you for being on the x22 report spotlight I appreciate it thank you very much thank you David thank you

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  1. 32,658 days from 29/10/1929 US Stock Market Crash to 29/3/2019.
    32,658 days =
    32,658 days

  2. Tomorrow, 29/3/2019, the 88th day of the year, is 32,658 days or 89 yrs and 5 mths since the Dow Jones crash of 29/10/1929.
    32,658 days = 8888+8888+8888+888+888+888+888+888+888+666days.
    3+2+6+5+8 = 8+8+8.
    3x2x6x5x8 = 1440, the number of minutes in a day.
    1073 mths = 37×29 mths.
    1+7+3 = 11.
    1x7x3 = 7+7+7.

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    November: RED NOVEMBER!
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    January: The crash of 2019!! 26th!
    February: The crash of the century! It's going to happen soon!
    Wtf Bo Jabroni, lies after lies after lies after lies!
    He fears people into buying his signals… Smh

  4. Crashing? Cmon, its normal fluctuation, that being said, it will crash i0n OCT. I will have sold my home by then so i dont care. I will buy a better cheaper home next year

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