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Dodge Demon Crate Unboxing! | The New Car Show

Dodge Demon Crate Unboxing! | The New Car Show

this is the dodge demon it is fast ass and most importantly the only production car that does wheelies but in order to do those you need a one dollar option one dollar option this is the demon creep let’s see what’s inside fire so much fire I’m gonna go call my mom what’s in the box alright let’s do a rundown of what’s inside so I guess this is everything to make a nine-second car this is pretty sweet got some dog leashes if you have to dog you can take them both for a walk at the same time I mean that’s worth the dollar right there to be skinny front wheels guys are real narrow this is ridiculous what’s this ooh torque wrench this is snap-on which is really expensive definitely more than a dollar that’s for sure got ourselves a jack diamond jack it’s what we used to call my uncle John diamond jack he was a thief murder it’s got like friggin foam on it it’s like kylo Ren’s lightsaber I killed my dad boom alarm clock telephone toaster radio just kidding it’s an air compressor this is also what that is for digital 2018 baby and this you take this out you put this in your trunk and it’ll hold all of this stuff on the way to the track well what’s this crap it’s a block off plate for the mirror that is sick this is probably my favorite part of it so far that’s attention to detail the extra air vent what they spelled my name wrong was this sweet oh this is just the instruction manual for the jack I know how to use a jack I’m a car boy these are cool I like to steal one of these boxes octane button boom another demon pizza so yeah II see you mm-hmm so this is what gives the 840 horsepower this lets you run high-octane gas this in the wheels are the most important part cone filter baby and then this is another snap-on piece here we have offenders cover so when you’re working on your demon you know chip your paint they thought of everything then last but not least cool sub bag for all your tools that is the demon crate that is everything you need now if you guys don’t mind I’d like to get some shut-eye [Applause] thanks for watching dona media don’t forget to comment like subscribe share we got a lot of shows a lot of new shows semi a dollar for Lamba follow me on instagram at JS punk free if I get 30 thousand followers I don’t think 10 people at random and send them something weird hello

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100 thoughts on “Dodge Demon Crate Unboxing! | The New Car Show

  1. Lmao love this guy 😂😂 🇦🇺 💪💪🇦🇺 USA muscle power 🔥 and BITCHEN 😎!!! Arrrrrrrr fucker's – big ass box too 🤣🤣🤣


  3. Snapon Tools are overpriced garbage. Milwaukee, Dewalt, shoot, even Makita or Ryobi are better.

  4. I can't wait to wipe the pavement of the Demon with my Shelby supersnake only 850hp with out a crate yes my car is a tuner car but I run on 92 octane no race gas needed.

  5. The ford shelby 350 z super snake have over a 1000hp and you dont ned to build it to it's full potentiol

  6. What not a lot of people know is when buying the car, the msrp takes in count the crate because they know you will but the crate for 1$. So if you dont buy the crate, you technically just lost 10,000$

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