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Driving & Car Wash in Italy

Driving & Car Wash in Italy

it’s not true! look at him where the f*ck is he going? damn them But I go slowly what was that? so but it’s not here isn’t it this one? that one? car wash! there’s written car wash! how is it called?
the little dragon? look, it’s full (crowded)! she’s not driving, we stopped from where do we get in?
from here I guess look how many people let’s go here insert coins or notes what? rim washer no, rims don’t need to be washed it’s fine like this pre wash i’m going go oh my god donna (woman), I’m going go beautiful I get it now it’s not the wheels, it’s the plate these then we have are these specchietti or specchi? these are mirrors and then? this so clever 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, over there, over there! this goes in the trash did it start already? oh, yeah there’s a dead bed bug where?
there, there, there! no, it’s too gross try to pull
-wait let me get rid of the bed bug how gross! we need to ask for the car mats (tappetini) I put that in the middle? yes, basically how does the water come out? like this wait, I don’t know how it works you need to put it here go the other way? no, vale, no..maybe not whatever, we wash them I can’t shove it there you’ll spill water on you look, look the dirt car mats going (autoscontro) I have such ugly hair

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5 thoughts on “Driving & Car Wash in Italy

  1. ずいぶん楽しそうな洗車だ事o(^o^)o偶然なのかな?

  2. Anch'io ho paura di guidare in Italia 🙂 In inghilterra ci sono autolavaggio a mano dotato di personale d'Europa dell'Est chi lavano la sua macchina mentre va la fare la spesa; non costa molto.

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