Driving Your Car Like This is Illegal (But I Do It Anyways)

rev your engines Marcus says how to make your car coast better well you’d want to make sure that you have the least
friction tires the ones that are the best gas mileage possible that your
brakes aren’t dragging but realize that you’re breaking the law because it’s
really illegal in the United States to coast your car on hill or just sliding
you’re supposed to have it in gear at all times because you have more control
over the vehicle it will handle better and it will also stop better so it is
actually against the law to coast in your car and all the police are gonna
figure out if you’re coasting or not but it is against the law to Coast because
you do lose a certain amount of control when you’re just coasting instead of the
engine and the transmission driving a Hawaii and that said I got in there when
I was a kid I did it all the time cuz I had an opals the first car and I wanted
to see what kind of gas mileage you get this is back in 1967 sometimes I got 43
miles a gallon and a little Opel driving it around cuz I would a lot of times
Coast I’d see how I got a stop in a mile coast for a while you know I know it’s
tackling its law but yeah you know where to make a habit of it though because you
really do lose some control when you’re coasting versus in gear and everything
spinning you can stop faster little corner better because all the momentum
of the parts all spin and the cars were made to be driven with the engine and a
transmission going not just gliding down they weren’t designed for that, carla says
Scotty I’m looking to buy an eight year old Lexus RX hybrid with the three point
five six cylinder how reliable at hybrid system and engine thoughts okay
it’s a Lexus it’s got a v6 engine those engines are reliable as can be the
problem is the hybrid aspect up now you say it’s what eight years old didn’t say
the mileage but it’s eight years old Toyota makes probably the best hybrid
vehicles a lot of people copy them I got customers with those they’re still running good when they’re 10 12 years old when that battery goes out it’s gonna be
a ton of money to change it if you change it and don’t put in a new battery
but a remanufactured one half the time they only last one or two years then you
start all over again and even that’s gonna cost you at least fifteen hundred
bucks not more and a brand new battery might
cost you five six thousand dollars in every place so that’s a lot of money they in the long run I gotta be expensive to drive
but mileage wise let’s say you can do looking at one with a 80,000 miles hey
they don’t start falling apart so you get 140 or 150k in hybrid systems so it’s
your choice and it depends on what you pay for it too, don’t pay too much you said
it’s eight years old so it’s pushing ten years old you don’t want to pay too much
for a used hybrid car they just are too high know if it was a non hybrid if it was me
I’d buy nine hybrid one and that thing could last you for twenty thirty years
they’re insane I would just look for a non hybrid one if I were you
Traver says how do you feel about rebuild cars walk depends how they were
rebuilt now if you’re talking about just the title that’s got a rebuilt title
most places that means nothing that only means that an insurance company totaled
the car then somebody bought it then they fixed it and sold it here I know in
Texas for sure there’s nobody to inspect some of the air stuff if it says it’s a
rebuild title just means that it was total by an insurance company somebody
bought it and supposedly fixed it so I would never buy one of those things
really you know it’s just foolhardy the only way that I would buy a car with a
rebuild title was if it look like it went through a hailstorm and the whole
thing’s covered with dings from hail because it cost so much money to fix all
those things that an insurance company will total a car and if you don’t mind
driving around with the car that’s got billion dings in it and it’s got a repo
title hey what the heck you might get a real good price like our little run but
you know most people don’t want to be driving around a car that’s got eight
billion dings on it so that’s up to you but it would be a good car to drive
otherwise Bryan Jones says I got an 07 focus high idle at two to three
thousand rpm that goes down to normal why do you think a look at yeah watch my
video make your car run better with a little spray cleaner you want to spray
clean the MAF sensor and you want to spray clean the throttle because they
often stick from carbon build on that’s very common watch the video the two cans
will cost you maybe I don’t know 16 bucks for both combined watch the video
it’s very informative simple short video you can copy the stuff yourself and also
check for vacuum leaks because if you got a vacuum leak when a cars run in
you’re sucking on a good that vacuum link will make it idle higher so you
check for that too but cleaning is often the way to go the
big man dog says my Mazdaspeed6 has turbo failure can’t build
booster rev over 4,000 thought making horrible noises burns a quart every fill up the car only has 77,000 miles but a punk kid owned it is a fixable well of
course it’s fixable but you’re gonna have to replace the terrible and turbos
aren’t cheap you got three ways you can buy a brand
new one it’s gonna cost a fortune you could try to buy remanufactured one
or you can take yours off and send it to a place that remanufacturers my advice
is check out the remanufactured ones to see what they want for and if they want
too much and you’re sort of a gambler go to a junkyard they’ll sell you used one
a lot cheaper and at least you can spin it and see if it rattles see if it’s got any
play and then put it on they just bolt on it off but it’s a relatively
expensive fix and if it’s rattling like mad at that speed you don’t want to
drive it that way cuz if it does blow and send shards of metal gets sucked
into the end you can destroy the engine so you wanna fix it one way or the other
mental warfare says scotty flex plates changing starter until the plate gets
really bad is that okay well that’s not bad this your starter engages the gear
on the flex plate that has teeth it spins and you make it go and if your
starters keep knocked off cuz that thing’s wobbling around and going out
eventually it won’t start at all so actually you’re gonna have to replace it
there’s just ifs and or buts, now I mean if it doesn’t make any noise once
the car starts you can still drive it a while it starts rattling you better
change it soon before it flies off and pieces go all over the place and start
destroying things if it’s really bad it’s making noise and wobbling bad
that’ll also run the main shaft of your transmission in your transmission shot
and you’d have to spend a fortune or replace the old transmissions so pens
and how much noise it makes and if it makes it when you’re just
driving down the road to market analysis Scotty if you replace every one of your
car parts one by one what point does a car cease to be the same car
philosophically speaking not legally speaking I can tell you but there are so
many parts on the car I’ve had people come to me sell Scotty look we changed
all the parts in this car and I could name up hundreds of them they haven’t
been changed yet there’s a lot of parts in a modern car let me tell you I often
get customers coming out saying WOW Scotty I don’t know what’s wrong with my
air condition I replaced everything and it still doesn’t work right and I
explained to them there’s this part this part this part this part you haven’t
changed there are a lot of parts in cars and if you do have a one that you have
changed scores or maybe even 100 or more parts you got the wrong car I say just
get rid of it and get a Toyota Rhonda instead, Joey z says what’s your opinion
on becoming a car mechanic at 14 well you’re only 14 and at 14 does anybody
know what they really want to be I wanted to either be a garbage man or an
astronaut you know cuz I like the garbage trucks riding around and a
garbage truck every kind of fun yeah and I a mechanic so who knows what life is
gonna throw your way you know I mean if you really want to get into it at your
age hey learn electronics because cars are
going totally electronics and then you’d be really safe because if they give up
with gasoline cars 20 or 30 years from now you’re only 14 you know all the
electronics you don’t have no problems we’re getting into cars if they have
completely electric cars that everybody’s driving around it instead of
just the fringe thing so if you’re doing you like electronics now if you find you
don’t like electronics don’t get into being a mechanic now and in the future
because it’s all going that way I have to admit over the last 10 years
I have learned more things about electronics that I didn’t know before
cuz I got to fix these modern cars and it’s interesting because it keeps your
mind going because let’s face it you can’t see electricity right you can see
what a brake drum was broken you can see when a radiator is leaking but you can’t
see electricity so you gotta use your old noggin more when you analyze
electricity and electric tools are coming down so much I mean stop that 40
years ago some of these electronic tools they cost seven eight thousand dollars
now some of the same ones cost 50 bucks so the tools cost a lot less too savy
Nova says diamond ring or 2015 Toyota Highlander from my wife’s Christmas
present all right I definitely say the Highlander and here’s why diamonds are
so overpriced for what they’re worth take a diamond and buy a diamond from a
jeweler eight thousand dollars take that same ring you just bought take it to a
different jeweler and say what will you give me for it you probably still give
you $5.00 they depreciate really fast we’re 15
Toyota Highlander it’s already got some depreciation you get a good price that
can last a long time now theoretically the diamonds last forever whatever and cars eventually gonna wear out but hey you can probably have a
lot more fun in the highlander but then again it depends on whether you’ve been good
or bad maybe your wife really likes jewelry and you’ve been bad in that case
you should go to the ring the real world Steven the best says Scotty how are the
quality of older Nissan infinities built in Japan 95 to 99 Nissan Maxima and
Infiniti i30 I’m sick of the new ones especially the
Altimas hey smart move that was long before renault got involved
those well-built cars back in those days now they’re old of course you buy an old
one you can buy an old car could have problems need a lot of work but they
were solid built and you can still get parts from those cars I mean if you’re
the type of guy wants to buy a car do a little work on it go ahead and get one
you know they can last a long time and they were solid build cars just don’t
buy you know the 2005 version of the same vehicles problems up the wazoo with
those things will barbaric says which is a better battery tester a carbon pile or
electronic carbon pile was they got a big problem they put a big load and they
can actually destroy a battery that’s weak that’s why they wants of these
electronic and I’ve had those fancy ones I’ve got to make tronic one it’s $900
tester it’s got his cheap heated buy it the company gave it to me because they
hoped I’d use it in the video and I have because it’s a good tool so with that
but it uses such low voltage that it doesn’t do any damage at all in the past
ages ago if I ant a carbon tester and I tested the battery sometimes they
wouldn’t start the car after cuz it finished it off that’s never happened
with my tester and they are even more accurate I’ve been using mine
for 20-something years and I’ve never had one that gave me wrong reading on,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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