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Epilogue | Following the Digital Thread: Beyond Manufacturing

Epilogue | Following the Digital Thread: Beyond Manufacturing

(inspiring music) – And here we are at the
end of your journey, Mark. It was a fascinating one to watch. – [Mark] And a fun one. – What are one or two
things or more if you like, that you think it’s important
that everyone watching this series remembers and takes
away from your experience? – When we were first together, we talked about this idea of ecosystems. The fact that, the belief
that nobody can really do this all on their own. I think we really saw that come through as we went along this journey
with the digital thread whether it was talking
to different partners, or looking at different technologies. The idea that it’s about
visualizing the whole and driving integration
through in a way that enables that continuous learning. I felt like we saw that
over and over and over again about how we learned something
and then we feed it back and then we keep moving all in pursuit of making a better product, delivering a better service, making a great airplane even better. – How do you imagine some of those lessons extending outside of this context? – First, it’s important to
recognize that we needed to tell a story. That story was about a bell crank in the nose gear of an airplane. But I think we’ll be disappointed
if all that the audience takes away is that this is
about manufacturing aircraft. We can really look at this
as an example of an array of technologies that
is put into the service of enhancing competitiveness and delivering a higher level of value. And recognize that
depending on our industry, or the competitive context
in which we find ourselves, we’re going to need to pick and choose the technologies that we
deploy and the approach that we use for threading them together in order to achieve the goals that we find in whatever context we’re in. That’s going to require some thinking, but I think we’re up to the challenge. – Thank you very much, Mark. – It’s a pleasure, it’s been a pleasure. – On behalf of Deloitte and
MIT Sloan Management Review, thank you for watching this series.

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