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Episode 1: Introducing Sebastian! | Challengers | Hot Wheels

Episode 1: Introducing Sebastian! | Challengers | Hot Wheels

(engines rev loudly) – [Narrator] See that
kid going really fast? That’s Sebastian Wheldon. Racing is his life. – I’m in a race car
driving a race car. (Sheldon giggles) – [Narrator] And he’s fast. So fast that when Hot Wheels
asked Sebastian to race for them, guess what he said? – Yeah! – [Narrator] He’s been
racing since most kids were in their diapers. – Lean forward buddy. – [Narrator] Well,
maybe not that long. But he did start when he was 4. – Now, he’s got a
bunch of trophies. – How much trophies do you have? – Well, you can count
by yourself sir. (bubbles popping) – [Narrator] His
dad was a racer too. Like the world’s best racer. That’s him right there. – [Announcer] Dan Wheldon
now a two time winner of the Indianapolis 500. – [Narrator] Sebastian’s
dream is to race in the Indy 500
just like his dad. To get there, he
will have to become the best racer he can be. Hold on tight! See if you can keep up. This is Go Fast, Sebastian! – This is Sebastian’s house. That kid he’s trying
to pull off the bed? That’s his younger
brother Oliver. Right now, they’re
having a dunk contest in Sebastian’s room. – From the all the down – [Narrator] Boom shakalaka! – Super speed dunk is this. – [Narrator] Sweet
dunks Sebastian! Nice moves Oliver. These two do everything together
and they’re always racing. (upbeat music) What’s with the milk? That’s a tradition
from the Indy 500. Winner always drinks
the milk unless you’re lactose-intolerant I guess. – On your mark, get set, go. – [Narrator] So, as I was
saying, these guys are always racing at home, on the side walk – It’s only 30 laps, so
I got plenty of time. – [Narrator] At the track. It doesn’t matter. This is always a race. Wait, where are you guys going? Oh right, back to the track. This is where they’re
really serious about racing. – When I put on my suit, it
makes me feel like a super hero. – [Narrator] You look
like a super hero too bud. He’s got the super
suit, the super car, and the super power. Speed! Did I mention that
Oliver races carts too? What do you think Sebastian? You give him advice? – He could start working
on blocking his position. He can start going
on the outside. – I passed someone
on the outside. What are you talking about? – He’s catching up! Pass him, don’t let off. – [Narrator] But I’ll bet
he’ll never catch you right? – You’re just a beginner. I’m advanced. Oh yah and that’s Sebastian
and Oliver’s mom, Susie. – I’m so proud of you. – [Narrator] Sebastian has
a big race coming up and he’s here to train. This is the Ocala Grand Prix. These are the guys
he races with. – This is Juan. Juan races go karts with me. – Almost always Sebastian
wins, but sometimes I win. – [Narrator] It takes a lot
to become a great racer, but one of the most important
things is preparation. Sebastian studies the
course ahead of time to build his strategy. – [Where’s the best
place to pass?] – The best place is right
here because many people come out of the hair pin. – [Narrator] That’s a hair pin. It’s the tightest turn on track. – This is a really
unpredicted path. People won’t really expect it. Even if they get a bad
run out of the hair pin, they won’t expect you
to just go in there. – Thank you. – No problem. – [Narrator] That’s
Sebastian’s car. Number 98. You know who else was number 98? You guessed it. His dad. Dan Wheldon. Sebastian’s car is super fast. This is the guy who
keeps it running. His name is Murph. – I’ve been working
with the Wheldon boys for close to a year now. How’s the cart feel? – It felt better in the… – In the back? – Yes. – [Narrator] Sebastian’s testing
his car to make sure it’s race ready and
reviewing all the lines. – Are we ready? – Yep – You know where
you’re going right? – So straight away,
showcase, tree turn, and then turn and then… – Hair pin Yep, cool. – [Narrator] Remember, this
is just a practice race for the main event which will
happen on the same track. There’s Juan. What’s up Juan? And we’re off to the races. (engine revs loudly) Sebastian is hauling
you know what. He is going as fast as
cars go on the freeway. Hi number 59. Bye number 59. Excuse me. Aww, look at those lines
just like he practiced. On your right. See ya later number 12. Oh yah! Nice run Sebastian! You think we’re race ready? Check out episode 2
to see how he does. This is Go Fast, Sebastian! (race cars driving) (laidback music)

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