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Extrema Ratio Selvans

Extrema Ratio Selvans

In cooperation with Some shots… It’s a beauty! The SELVANS has been developed in a cooperation between Extrema Ratio and F.I.S.S.S. (the Italian Survival Federation). The project was conceived as a variant of the military survival model Ontos, in order to enhance and maximize the knife’s performances as a tool. SELVANS technical specs
Blade length: 6.3” / 160 mm
Overall length: 12.3” / 312 mm
Blade thickness is 0.25” / 6.4 mm
Blade material: Böhler N690 steel – 58 HRC
Handle: Forprene The SELVANS is designed for a rough use in any situation. It comes with a very strong mil-spec Cordura sheath compatible with MOLLE attachment system, so that it can be equipped with additional pouches and leg straps. It’s a COMPLETE survival tool. Thanks to its weight (more than 15 oz / 430 grams) its ideal for cutting and chopping and for any extreme blade use. This full-tang knife is in fact forged as a single steel piece. BATONING is a technique to cut wood whereby the back of the blade is struck repeatedly by a baton-like object in order to split the wood. In the last few days it rained a lot… To find dry tinder we’ll have to look for it… inside the larger branches The SELVANS is not afraid of the hardest work, the handle in Forprene has been lengthened and the blade has been made heavier so that it can hit and cut with more power in a survival situation. Here is the dry tinder… I’m cutting some of it to light the fire. I’m using a firesteel, first I scrape some magnesium on the tinder I’m using a firesteel, first I scrape some magnesium on the tinder The firesteel can be used even in adverse weather conditions (wind, rain, etc.) and it allows to light the fire by simply scraping it with an appropriate scraper or with the back of the blade Very wet! Some more magnesium and a little patience… Here we go! Here we go! Thanks to my friends of for allowing me to test the SELVANS.

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