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First Registration Forms 1 & 2 – Application based on documentary title

First Registration Forms 1 & 2 – Application based on documentary title

An application to register title to an unregistered property is called a first registration application Forms 1,2 and 3 are used to register documentary title Please consider the benefits of using a Form 3 where appropriate These benefits include: lower fees and a quicker completion rate All other applications to register a documentary title require full examination by our staff These can be made by lodging a Form 1 affidavit for a Freehold title or a Form 2 affidavit for a Leasehold title Approximately 25% of Form 1 and 2 applications lodged are rejected A further 90% of remaining applications are queried, often for routine errors This video will help you prepare your applications and get it right first time In all Form 1 and 2 applications an application map acceptable for registration purposes is required The property should be accurately described in the application documents and correspond with the map lodged For a multi storey registration, a location map and a floor plan of the property are required Is the form 17 lodgement form properly completed and signed? Have you submitted the correct fees? Are you using the up to date Form template? Have all the paragraphs been correctly filled out, with the appropriate insertions or deletions made? Did you consult the footnotes? Did you declare all burdens capable of registration? For a Form 2 affidavit, have you considered what type of title you wish to apply for? If applying for an absolute title have you conducted an investigation of the lessors title and dealt with this in your application? Is the lease term capable of registration? Has it more than 21 years left to run? Does your affidavit contain a full statement of title? Have you fully explained all documents within your statement of title? Does your title commence with either a Fee Farm Grant or a Lease? If so, was this included in your statement? Have you identified a good root of title? Has the affidavit been sworn by the applicant or, alternatively by a Company’s secretary or its Law Agent? Does the affidavit include the date? details of where the swearing took place? Details and signature of the person before whom the affidavit was sworn? And the details and signatures of any third party identifying the deponent? Have you lodged originals of all the documents on title? Have you lodged in duplicate, the “schedule of documents” listing all the application documents? Finally, have you lodged, dated and signed searches against all parties on title including; A judgment office search for the last 5 years A Registry of Deeds search covering all acts on title and, where appropriate, Companies Office searches against all companies on title For further information on Forms 1 and 2, our Practice Directions, Rejection Policy, and Application and Mapping Guidelines, please consult our website.
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