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Ford SUV Experience In Philippines | MotorBeam

Ford SUV Experience In Philippines | MotorBeam

Hi guys. Welcome to MotorBeam. The SUV body-type is the fastest growing segment
globally. Ford has just completed 50 years of making
SUVs and we have come down to the beautiful country of Philippines to experience
a wide range of Ford SUV’s in their own terrain. We first tried the Ford Explorer. Driving at high speeds on
the wrong side was a challenge initially but we got used to it rather quickly. We got it on the outskirts of town where we
tried some different terrains. We have just driven the Ford Explorer, this
is not available in India currently and there is no plan to
launch it in the near future. It’s a
big V6, EcoBoost engine, a very practical SUV. The Ford Kuga was next in line. This car, if launched in
India, would perfect fit in between the EcoSport and the Endeavour. We just got back after driving the Ford Kuga
which is also called the Escape in certain markets. Ford India was considering this for India
but there is no plan to launch this in the near future. Overall it’s a
brilliant vehicle and strikes a perfect balance between urban commuting and
occasional countryside driving. Today I have got my mountain bike here and
we will be going for a short spin. The next day was more important for Indian
perspective as we would be driving the EcoSport and the Endeavour. Its day 2 and we are driving the EcoSport
today. The EcoSport
is a very important car for Ford in India. It is one of the best selling
compact SUVs. I am driving a left hand drive version here
because Philippines is a left hand drive market and this very
car has been produced in India, in the Chennai plant. It is powered by the same 1.5-litre engine
producing 112 PS of power. I am driving an automatic version. We also get a 1-litre EcoBoost in
India but here in the Philippines it’s yet to come. The EcoSport is very popular owning to its
practicality, its compact dimensions which makes it very easy
to drive around in the city. We went exploring two crowded and bustling
cities of San Fernando and Angeles. After trying our hand at lantern making, a
Filipino speciality, We ended up souvenir shopping at the local market. You ought to be really careful of the Jeepney
and the Tricycle. These vehicles can pop out of anywhere and
it’s always better to keep out of their way. The Endeavour experience was very special
and the highlight of our trip. We are here in the Lahar beds near Clark in
the Philippines and this is the main reason why Ford decided
to conduct this drive here. This
is the perfect setting to test out the Ford Endeavour, I’ll tell you why. What you see around me is volcanic ash which was spewed out by Mount Pinatubo which
erupted in 1991. The special thing about this ash is, it doesn’t
behave like sand. When it’s dry, it’s like sand but when
it’s wet it really sinks in really fast and it’s the Endeavour which really
comes out on top as we tried. The Lahar beds are really treacherous and
we extensively used the Terrain Management System in Rock and
Sand mode to traverse this terrain. The Endeavour was the boss, even in such tricky
situations. Living with 4 of these SUVs over the last
2 days has truly highlighted their capabilities. In India we only get the EcoSport and
Endeavour. While the EcoSport was a perfect companion
in the urban jungle, the Endeavour really impressed us with its off-road
prowess. Thank you for watching. Make sure you like, comment, share
and subscribe to the MotorBeam channel.

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  1. I have owned new Fords in 4 different countries. Moving to the Philippines I have a different Ford experience that DID NOT inspire me. I bought a brand new FX4 from Ford Baguio. It has been returned to the Ford Baguio workshop 8 times in 13 months and they still cant fix it. PATHETIC!  The mechanics are crooks and the management inept. They refuse to accept any kind of responsibility. 8 times in 13 months!!   DONT BUY A VEHICLE FROM FORD BAGUIO!!!

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