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Full Car Chameleon Vinyl Wrap, Car Customisation- Modification 🔥 | ENG SUBTITLES | CarzSpa | Pune

Full Car Chameleon Vinyl Wrap, Car Customisation- Modification 🔥 | ENG SUBTITLES | CarzSpa | Pune

Hello everyone, welcome to our Youtube Channel. Today we are going to wrap a Renault Duster. The biggest issue on this Car is its Clear Coat. This was a pre used Car bought by the client and he has no idea that 8-9 panels were Repainted on this car. Due to improper painting techniques the clear coat is now peeling off. so our Biggest Challenge in this project is rectifying this issue before applying the wrap. First we thought we’ll use fillers wherever there’s a Clear coat peeling off and that will solve the issue But then we realized that the clear coat was peeling off during the pressure wash as well. So as you can see we’ve applied a small piece of wrap as a demo. after installing the demo piece the line behind is clearly visible. So there’s only one real solution to this issue, which is we peel off this damaged clear completely. This is not a normal procedure that’s done on every car, we don’t remove or sand the clear on the Car before wrapping. but because this car has this issue we are going to do it as there is no other option. Usually before wrapping we just fill up small dents and undulations which are there on the surface, and post that the wrap is applied on the surface. But on this Car- we scrapped the clear off every panel that was repainted by the dealer i would like to tell you all again that this is’nt an everyday situation, if panels are repainted properly even if you use a scrapper, the paint doesn’t come off this easily. and usually there is no need to use this technique on any car before wrapping it. After scrapping the clear off the surface has become quite even and smooth so now we are going to sand it with 1500 grit so that when the wrap is finally applied, there’s no line or marks that show up behind the wrap. In the next step we are going to fill putty on the areas where there’s minor dents post that the surface will be ready for wrap application we’ll also open all the fitting required to apply the wrap properly, and sand the areas where putty was applied. we’ve also repainted the alloy wheels of this car from silver to black. so let’s begin the wrap process now. the basic procedure of applying a wrap is first the wrap is cut according to the size of the panel it is laid on the surface and then the excess wrap is cut off and the wrap is tucked around the corner and edges. so that later on you don’t see the original shade of the color from beneath. The wrap application process has been completed as a final step we are now going to apply CRYSTAL SHIELD ceramic wax on the surface This Ceramic wax will provide UV blockers and will also increase the gloss and sheen a little bit more. The look is complete now, the only thing remaining is restoring the plastic trims which look a little faded. for which we are going to use solution finish which is a plastic dye made in USA. after which the trims will look as good as new. so Lets go and see now how the car looks in the end post work completion. To do a good wrap job its very important to make sure that the wrap is applied post opening the fittings so that the wrap is properly tucked in the corners. so that you don’t see the original color around the edges. CarzSpa studios are based on a franchise model so if you like our work, we have 2 stores in Pune, India where you can visit us. if You’ve liked our work, our details are in the description, you can contact us. full car wrap jobs start at 30,000 INR Pricing varies acc to the size of the car, the color chosen and the brand being used. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video if you enjoyed it, please give us a thumbs up, share it with your friends and Subscribe our channel. Thank You.

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100 thoughts on “Full Car Chameleon Vinyl Wrap, Car Customisation- Modification 🔥 | ENG SUBTITLES | CarzSpa | Pune

  1. 1.Will the traffic police not stop you for having a different colour on the Registration Certificate? Or did the owner change the colour in the RC by prior intimation to the RTO?
    As long as the colour change is not mentioned in the RC, won't this be considered an illegal mod? I do not agree with the statement that repainting is not allowed but wrapping is.
    Chandigarh police loves to pull wraps and tints off with their bare hands with no care for underlying glass or paint.
    2. Can you mention the cost of the wrap you have shown in this purticular video, per sqft/sqm anything you guys use? I imagine this wrap with a pearlescent/ChromaFlair-like effect will be much costlier.

  2. These guys do their jobs sincerely. I love their finishing. My only concerns is if this wrap costs as much as a painting job, then not go for repainting. Definitely this wrap under the sun will become hard and will start to corrode and come out in some time.

  3. @carspa hi team really appreciate your work. I have Royal Enfield Thunderbird, i want bullet to be wrap by same colour i.e. Marine Blue. My orginal bullet colour. Can you do that? If yes how much it will cost me? {Kalyan}

  4. The shine makes it the best wrap ever seen. Most wraps I saw are dull , non-shine type. Looks dull, faded and pathetic. A car without shine is not a good sight to behold.

  5. मुझे मेरी मारुति 800 को रेपिंग करवाना है कितना कॉस्ट होगा

  6. This looks stickers type
    Question and concern is
    Can it get teared by kids easily
    And if it gets big scratch will rest sticker will come out completely

  7. Bro it is not good ,why means when car kept in parking place children scratch the door on that time what you will do ?🤔 Think about it . It is india

  8. Cost for it . Bhai pls reply . I really wanted to wrap my car . I have the same duster with same issue pls reply

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