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Gateway Advanced Manufacturing

Gateway Advanced Manufacturing

(high tech music playing) (Narrator): In a global economy manufacturing
is continuously evolving. physical demands – once required for manufacturing are now only minimal, while computer knowledge, technical skills and adaptiveness are vital. Dedicated to teaching the skills for advanced manufacturing and trades technologies, Gateway Community and Technical College understands the global economy and what is required to train and educate tomorrow’s advanced workforce. (D. Wright): Some of the students coming out
of high school realize that four colleges aren’t for them. They like to work with their hands. They like to design things. A community college is a perfect place for
them to get the skills that they need to satisfy what they need for their life. (Narrator): Gateway’s curriculum integrates
global economic needs with the technical training required for today’s highly advanced manufacturing
careers. (P. Rickert): We sit the student down and provide them with a knowledge base and then we give them the opportunity to apply that in a laboratory setting. (Narrator): Gateway’s educational programs assure that students have the necessary skills for today’s competitive job market. (J. Jump): Machinists, industrial maintenance, electronics, tool makers – these are skills that are hard to find in today’s workforce. Frankly with the aging workforce the folks with that skill set are retiring
or moving on. (Narrator): Experiencing hands on instruction, Gateway students learn both soft skills and the advanced technology skills required by today’s global businesses – skills that are vital to high paying technical
careers. (C. Cannon): It takes more than just machine
operation. You have to understand how to communicate
with people. How to communicate on-site work. Market yourself. Not only that – you need to know how just basic communication with people. (Narrator): Gateway’s training programs are
adaptive to both the skills required for the global
economy and to an individual’s career goals. (M. Queen): It’s a lot of fun. Manufacturing is… you need a lot of disciplines in math, science and computers. Anybody that is looking to switch careers I think this is an outstanding one to get
into. (Narrator): Depending on the area of interest Gateway’s Manufacturing and Trades Technologies Program balances education with hands on technical training. (A. Davis): It got me excited about learning more about engineering and and manufacturing engineering and all that. It’s helping to…help me get towards a field I want to go into once I graduate. (Z. Gosney): You are actually getting trained on a Mazak machine. or on a Haas machine or a Prototrak lathe. You are getting to learn what is actually
going on. And when he actually teaches you The machine will run and show you actually
how it’s working… and it that program really did work you just
entered into the machine. You are actually learning what is going on. (Narrator): Partnering with regional manufacturers,
Gateway’s… Apprenticeship Program focuses on teaching
the necessary skills… required for high paying careers. (M.Queen): We used to have our own Apprenticeship
Program but the amount of resources it takes to run a program like that just isn’t feasible
in today’s market. Gateway plays the part of the classroom learning
that has to take place. Because it’s a synergistic effect of what
you come here and learn on the job of working with seasoned veteran. Compare that with what you are learning in
the classroom. It combines and you get up the learning curve a lot quicker. So we teach them what we can – what we are
good at and then the actual formal education takes place. So far we have been pretty successful. We
are two and a half years into this And I am telling you our more senior apprentices..they
are top performers. Without a doubt, I could put them anywhere
and they will shine. Gateway’s program includes specialization
in Industrial Maintenance, Computer Aided Design Electrical Technology Energy Technologies Computerized Manufacturing and Machining Welding HVAC Plumbing and Mechatronics. Already one of the most highly sought after
certifications in the advanced manufacturing industry… Mechatronics — combines knowledge of electrical
systems, computers, robotics, mechanical and control systems. We have a Manufacturing and Engineering Program
and within that program we have Mechatronics. And the Mechatronics Program – It’s a program
you can earn a certificate in — It’s six credit hours. And the students come in and they will take
that six credit hours and get a certificate out of it. It teaches them PLCs “programmable logical
controls.” It teaches them circuits, It teaches them how to program the robots
and things that you see in the industry today. In addition to its academic programs, customized
workforce training is provided to businesses through Workforce Solutions at Gateway. This training, offered on-site or at Gateway,
helps employees of all trades upgrade their skills and meet continuing education
requirements. A lot of people have no idea what manufacturing
is anymore. They think the factories are dirty dingy.
You don’t get paid very well. It’s hot. That’s not true. That’s not how manufacturing
is today. Not just at our facility… at other factories
around the northern Kentucky area as well. We have to train the next generation. That
is what we have dedicated ourselves to I think others will as well… And you have to be willing and interested
in learning this and if you are willing and interested – We are interested in you! Gateway’s Advanced Manufacturing and Trades
Technologies program — shaping minds and teaching advanced technical
skills today, for a better career, tomorrow.

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