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Giannini Automobili celebrates 100 years of being a Legend in Motorsports

Giannini Automobili celebrates 100 years of being a Legend in Motorsports

Hi guys and welcome to Adriano’s Classic
500, today we are here in Vallelunga for the 100th anniversary of
Giannini Automobili but before celebrating let me give you a little recap of their first century in the car making and motorsport industry Their history with race cars dates back to the 1920’s, when Attilio and Domenico Giannini started tuning cars in their newly founded mechanical
workshop in Rome for the rich customers willing to participate in the Mille
Miglia and Targa Florio races. In 1936 when Fiat presented the Topolino, the brothers took on working on fiat cars not only tuning the engines but also
modifying brakes and suspensions These modded cars accomplished 12 World Records before the outbreak of the Second World War
forced Giannini to stop working on competition cars to focus on working on
military vehicles After the war, Giannini started building their own engines. The g1 and g2 designed by Carlo Giannini gained the
brand even more respect in the Motorsports world. In 1963 though, the two
brothers decided to part ways and founded two new companies to each follow
their own marketing strategies so Attilio founded Costruzioni Meccaniche
Giannini which was a company that kept doing what the old company was doing and
Domenico founded Giannini Automobili, a company
entirely focused on selling tuned and modeled Fiat cars. At this point of the
story Giannini became the legendary brand we
know today when they started producing their amazing range of modified Fiat
500’s from the 1963 500TV which saw
some mechanical improvements with an increased power of just 50% to
sickest racing versions like the 650 Modena, that developed a whopping 38
horsepower. So during the sixties Giannini and Abarth were doing pretty
much the same thing with pretty much the same results. Their models were in direct
competition… The eternal discussion of Abarth versus Giannini is still alive
today in enthusiasts… Just go to any 500 meeting. Despite the
commercial success of their 500 ranges both Abarth and Giannini suffered a lot for the continuous stream of oil and economic crises of that age,
so while Abarth was bought by Fiat and became the synonym with the sportier
versions of their models Giannini underwent a major company
redesign with the management and ownership of the Polverelli family
which still owns it to this day. They managed to resolve the company’s
financial problems and kept reducing spiced-up Fiat cars up until 1985 when
they decided to focus on styling improvements, thanks to their great
experience in building prototypes Giannini is still an important brand in
the motor world today but they hadn’t come up with an exciting new car for a
few years. Until of course now with the 350 GP. Unfortunately they are only gonna
make 100 of these monsters, but who knows maybe this is just a first step towards
a future of beastly supercars as you can see Giannini brought a few
amazing cars but there are very cool guys from enthusiasts too There are many many 500’s, but maybe
you’ve never seen one of these… This is a Fiat x1/9
and I used to have one of these. Actually there two of them. This one is a Sierra Cosworth very cool car And these are
probably all the Uno Turbo left in the World, because these cars they are pretty
quick and they’re very dangerous an amazing Lancia And this one is super interesting, this is probably a one-off or something, check this out It’s actually called ARS U1 Lancia Fulvia, a beetle, pretty cool Porsche Targa, Alfa 164 Classic Mini, amazing amazing Alfa Romeo GT junior. I want one of these so bad guys so bad ohhh another one! and this showed up now just incredible This is probably the most amazing car Lancia has ever made, and it is absolutely rare and here we get a bunch of Giannini cars.
This is pretty interesting it’s a pickup pickup truck 126 Giannini, 500 Giannini, 1, 2, 3, 4… As you can
see as amazing as usual you can never find two 500’s that look the same,
even if they are a special version like the Giannini one they are all different.
Another 126 Giannini… These cars are so rare is so cool to see them all
together panda Giannini which is absolutely astonishingly rare… 127 Giannini! Bet you didn’t see one of these ever…

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