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cop car change the game simple let’s go
for a ride and try not to find cops so that I can stretch this video to ten
minutes and get that ad revenue you know what you know that right let’s go to the
ammunation because what’s good like what’s wrong in having a self-defense
stuff you know stuff I want that ad revenue so I won’t say stuff which is not good for
you know kids I think a Ammunation is legal though so
maybe like it won’t be any problem still it is better to take precautions I’m
actually driving good this time I mean really are you kidding me
in the last video which I did whereI I wasn’t supposed to crash I was crashing
so fast and in this video when I have to just not find a cop car I’m driving good
without crashing at all what’s going on huh how does this even work
whoa I should keep my car in check no cop cars yet no cop car seat right
I’m time to find him actually I think we are good no cops
Wow this is the first time ever like I’m not finding any cops and I don’t want to
find them actually seems no no no that wasn’t a cop car I thought that was
scary please cops
stay away ccops stay away I’m doing some legal stuff nothing
illegal here I’m just going inside my ammunation
wait wait okay okay my car and a good position okay
there is nothing wrong in it there is nothing wrong in it and they accept
shark cards I am good I am good let’s get something you know something very
very harmless this looks good I already have it
clearly just painted let’s go outside I have everything I need and GTA 4 and
I am getting a bad feeling about this please don’t be a cop there is no cop
but I can hear some. GTA san andreas
and let’s see how many cops we will find in this game like how many times I
have to go somewhere this is my garage and there is a car I’m not fool whoa I
don’t wanna go on that I want a proper car instead of that bike sorry I’m already about to be dead I
guess so I don’t see I don’t see any cops now is that a cop dog that’s a car but it is on a bike his his on a bike so
I think we can like go on maybe right I can go on now
GTA Vice City and I don’t know if I will find any cops I don’t actually remember
if there are enough cops in this game that’s my car
you love it right this is the best car you can get in this city I’m taking it
I’m taking it we can’t move our camera with the mouse as you know that so sorry
if I don’t look around for the cops I don’t see any door yet there are no cops
that’s good for us yes it is all good seems like that there are some taxes and
stuff no cops though no cops though gangs oh
this is GTA 3 and we are going to try not to find a cop car give me other car
I don’t like this the garage doll is doing its thing I don’t know why it does
like where should I even go oh I hope I don’t find a cop car because I
want to stage this video to us Santa cop no it wasn’t the cop
this is that a cop no no cops no cops on this corner and still good and still
good oh no that’s the text that’s a taxi
sorry now that’s a cop but it’s a cop I want a cop car you know
so it sounds good up we are in GTA 2 and I think there are
no cops in this game because last time when I checked it I was trying to find
some cops ID the first GPA came we are in GTA once
and in the San Andres City and I don’t actually remember how a cop car looks
like in this game at all like really it is so bad I am so bad at it now played
it completely oh no I heard some video stuff okay not good for me I think so
well where am i I’m under the bridge excuse me I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so
sorry I don’t see any cop here what is that that that’s an ambulance like

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69 thoughts on “GTA : IF I SEE COP CAR, CHANGE THE GAME (GTA 5, 4, SA, VICE CITY, 3, 2,1)

  1. onespot gaming – playing gta san andreas i see a cop on a policebike, i can go on
    seto kaiba – as president of kaiba corp, i declare this involved!
    onespot gaming spot a cop car, change game
    cop – i end this boys film

  2. At the beginning of the video, you said β€œ…just to have some ad revenue”

    You like forcing people, including me to see and get annoyed by what you called as annoying ad without I even notice that in the middle of the vid, just for a MONEY.

    Kedengerannya sih jahat. It’s okay for you, but it sounds just kinda forcing people for your good, while people who sees AD-ed video doesn't have nothing, specially money, like I'm afraid if people who comes from poor fam like me see one, then having gap or jealousy because of monetary issues.

    And what happened?
    Ya ga semua sih keganggu, tpi kl ada org yg keganggu? People want to see shits from you dude, with any comfort, whatever your name is. Like come on.

  3. If you see faggio change game only Gta V, IV, San andreas, Gta Vice city , Gta III (if no faggio find motors ) mostly you Can find faggios in Vilages or subdivision)

  4. Me : Ahh there are cops in Gta 2
    Onespot Gaming : There Are No cops in Gta 2 I think
    Gta 2 : Am I a joke I have cops let me show you

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