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HAMS: Smartphone-based Driver License Testing Automation

HAMS: Smartphone-based Driver License Testing Automation

[Music] The Harnessing AutoMobiles for Safety or HAMS project at
Microsoft Research India, seeks to address the
critical issue of road safety by leveraging edge intelligence
and sensing. HAMS uses a windshield-mounted smartphone, with its sensors, the camera,
the accelerometer and other sensors, to monitor the driver, his/her driving,
and the driving environment. [Music] The goal is to provide effective feedback to encourage safe driving practices. [Music] While there are many use cases for HAMS, a particularly interesting one is on
automating the driver license test. [Music] HAMS is been deployed at IDTR Dehradun, to automate the entire
license testing process, comprising various maneuvers
using just a smartphone, with minimal trackside infrastructure. [Music] The feedback from the RTO inspectors and the assessees has been
extremely positive, especially with regard to the
comprehensiveness and the transparency of the entire process. [Music] The Government of Uttarakhand
is very proud to start this state-of-the-art initiative,
where we are using mobile phone based technology
to do this driver testing. [Music] As I understand, this mobile phone
based technology, which is called as the HAMS technology, is first of its kind in all of the world, and we are happy to have initiated this. We are also very happy to have
partnered with Microsoft and IDTR to take this initiative forward and I’m sure we will be able to
deliver some world class services in a transparent manner to our citizens. [Music] HAMS is a great example of
Microsoft Research India’s commitment to create and deploy
technologies for societal impact. It combines thoughtful innovation
and strong partnerships leading to better drivers on our roads. [Music Ends]

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4 thoughts on “HAMS: Smartphone-based Driver License Testing Automation

  1. My God people in Microsoft are on fire. I am proud to be an INDIAN. Loved it. Always updated by Microsoft Research.

  2. Nice, but why not SALT (smartphone-based automated license testing)? HAMS made me genuinely curious how amateur radio operators (HAMs) might be involved. The difference is subtle and I missed it. Good video.

  3. I think using a smartphone inside an automobile is sending the wrong signals.

    By all means, use what's available when prototyping, but do provide something integrated that is not a smartphone for the final product!

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