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Harley Davidson Motorcycles : How to Change Harley Davidson Oil

Harley Davidson Motorcycles : How to Change Harley Davidson Oil

I’m Jeff Jannett, Harley Davidson Certified
Master Technician with South Side Choppers in St Pete, FL. Today, we’ll be discussing
changing oil in Harley Davidson motorcycles. If you’re going to take on the chore of changing
the oil on your Harley Davidson motorcycle, the best thing I can recommend first thing
is to get a Harley Davidson service manual from your Harley Davidson dealership. In the
event that you can’t afford a Harley Davidson service manual, there are a couple of cheaper
models out there, as far as Climber or Hanes manuals. They all have a basic maintenance
chapter in them that walk you through certain things, one including the changing the oil.
All Harley Davidson models, basically use drain plugs, with the exception of the sportster
family, where you usually have a hose that’s affixed to some portion of the frame. V-rods
are totally different. There is one fluid in the whole V-rod motor, where on the Harleys,
the standard V-twin big twins, you have three compartments for oil and on the sportsters,
you only have two compartments. Now, we’re only talking about engine oil today, so you’re
always going to have an oil filter, so you want to make sure you locate the oil filter,
make sure you use the appropriate wrench for the type of filter that you’re using. There
are several different styles, depending on the style of the filter. Harley filters have
flats, Cannon filters have a nut on the end, and a lot of the other aftermarket shops are
just smooth. You will need a wrench, usually to get the filter off. You will not, however,
use a wrench to put the filter back on. If you’re changing the oil on a Harley Davidson
twin cam, you want to make sure that you get an oil filter that filters down to 10 microns.
This is very important, because some of the oil passages in the Harley Davidson twin cam
motor are very small, so you need to make sure you have the appropriate 10 micron filter
to use for the twin cams. The older style motors don’t need it, but you can use it.
Once you have your filters, you decide which oil you want to use, you have your manual
to locate your drain plug. I use soft tails on the other side, and it can either be a
hose with a plug in the end of it, or an actual drain plug, such as what I have here. Sportsters,
again, hoses; big bikes, the dressers, will have a drain plug to the front of their sump,
and the dynas will have a drain plug to the side of their sump. You remove that drain
plug, preferable with warm engine oil, but not too warm so you won’t burn yourself. You
get that draining, pull out your dipstick to help assist the draining, take your filter
off. Twin cams, you need to add a little bit of oil back in the filter, about four ounces.
Put a light bead of oil around the seal, tighten the filter – hand-tight, don’t overdo it
– then you can go back, wait until your main oil tank is slowed down to a slow drip, screw
in the new drain plug, preferably using a new o ring to help it seal. Then you fill
up your oil tank with the appropriate amount of oil and the right viscosity for the conditions
and the type of motor you’re running.

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21 thoughts on “Harley Davidson Motorcycles : How to Change Harley Davidson Oil

  1. Great Zombie Jesus! 😛

    The title of this video should be called:

    Typical Harley Tech only talks about changing oil instead of showing you how.

    I know how to do it, but — c'mon…show those people how to change a Roadking's oil.

  2. Hi Jeff Jannett I have a question what do you think about instaling a Premium Oil Cooler Kit (part number 26157-07) on a Harley will I realy benifit from this accesory I live in Tx. and it dose get hot down here and somtimes I'll go to rallys and I'll jump on paraids that also get my bike hot. What are your thoughts., Thanks.

  3. No, the trick is , pay 12.000 for a new rice burner ( real deal copy)and even though its only been a year or two it s old and out of style,! get rid of it and not be able to get 2500. back for it !

  4. then go to japan and see what all the slant eyes ride 10 to one because theyre easy to work on as a BICYCLE and worth 2-3 times what they paid for !(EVEN THEY KNOW THE REAL DEAL!

  5. two different worlds…….honda or harley…welll my weapon of choice for the streets will always be a Harley and my weapon of choice for the dirt will always be a Honda 450R…if you ride a Honda in the streets, I guess its becausevwe all have personal preferences, but why in the world would you say owning a Harley is a joke……you fuckin internet donkeys kill me………

  6. Completely dumb and useless video. Why not demonstrate how to do it? Maybe because you would prefer people take their bikes into the Harley shop for a simple oil change. 


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