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Here’s Why Mechanics Don’t Want You to Buy This Car

Here’s Why Mechanics Don’t Want You to Buy This Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna
explain why this 2012 Camry with the 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine may be the
best used car on a planet to buy and why well the reasons are under the hood
because this has the newer design 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine it’s called the
2AR Fe and in 2012 this replaced the to AZ engine the one
that burn oil the AZ engines at bad piston rings and pistons Toyota replaced
a lot of them for free but they stopped their warranty period at 60,000 miles so
you go buy used one of those it could be an oil burner but that’s not the case
with this 2 AR engine it’s a solid engine I haven’t seen any problems in
them at all it puts on a little more horsepower than the older one about 20
horsepower more but the main thing is it’s a redesign they did not have piston
and piston ring problems these are solid reliable engines like Toyota was known
for making and transmission and this 2012 has the six-speed automatic transmission
which is a pretty bulletproof transmission the earlier ones that were
4-speed hey they were decent transmissions but the six-speed drives
better Plus gets better gas mileage now unfortunately for Toyota
later on after 2012 they started to put eight-speed automatics which they’ve had
nothing but problems with they just don’t shift right I’ve seen some of them
break down way too early with those eight speeds but this baby it’s got the
six-speed automatic it’s pretty much bulletproof so even though this has more
horsepower than the older engine it’s a better engine and with the 6-speed
automatic transmission it gets better gas mileage than the older one this
particular one a customer it’s 34 miles a gallon on the highway and about 29 mix
juice so it’s very economical expecially on highway but it’s really zippy it’s
got a lot of power to it it’s pretty much the perfect used car for somebody
who’s looking for an all-around good used car that you can fit a bunch of
people in have a reasonable amount of power and get great gas mileage
sporty the a/c but if you can say a lot of room inside sure it’s messy but nice
day car in a back and in the front and it’s got the usual sophisticated
electronics here’s the steering wheel with all the bells and buttons and modes
and it’s got the screen and very comfortable sporty seats I’ve rented
these things when I was on vacation man you can set them and you can drive five
six hundred miles no problems at all no sore necks nor sore backs
the well-designed comfy seats now this is a sporty version so it’s got all this
plastic stuff as you can see it’s hit the speed bumps and actually over here
when it came in here today this was sticking out I guess so I just
snapped it back in they golf world look and hey you’re gonna get rips and cracks
and pop these things in there not just get used to knock them back in if you
get something put it onto the hood it’s got Toyota’s old fashioned solid
reliability lots of working room if you got a really
old one you have to change gaskets it’s not crowded you can get in here work
easily look at the alternator location you could change this thing in five
minutes not crawling and grabbing well designed some cars heavy air filters to
take half an hour to get to and change look at this snap
there’s your air filter talk about easy to change and it’s got the usual giant
camry trunk look at that they got a lot of junk in it keeps going back way back
a lot of room in one of these and this particular one being a sport version
it’s got a beefed up suspension it really handles quite well you can really
zip around in this thing you’re not a race car I mean it’s got a top speed of
118 miles an hour that’s plenty fast enough to get around
in a totally dependable fun driving car who needs to go faster than 118 miles an
hour anyway all in all this 2012 camry four banger and the 6-speed automatic
may be the perfect used car for most people they got front desks back disks
all wheel disc brakes they stop great and being front-wheel drive you can get
away with driving east a winter without snow tires on him I got
a friend in Buffalo he’s got one you never put snow tires on it with good
dripping regular tires on the front with a front wheel drive then go quite well
in the snow they’re not like a rear-wheel drive car
that yeah you’re gonna have to put snow tires on it because it’s harder to push
in the snow than it is to pull and as you can see a camera can go through
multiple owners and still go down a road this one’s already on the third owner
was sold the last time by Carmax you can see the paint’s starting to chip
off from people hitting the plastic bumper but the car will just continue to
motor run down the road you can repaint on Posche them all up make them look
like a brand new car or you can just let them get dirty but still go rolling down
the road that’s why I picked this 2012 Camry it’s probably the best used car in
the world that you can buy because sometimes older is better oh god it’s a garbage truck I got to
wait now, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell

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100 thoughts on “Here’s Why Mechanics Don’t Want You to Buy This Car

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  2. 34 mpg on highway (motorway) is abysmally low fuel economy here in the UK. We expect 40-50 for petrol & 50-70 for diesel.

  3. I rented a 2019 Corolla and thought it was terrible. My Mazda three has more power, better gas mileage, and is way more comfortable. Maybe an older Toyota is better

  4. You got me hooked on the matrix 2010 but now I want this same one as my first car. I'm sure it'll last forever, too.

  5. Hey Scotty, how would I be able to tell if a Camry has the 2AR-FE engine if I'm buying online? A lot of the listings don't have the information or a photo of the info inside the engine bay.

  6. Fortunately, the brand new Camry being sold here in the Philippines still has the tried and true 2.5L I4 engine with the 6-speed transmission. I am currently on the market for a family sedan. This is now on top of my list and probably the only one I would consider buying because Scotty said it has a bulletproof powertrain.

  7. 2002 Camry 272K, burns oil like he says, just keep an eye on it and keep it topped off, runs like a Champ. Thank you Toyota!

  8. Scotty, you talk about this specific model, what about same car with the 6 cylinder engine? Im looking at a 2012 Toyota Camry with 60K miles and a 6 cylinder engine?

  9. YES!, I got lucky and didn't know it. I have a 2011 Camry with the 6 speed. I just looked under the hood and there is the 2AR-FE Sticker.

  10. 😂 idk about the garbage truck, I've got almost 200,000 combined miles in a K2 generation 1500 with 6 speed/5.3, and there have been issues with the AFM lifters collapsing, but there's an easy way to avoid that.
    1. GDI Cleaner spray every oil change. Just before you change your old oil, spray a can into the engine.
    2. Disable the V4 mode.
    3. Use an oil catch can.

    It's the carbon building up on the valves that causes lifter issues.

    Transmission: the 6 speed 6L80E is not a new thing, it's been around a while. Change your fluid in it regularly, it'll be fine.

    Mine runs great, gets 22-23 highway mpg as a full time V8, 17-18 in town. They're great trucks, you just gotta know how to work with them.

  11. The problem with RWD in the snow is that the front wheels can't steer because they are skidding. They can only move where they are pushed–straight forward. It has nothing to do with pushing and pulling. (Precise) Straight driving is the same.

  12. I would rather drive something that I like, and have to fix it a few times over the years than drive something boring, like a toyota. That is what sets the car guys apart from the dweebs.

  13. Dude Toyota had a warranty extension on the oil burning @150k miles or 10yrs from date of first used, plus how many customers do you have that tells you that the 8 speed transmission have issues?

  14. I came across your channel while researching buying a car. I got convinced to buy 2011 Camry based on your video dated Feb 11 and talking about the best 5 used cars. Today I watched this video and you are saying buy the 2012 Camry because the older model burns oil. I'm really confused now so can you elaborate please.

  15. Scotty, i have a 2014.5. It has the 2.5 and 6 speed.

    In the summer, i notice that the car lags from stop. Almost as if it's pulling something. I need to really get on the gas for it to respond. The Toyota folks say it's a design problem. Are you familiar with this issue?

  16. ..and you could buy that engine transmission combination all the way up to 2017, so there are plenty of newer ones to pick too. I have a 2008 Honda Accord, still running very strong, but Scotty is swaying me towards Toyota Camry, but I'm more interested in a new model hybrid which will be a great car for many years before having to worry about (if ever)

    …but on a budget, when friends and family ask me what to get, I point them straight to this series Camry, unfortunately people MUST have an SUV, so they will get some Mitsubishi or Hyundai or whatever with less interior space (esp the rear), higher cost or higher milage and pay more for the privilege of having an elevated hatchback which more often than not is less comfortable than a Camry.

  17. Luv my Lexus ! I've had it for 9 years and still find the IS 250 superb to drive. Spent money on routine service, tyres, battery , brake pads and rotors . Nothing on repairs . Excellent car.

  18. I bought a used camry se 5 years ago and love it. Only thing is I've had problems maintaining alingment over relatively short periods of time. Rear right strut went bad so I replaced, then noticed camber (I think, whichever parameter cant be adjusted) on rear left was out of spec, so replaced that strut and seemed to get the car aligned well. 5 months down the road I'm starting to get tire feathering again. I've had so many different mechanics try to look at it to try and figure out the problem but no luck. Any suggestions?

  19. I have the same car, only issue I have with it is the power locks. The passenger door stopped working 6 months ago, and just last week the driver side stopped working.

  20. I always liked the boxy body style. Shame it's so boring to drive. Like Scotty said it's not a racecar but these cars are just numb. The Accord and Mazda6 aren't racecars either but still provide plenty of feel for their category.

  21. Not just the 2012 Camry have the 2.5L with the 6 speed transmission. Up until the 2016 Camries all have the same engine and transmission

  22. Based on your honest reviews i got a Rav4 2014 AWD, 2 years in and im only changing oil and break pads. I really enjoy watching your videos and thank you for sharing your knowledge. Keep making the best reviews for us normal people that cant afford to throw money on car repairs.

  23. Recently purchased a 2015 Camry – all is good EXCEPT for an intermittent knocking sound coming from the front somewhere when I turn the steering wheel tight (in either direction), particularly when it hasn't moved for a few hours.
    Anyone got any idea what the problem might be?

  24. I’ve got a 2013 XLE with the 2.5L. Bought it 2 years ago. I hate how boring it is, but love how dependable it is and the great gas mileage. All I have had to do besides tires and oil change was a new windshield and tinted the windows.

  25. Imagine how happy I am. After doing some research, I bought a used car last winter. Today I watched Scotty's video and said, "Hey, that's the exact same car I bought."

  26. I have a red 2010 SE with that same engine… 9 years, almost 80,000 miles later, other than normal wear and tear, and routine maintenance, this car has been 100% reliable for us. It has never stranded us or failed to start. It is the best vehicle in my all-Toyota fleet…

  27. I had a 2013 Camry SE brand new for 3 months. The worst riding car I’ve ever owned! Not sporty yet it had such an uncomfortable harsh ride and rattles worst than a 10 year used car. Traded it in a heartbeat. Could’ve been reliable but I value more driving enjoyment than driving suffering

  28. I have the 2016 Camry, same engine and 6-speed transmission. 128k miles, only done basic maintenance on it including changing the spark plugs and rear and front brakes pads. This thing is bulletproof, somewhat zippy to drive (as zippy a midsize sedan can get), and pretty comfy. I'd give it a 9.25/10 and would buy another Camry of the same generation if the one I have ever got totaled or something.

  29. what about a sore butt. ..
    I put 300 miles on outlander sport. ..time to take a butt break because it's sore…..late 70's early 80s. car seats were way better….
    lazy boy style seats with 18 inches of padding. …..
    my first car was a 79 Plymouth Volare. tan seats ever. lazy boy style. .225 slant 6…..
    early 90s put 5 dollars in fuel tank….cruise all night long back in the day…..3 speed manual. .4th . gear was overdrive. …
    two door car with a aftermarket sunroof….pimping back in the day……with that ride…..

  30. I have a 2017 facelift Camry with that engine and it also my the 6 speed (The 8 speed didnt come out until 2018) and I have a 2010 with the older engine but I have no engine burning problems and its 150K miles

  31. I have a 2AZ-FE 02 Camry SE with about 110k on it and I was going to do my valve cover gasket on it because the cover is leaking. Do the early model 2AZ-FEs still have piston ring issues?

  32. Bought a 2007 with only 50,000 for $7500 .We can easily get 350,000 miles out of it but we only drive 5000 a year .It will out last me

  33. SOS as w/ most his vids. This time he repeats himself twice. Sometimes older isn't better especially when you're a lush.

  34. Scotty, we've owned an 2012 Camry JUST like this one since new. We are approaching 150K mostly trouble-free miles. Toyota did issue a service bulletin for a ECM software glitch which damages the torque converter. We were not notified of this TSB until after it ended, and began experiencing transmission slipping. Toyota determined the faulty torque converter was the result of the ECM glitch. They decided to replace the entire transmission free of charge, outside of the TSB! We couldn't believe it. It's imperative that you buy a 2012-2014 Camry which has had the ECM update!

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