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The website C4ISRNet reported that, the German
radar-maker Hensoldt has claimed that it managed to track two American made F 35 stealth fighter
jets from a pony farm for almost 100 miles or around 150 km during an air show. The Hensoldt’s passive radar system TwInvis
accomplished this during Berlin Air Show in late 2018. Reports indicate that TwInvis radar system
is equipped with sophisticated sensors and processors and is capable of bypassing the
F-35’s stealth technology. Though it’s not fully clear the exact method
used by the radar , but some details indicate that it can observe electromagnetic emissions
in the atmosphere to detect the stealth jets. In this video Defense Updates analyzes how
German made radar managed to detect F 35 5th generation stealth fighter ?
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20 million players from all over the world! The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II which
is a single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole fighters is undergoing final
development and testing by the United States. The Pentagon began the F 35 program in 2001
with an aim to develop a cost-effective replacement for the U.S. military’s F15 fighters, F
16 and F18 fighter bombers and reconnaissance aircraft and A10 close in support warplanes. The F-35 has three main models: the conventional
takeoff and landing F-35A (CTOL), the short take-off and vertical-landing F-35B (STOVL),
and the catapult-assisted take-off but arrested recovery, carrier-based F-35C (CATOBAR) Apart from the United States, the primary
customer and financial backer, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Turkey,
Australia, Norway, and Denmark are also part of the program. Many other nations like Japan and Israel are
also deploying the fighters. The nine major partner nations, including
the U.S, plan to acquire over 2,000 F-35s through 2035, which, if delivered will make
the F-35 one of the most numerous jet fighters. On 2 August 2016, the U.S. Air Force declared
its first squadron of F-35A fighters combat-ready. The fighter aircraft are expected to remain
in service till 2050. The program has been struggling with cost
overruns and technical issues but it now seems to have slowly matured and in a recent deal
the unit price of the F-35A moved below $80 million. The unique selling point of F 35 is its stealth
characteristics. F 35 has the lowest Radar Cross Section (RCS)
of all the jets except the F 22 Raptor. • Against x-band radars, it is stealthy
from front and rear • Against S-band radar, it is stealthy from
the narrow front aspect • Against L-band radar, the limited reduction
is achieved from direct front Classified techniques have also been used
to reduce the heat signature of F 35. This thermal profile management of the jet
makes it difficult for Infrared (IR) homing missiles to target it. All in all, it is a very Low Observable (LO)
platform and this gives it the ability to penetrate even heavily defended enemy airspace. As per reports, the incident is related to
two F-35 planes that were sent to Germany from Luke Air Force Base in Arizona for the
Berlin event. It is important to note that the F-35s didn’t
take to the skies during the event and Hensoldt was not able to try its radar on the jet. But the company didn’t lose heart and waited
for the jets to take to the sky. Its waiting game paid off as it got information
that F 35s were preparing to leave for the U.S from Germany. Hensoldt activated the TwInvis radar system
located at a nearby pony farm. Later on, it was revealed that the TwInvis
was able to detect the F 35s up to 100 miles or around 150 km from the base. Lockheed Martin which is the designer of the
jet was questioned in this regard. The corporation’s spokesman Michael Friedman
wrote in a statement to Defence News that “when the F-35 is not flying operational
missions that require stealth — for example, at air shows, ferry flights or training — they
ensure air traffic controllers and others are able to track their flight to manage airspace
safety.” He added, “The Air Force can best address
questions related to their F-35s participation at the Berlin Air Show” The assertion indicates the potential circumstances
in which the F 35s were detected. It seems that the F 35s were not in stealth
mode and had its radar reflectors turned on. Radar reflectors are used to make the LO (Low
Observable) aircraft visible to radars and generally used when the stealth jets participate
in events like airshows. They are activated so that ATC (Air Traffic
Control) can track and guide them. Another reason for using the reflectors is
that the actual radar returns of the jet are camouflage and the observing sensors like
the once deployed by Hensoldt can’t gather actual data. This is aimed at keeping the radar profile
of the jet – a secret. As for as this incident is concerned, it seems
that TwInvis passive-radar was able to detect the F 35s as it was allowed to. It is important to note that Hensoldt had
earlier stated that the TwInvis passive-radar works even if the radar reflectors are not
turned on though there is no way to independently validate it.

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  1. What most idiots here fail to realise is that stealth planes can be detected the hard part is trying to lock on onto it with missiles for an accurate shot,

  2. My guess is they weren’t using all their stealth characteristics like active jamming etc., because for airshow flyover and congested European airspace you don’t want to be stealthy

  3. So? F-117A’s were certainly tracked during the Gulf War until they were “stealthed up” when crossing the border. While I am no expert I expect this includes withdrawing protuberances like lights, also radar reflectors such as you indicated, turning off transponders and generally reducing electronic and (probably) other emissions. Also the jets fly profiles to avoid enemy radars of which they are aware. Further, detection is not tracking; it’s different. Detection does not a kill-chain make…


  4. So much for the wanted F-35 super stealth, how many years was it in actual service before it became obsolete? 2 maybe 3 years?

  5. Click past the incredibly repetitive description of the history and capability of the F-35

  6. of course the germans detected it. They don't fly stealthy when they're at an airshow…ddduuhhh ! They have to turn their radar feflectors on when flying airshows so ATC can track them to avoid civilian airplanes from colliding into them.

  7. Fake news. We install radar reflectors so that the F-35s can be seen by ATC! Also, radar reflectors are installed during non-stealth missions/flights so that adversaries cannot gain information.

  8. Learn how stealth works. They're designed to be extremely hard to detect by high frequency x,ku ect high frequency fire control radars. They're only designed to be stealthy at med range against against low frequency search radars. They're not invisible to search radars it's about fire control radars

  9. I love the cognitive dissonance on display by the Yank-roaches in this comment section 😂😂😂 so many excuses, lol.

  10. They are only 80 million per plane because they haven't installed the full weapons suite yet. Retro fitting it will be very expensive but the delay was too big for Lockheed to deal with. So they started producing the bare bones version.

  11. Learn what is stealth?? Stealth is a tech use for uploading videos on tik tok
    Stealth uses insta,twitter,wei bo, facebook to cover itself.
    Stealth tech was first develop by NASA head scientist Johnny Sins(nobel winner for most hardworking)
    Lastly, stealth protect us from many diseases.

  12. Detected? German? On airshow? Those 2 F35 just simply carried the external fuel tank in order to fly to europe or atleast they just carried missiles in external pylon.
    If they think they can detected it(Well, they"claimed", isnt it?). Then fine, but again why are the german? What's next, France? Then UK, then Poland, then Romania, then Lituania, then Serbia? Oh, and i believe even Switzerland will try that, too. I will ask you 1 question. Why the F35 needs to be stealth when it's in its own allied territory and just going to airshow?

    Edit: Sorry, i was wrong that's after the airshow in german, but it still doesn't change the fact that why the F35 needs stealth when it's in its own allied territory. External fuel tank comes in my mind when they want to fly to europe or back to US.

  13. Lol 😂

    Also, in a battle scenario Anti-radiation missiles would have been sent to the TwinVis radars once the F35s knew they were tracked.

  14. Radar reflectors turned on…Not in stealth mode…Jamming was off…Guys, are you kidding me? Please invest in reading some literature how a stealth is achieved…

  15. Why is it every time this plane gets seen people freak out like it's literally invisible… IT'S STILL AN AIRCRAFT. if you run around with all the stealth features active it's easier for you enemies to learn. Leave it off and they think they have you but really they have, NO IDEA

  16. Bullshit story. The F35 had reflectors deployed that are designed to make it detectable by civilian radars during non combat operations. BTW the Netherlands just ordered another batch of F35s.

  17. Wow, the Germans can now radar track an F 35 when they engage their radar deflectors, which they use so civilian air traffic control can see them and there isn't any problems when they fly through heavy air traffic areas such as in Germany and the rest of Europe……those clever little buggers….

  18. PULL OUT your copy of Skolnik!! Low-frequency antennas have LOW DIRECTIVITY hence low SNR and LOW DETECTABLILITY! GEEEZ! Can't you guys do simple math??

  19. DIABOLICAL!! Who'd have imagined they'd hide a radar in a Pony-farm! Real Boris Badinov!! And they got a few hits on F35's WITH EXTERNAL TANKS AND TRAFFIC RETRO-REFLECTORS!! Call the Pentagon!! Quick!! We have a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!! [this is a JOKE RIGHT!?]

  20. The Germans most likely used the old Soviet systems of the GDR. It's high time to realize that if your Patriots can't shoot down a plywood drone, then your planes can't be invisible.
    American military experts are as naive as children.

  21. I read the real article about the incident. They were picked up by civilian radar. In most battle scenario those type of radars are usually where civilian populations are and far from US military targets.

  22. The short answer is that the F35's had their radar reflectors turned on for two reasons: So air traffic control can track and guide them and to maintain the stealth profile of the F35 a secret. The F35s were detected because they allowed themselves to be.

  23. Thanks I wrote this to you last time, here is what happened in Syria with su 35s and f22 link below Swedish reporter interview with us pilot from squadron 380 said it all that f22 has two flaws maintenance but worst was that sukhoj 35 last year over Syria sukhoj su 35s locked f22 twice with sukhoj s57 sensors and after just went away after that us pilot got the message that Russia just tested it, after that trump forbidden f35to flying over Syria and said it to Israel to, after I read this link I remembered what trump said, here is the link, translet it from Swedish to English, names of pilots is there to,.

  24. Russia have new ground radar just tested and soon they will be manufactured so there will be export version to so China just. waiting for it

  25. Fun fact: the Warsaw Pact developed a similar system in the 1980's, called Ramona. North Korea still have these in service.

  26. When the F22 and F35 flys outside the US it has devices installed that makes it more visible to radars, it keeps it's true capabilities hidden from possible enemies.

  27. So they set up at a location out from a field they knew the F35 was using, but could not track them when they came in because they didnt know when they were coming? Why would globalist Germany try and publicize this anyway. Its time to drop Germany from NATO and let them align with Russia. Thats more Merkel's style.

  28. Listen to the way this guy says “Technology” at the beginning of the video. I think he is a Russian and this is a propaganda site.

  29. The entire premise of this claim is ridiculous. They clearly state the 'pony farm' was near the airport. Flying any aircraft (no matter what degree of stealth is in the design) within a few miles of any radar system is going to reveal them. Hell, you can just look out the window and see them, or just listen for the engines at that range. That's not what stealth is for. It's to minimize the chance at detection to get the jets within effective range of their ordinance to identify and take out enemy defenses and high value targets. Once any radar has a lock and track on a known object well enough to predict it's immediate course following it is not all that difficult. You know where it could possibly be, so any return in that immediate area allows it to be followed with a relatively high confidence level. The fact that they lost it in a hundred miles, even with all those initial advantages, doesn't say much for their system. To cover the usual footprint of a economically feasible military radar system, say let's say a 400 mile radius, would require at a minimum of sixteen dual systems such as they used in their test ( that's 32 radars, for the math impaired) since they won't have the initial advantage of knowing exactly where the approaching aircraft might be on the six hundred mile fringe of their detection range (2 Pi R). For workable detection and targeting to guard a single point source such as a vital installation or troop concentration when the approaching stealth aircraft is carrying AMRAM missiles, let's say a 200 mile working radius, would require four dual systems (that's 8 radars) for a decent chance at interdiction. Believe me, that kind of deployment gets expensive real fast.

  30. And you American still believe, that the Russians can't detect this overpriced junk, when even the Germans can, who are not even known for good radars like the Russians are… I think your back to reality will hurt pretty bad, if you don't finally wake up!

  31. The typical Lunberg lens radar reflector doesn’t work in the frequency range of this passive radar system. Most passive aka multistatic radar systems use high power RF emitters I.e. digital tv, radio, and other higher power broadcast transmitters as the illumination source to track aircraft by the use of TDOA most of these transmitters fall well below the L band into the VHF and UHF bands. 50-1000 MHz. At these frequencies Rayleigh scattering is the primary return mode of an object the size of a fighter jet as large parts of the aircraft approach the wavelength or multiples of the wavelength. This is the same reason we see many VHF and UHF radars being fielded. The big issue is the longer the wavelength the less accurate the location can be. My guess is yes they saw returns and got rough locations for these F-35’s but any useful targeting information would have been too corse to even cue a fire control radar on to the aircraft. This is a well known and published weakness of LO aircraft. To me not even news worthy

  32. Its one thing to detect a plane randomly and another to know exactly where its going to be when its going to be and just focus on that area

  33. Detecting isnt same as getting a missile lock and send a missile towards it.
    You need a fire control radar in x,ku or L band to do that,or IRST
    I can see in the comment section that not many knows how stealth works

  34. There is a huge difference between detecting and accurately tracking for a missile lock, stealth does not mean invisible.

  35. How did German radar detect the F35? The Germans turned on the radar and looked at the screen! Nothing is undetectable.

  36. Man the f35 is a turkey. Its stealth is so bad I can stand at the end of a runway and hit it with shotgun blasts as it takes off just like what was done with that f117 in Serbia. <<<<<<Sarcasm. See what I did there>>>>>

  37. OK————– The F-35 during Airshow performances are required to use transponders for the safety of all aircraft around them… Anyone could have tracked the F-35 then.

  38. Enough power to a radar set and the pilot's gonads will reflect. Turn on a radar set that high and HARM will eat you alive. It's an odds, risk benefit thing. They are claiming PASSIVE radar detected them. I say BS.

  39. Whatever one or another day in near future there may be a technology by which one can detect Stealth planes like F-35

  40. If you think the F-35 is flying outside U.S. airspace or combat zones with a LO signature you're a fucking moron.

  41. The US air Force ain't gonna fly their new jets around saying " hey! We're in stealth mode, try and detect us!" reflectors were on and drop tanks fixed for the long flight. This is all true, like they said, they were seen because they wanted to be seen.

  42. According to C4ISRNet also noted that the German company knew when the jets were coming and were able to use the signals from the jets’ "ADS-B TRANSPONDERS" to help identify the craft. Without the transponders turned on they would NOT be able to identify and track the jets.

    So although this may sounds troublesome for those flying into battle, real enemies will not know when these fighter jets are coming – so they may not be able to detect them without this knowledge.

  43. And America is letting Turkey's to have a f35. Turkey will give all the details of its f35 to Russia in a blink of eye. Don't trust Turkeys they only good boiled with vegetables 😋

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