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How I Pack the Car for Camping 2018

How I Pack the Car for Camping 2018

Exactly how I…what I’m going to do is I’m going to bring you in closer so that… so that way I can explain…Oh my god…BeepExactly how I pack my car for tent, for car…(laughing)BeepMy name is Jillian and this is Jillian Camps Arizona and today we’re just going to be doing a quick video on how I pack my car for car camping. So what I like to do first is I like to lay down a moving blanket to protect all my camping gear from scratching my car. So first, we’re going to do that. (Sped-up Video) So I think what I’ll do next is I’ll just kind of stack everything in there like how I usually do it, and then, instead of explaining along the way, I’ll just explain it at the end. Okay, so, here we go. (Music Montage) Not to mention all my camera gear! I hope you enjoyed this video. As you can kind of see, I just put most of my camping gear, the heavier stuff on the right side, for easy access as soon as I open the back. It just kind of…especially, with the charcoal here for padding. And then usually what I do is in that red bag that you saw me putting in there, it’s easy access to the tent stakes, and the mallet. So that I can put up the tent as soon as I arrive at the campsite. So, I just pull everything out, and this is all of my main tent… camping gear. Okay, so, I hope you enjoyed this video. Again, I knew it was going to be a short one, and thank you very much. Bye now.

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