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How Industrial IoT is Transforming Manufacturing | Cognizant

How Industrial IoT is Transforming Manufacturing | Cognizant

Imagine a world where industrial
facilities and production are optimally controlled through a convergence of the
digital and physical world. A network of machines working side-by-side and
collaborating seamlessly with people who are freed up to perform more creative
tasks. This is smart manufacturing, powered by Industrial IOT! At Cognizant,
we drive innovation in manufacturing operations — from R&D to production,
sourcing to delivery and product monitoring to new services, we’ve
successfully guided our clients to develop more efficient human-centered
operating models. Our approach prioritizes customer data and gathering
it from multiple sources to develop actionable insights. This leads to
improved solutions that allow manufacturers to respond more quickly to
their customers. We’ve worked with a leading packaging equipment manufacturer to help them remotely monitor thousands of machines and detect and prevent
service bottlenecks. This increased service parts revenue by 12%. A global
farm equipment manufacturer to visualize all aspects of their sensor enabled
production line. This addressed problems in real-time — an accelerated output of
new products per machine by nearly 50%. And a multinational leader to retrofit
and IOT enable their refrigeration equipment. By remotely predicting service
needs, they reduced response times from 5 hours to just 20 minutes and they reduced product waste by 10%. Cognizant is leading the digital
revolution in Industrial IOT, transforming organizations and enhancing revenues with new ecosystems and business models. Now is the time for us
to help you get started on the path to improved efficiency, better customer
service and increased growth. By connecting real-time data to real-time
outcomes, Cognizant can make your vision a reality.

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