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How to Turn at Advanced Left Turning Traffic Lights to Pass Road Test

How to Turn at Advanced Left Turning Traffic Lights to Pass Road Test

[TURNING LEFT AT ADVANCED LEFT TURNING TRAFFIC LIGHTS] Hi there Smart Drivers. Rick, with Smart Drive Test, talking to you about: Advanced greens. This is video #18 in the VEDA, Video Every Day in April, series. Stick around, we’ll be right back with that information. [INTRODUCTION & MUSIC] Hi there Smart Drivers, welcome back. “Advanced greens” control left-turning vehicles at complex intersections, and oftentimes complex intersections that have turning lanes will also have advanced green lights, not all the time, but most of the time. So, look for that, when you’re approaching the intersection. Now, if you’re new to Smart Drive Test, Smart Drive Test helps new drivers get a license, veteran drivers to remain crash free, and CDL drivers to start a career as a truck or bus driver. So, consider subscribing. As well, hit that bell, that way you’ll get instant notification of when I get the videos up for you. Now, when you’re approaching a complex intersection, look for another traffic light, or a traffic light in the center of the intersection, on the other side of the intersection, that has a sign on it that says ~”left turning vehicles.” If there’s a left turning lane, get in the left turning lane as soon as possible, and try not to turn beside another vehicle. If you turn in the spaces between the vehicles, that’s going to reduce the risk of you being involved in a crash. As well, if you’re on a road test, do not start to turn if that light goes to yellow. Remember, for the purposes of a road test, yellow and a red light are the same color for you, and you got to bring the vehicle to a stop, do not proceed out into the intersection if that light turns yellow. Now, as I said, one other thing, do not turn beside other vehicles when you’re making left-hand turns. And the last point for advanced greens, is if you’re in the outside left turning lane, (which you should be on a road test, because that’ll put you in the right-hand lane on the other side, and that way you don’t have to change lanes,) when you’re coming through the intersection be looking at that Right-hand slip lane. Because, most of these complex intersections are going to have right-hand turning lanes on the other side of the intersection, and you’re gonna have to watch, and make sure there isn’t a right hand turning vehicle that’s gonna pull out in front of you. Most of the time they won’t, because you do have the right-of-way on an advanced green, but they could potentially do that, so keep an eye on that as well, and watch the traffic to the inside, because they may pull over into your lane, or drift into your lane, because they can’t see the lanes, or those types of things. So look out for Advanced left turning lights that will help you move through the intersection, and facilitate more vehicles moving through the intersection per hour. For another great video, click here. To subscribe, click here. And for a great course, click there as well. Good luck on your road test. And remember: Pick the best answer, not necessarily the right answer. Have a great day! Bye now.

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9 thoughts on “How to Turn at Advanced Left Turning Traffic Lights to Pass Road Test

  1. I wanted to let you know Rick that I received my drivers license in the mail on 03/31/18 after I took my road test and passed on 03/20/18. When I received it and opened it, it was a surreal transition feeling that I'm now a licensed driver. I pulled out my learners permit and put my license in my wallet and it felt good. Before I got my license and had my permit, every time I see a car whether it was parked or someone driving, I had the desire to drive, get behind the wheel, and wanting to get my license. When I passed my road test, It felt like that I could jump into any car parked and wanting to start it and drive away. (Can't do that because that's car theft, but that's how I felt.) When I got my license on the day it came in the post office, every time I see a car parked or someone driving, it felt like I actually gotten it and now I can finally drive like everyone else.

    My mom never knew that I went to driving school and got my drivers license. I surprised her last Wednesday on 04/18/18 when she was ready to go to work. I was off at the time and she took her shower. I pulled out my license and placed it on top of her robe when I quietly opened the door and left without making a sound. When she got out and saw it, she finished up and came up to my room and was totally shocked & surprised. I told her everything I did and how I even gone to driving school for free. She was so excited that you can tell from her expression on that day. With all that being said, I want to thank you for your videos as it helped me passed my road test. Here in New York, where I took my road test at Laurelton Test site in Queens, NY, the road test lasts for only 10 minutes. It only consisted of left turns, right turns, three point turns, and parallel parking. Also the traffic signs, rules, and regulations in the area. Compared to the other states in the US and other countries, I might have gotten the easiest road test. Still, even I was nervous on that day and was in a state of excitement when the examiner told me that I passed. I was so excited that day that the instructor had to pull me out of the car because he had to go somewhere (and yes, I was THAT excited. I'm sure you'll understand.)

    Thanks again for your videos as its a great help and I'm going to continue practicing on my driving skills and going to practice on the highway. XD

  2. Rick August, lololol, you gotta go to youtube and type in Joe santagato how to drive, lololololololo, i think you might get a kick out of it.

  3. Sometimes Rick when I realize my exit too late it gets difficult to criss from the far right lane into the left lane. I suppose it's safer to continue in traffic and turn left at next exit and find a way to get on the opposite side and turn at that exit from another angle

  4. Good tips there Rick and I'm not sure if it's safe to turn on green without the left turn arrow because this happens to my intersection RT-57 and Strykers Road and US-22 Greenwich Street since this happened to me sometimes where I have to turn left without the Green Arrow on a left turn priority intersection

  5. My test is on the 17th the 11th time doing the test before I knew about this channel.I think its time.I bought the guarantee course but ill be on this channels bumper for any advantage I can get for the purposes of my road test.So thanks for uploading.

  6. Do you have a video on dual left turns? I'm really bad at them. If I'm on the inside lane I turn too wide and have had drivers beside me honk at me. I also feel I turn too wide on the outside lane.
    How do I determine how much and when to start the turn? I know it's different for every situation but I can't even figure out a general guideline.

  7. Good tips . Question : Why other driver stop in the middle of intersection? How do you know if it's really allowed coz honestly I can't see any reason or signs why some driver stop in the middle of the road in intersection when their turning either left or right . Thanks !

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