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How Unison Can Help: JJ Voss Shares His Story

How Unison Can Help: JJ Voss Shares His Story

Hi, my name is JJ Voss, and like all of you
here I’m lucky enough to be pursuing my dream of making a living in the music
business. But things haven’t always gone according to plan. For about eight years
I had been suffering with chronic back pain due to a herniated disc. There were
times when the pain was so debilitating, I’d be bed-ridden for weeks. Doctors told
me I needed surgery and that I’d have to take off considerable time to heal. But
being self-employed, taking time off wasn’t an option. I persisted through the
pain, self-medicating with handfuls of Advil, Robaxacet, booze, pretty much
anything I could do to find some comfort. Around 2015, it became evident my disc was not getting any better, and at the time I was touring throughout the States,
Canada, played some shows in Europe and I even made it down to South America. I was
living my dreams and I was having the time of my life, all the while working
through some pretty ugly pain. Everything came to a halt when I was in New York
City and I lost the use of my legs all together. The years of masking my pain
finally caught up to me. For eight months I was unable to earn any money while I
recovered from surgery. My bills piled up, I reached my credit limits, and I was on
the verge of having to sell my music gear, and even my house. A friend
suggested reaching out to the Unison Benevolent Fund, so I took the first step
and I asked for help. Unison came through for me in a big way.
They covered my mortgage payments and was able to put groceries in the cupboard
while I took the time to heal and get back on my feet. The phrase “this means
the world to me” was never more real than the day I received help from Unison. When
you commit to a lifelong career in music, you do so without many safety nets.
That’s why Unison exists to help music-makers like me, like all of you, and our
families. Unison has helped hundreds of Canadian music-makers, and with the
demands for assistance increasing exponentially every day, they are always
here for us. But they need our help, too. I humbly ask you to please give to the
Unison Benevolent Fund today. Your donations can help keep a roof over the
head of a music-maker in crisis, provide funds for dental and medical costs, and
even give our community access to valuable counselling services. If you need
help, I encourage you to register at to receive assistance. All
services are confidential and they’re free. I’m very grateful to Unison for
the work that they do. I’ve got a new lease on life, I’m back on my feet, and
I’ve got new music to release. It truly meant the world to me.
Thank you for listening.

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