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I am an Innovator: Additive Manufacturing

I am an Innovator: Additive Manufacturing

So when you think of conventional manufacturing you think of starting with a block of material then you cut and remove things from that block of material additive manufacturing works in the reverse it lays materials down layer by layer to create your final configuration. There’s a lot of people who don’t know what additive manufacturing is but a lot of people do know what 3D printing is. You add materials from the base up usually in a layer by layer fashion you can use it on different types of materials everything from metals, to polymers, even electronics. So a Laser Powder Bed Fusion Machine uses the laser energy to solidify layers of metal that are only the height of a human hair. And it will repeat that process several thousand times until you come out with a finished product. There is a huge variety of parts that can be fabricated by additive manufacturing everything from small non-critical pieces that are plastics all the way up to these highly technical pieces. Very complex designs that are almost impossible to make with conventional manufacturing sometimes they are impossible to make. We can get higher stiffness but lower weight out of our parts we can add more efficient cooling through internal channels, and we can also add dual functionality so we can take what five parts used to do and put them down into one. With a traditional manufacturing technology it might take twelve weeks to get the very first sample and it might take another twelve or fourteen weeks to get the second sample with additive manufacturing we can spin those cycles of learning one right after another. When a customer comes in and we are doing a proposal we can slap a part right on the table and show them what their part would look like. Additive manufacturing allows a designer to break all the rules of traditional design for manufacturing. The hardware you are going to see come out of this company is going to look dramatically different we are going to reduce our part sizes I think you’re going to see more organic types of shapes honeycomb structures lightweighting to get performance that we could’ve only imagined a few years ago.

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