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I Built A Hyper Car In My Shed | RIDICULOUS RIDES

I Built A Hyper Car In My Shed | RIDICULOUS RIDES

JEFF DAVID: The Quantum is a culmination of
my life-long dream to build a super car. COMM: This is the Quantum GP700 and that 700
stands for both the 700 horsepower it produces and the incredibly low 700 kilos it weighs.
That’s an incredible 1:1 power to weight ratio. COMM: It might look like a track car and it
does nought to 60 miles/hour in just 2.6 seconds. COMM: That’s only a fraction slower than
a Formula1 car. While you might think it took a whole Formula 1 size team to put it together, it was in fact built by one man, Jeff David. And, perhaps, most incredibly of all not only
did Jeff build this car himself, he built it in his shed. JEFF DAVID: So, my dream was to always build
the Quantum. So, I thought I would start with the best car at the time, the best roadster
that I could buy and that was an Ariel Atom. JEFF DAVID: So, I bought one and I dismantled
it and then started modifying it. So, I progressively altered the engine and the chassis and the
drivetrain and the brakes to improve the performance, eventually culminating in a car that weighed
700 kilos and had 600 brake horsepower. COMM: Having modified the Atom, Jeff used
his knowledge to set about building the Quantum from scratch. JEFF DAVID: Starting at the nose we have got
the hand fabricated front wing that I made. The design was based on a Formula 3 wing and
I shaped it to try and give it a really narrow front nose. Come around here and you can see
all the moulds and I have made all the original panels for the Quantum in carbon fibre. As
we have all seen in Formula 1 cars when they have an accident and the tracks strewn with
carbon fibre all over, it shatters. So, I experimented with various ballistics grade
Kevlar weaves and aramid cloth in carbon fibre mixtures. This is a result if this panel stand
to the ground and I try this… JEFF DAVID: It’s unbelievably robust for
carbon fibre Kevlar-aramid cloth. JEFF DAVID: The car is a road legal semi-sleek.
The steering wheel is, like, custom-made. COMM: Jeff’s talent for custom making even
extended to creating a bespoke engine for the car. JEFF DAVID: The engine has evolved over many
of the different versions. The overall result has been this progressive increase in power
from 300 brake horsepower, where we started, to 700 horsepower now. JEFF DAVID: It’s probably the highest-powered
supercharged engine in the world of that style and which is emission compliant and road legal. COMM: And Jeff even made sure the car was
comfortable to drive. JEFF DAVID: During the design process of the
car, it was really important to me that the car was comfortable to drive on the road and
I applied suspension that I have developed over 30 years into shock absorber concept
on Quantum and that’s actually worked much better than I ever expected it might have.
It provides a comfortable, compliant ride on a very rough road. JEFF DAVID: The whole process was enormous
time-consuming. I would get up at 5:30 in the morning and the curfew was enforced by my
wife at 7 o’clock at night and that was 7 days a week. My wife was really lovely and
she offered to provide the financial support for the family and she gave me a two-year
deadline. So, I was able to work full-time for two years uninterrupted and to try and
get the car finished. JEFF DAVID: Component cost was about just
over three hundred thousand US, three years ago when the car was built. And it’s approximately
1,800 hours to build the car. COMM: With a price tag that has definitely
exceeded $300,000, Jeff’s masterpiece isn’t for sale although he hasn’t ruled out the
possibility of building a new model if he found an eager customer. JEFF DAVID: I just love the look of the car,
the way it has turned out, the handling, the performance, the acceleration; every aspect
of the car I really enjoy it and I really love it.

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65 thoughts on “I Built A Hyper Car In My Shed | RIDICULOUS RIDES

  1. Impressive but not at same time without track time benchmarks. Would have been cheaper to turbo + supercharge for nice linear power band vs insane amount spent on weight reduction.

  2. This dude has the molds and I would imagine blueprints for the frame he built for V2 so why not start making them and selling them for about 100k or so?

  3. nope the dodge hellcat demon has more power then this crazy beast, it comes with a 840hp supercharged engine

  4. I first saw this and went 'my god thats ugly' but the reality is its like if bodywork and aero was put on an ariel atom!

  5. im by no means trying to slag the guy, granted he did what I never could but honestly I saw A LOT of detailing on this car that scared me. Or should I say the lack there of.

  6. What a machine…..I met the owner today, and seen the car in the flesh. Have total respect for Jeff and his amazing creativity.

  7. So you can't run a pod filter in Victoria without getting pinged but you can build this and get it registered and engineered no problems?

  8. The guy is obviously a talented engineer and fabricator, but in the end it looks like a gussied up Ariel Atom. Certainly doesn't look like $300,000 and 1800 man hours worth of gussied upness, either! A Rezvani Beast looks much better than this thing…for less! Bottom line, there are SO many other better vehicles available for that kind of investment!

  9. That front suspension was way cool!! Make some sort of a kit for people to build like the Ariel atom or whatever it was called. A car production company is so crazy expensive now days, selling kits to fund the part 2 of it would be rad. I'd buy one!!

  10. My hat goes off to anyone attempting to build their own car, and there’s no denying the end result is fantastic, but shed? I think you may be stretching it a little, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps a little tongue in cheek? Lol.

    On my channel I really did build my own Supercar in my shed, it was 8 by 12, and it wasn’t easy.

  11. This car looks like the car from MHA Two Heros movie, the one at the beginning of the movie with All Might in it

  12. Am i the only one having a hard time understanding why they explain it with horsepower and kilos. If you use kilos Dont you use KW? If its 1500 pounds and puts down 700hp, thats not 1 to 1. Torque figures would come into play for this math aswell. Nice build tho

  13. Cool vehicle but i know he wanted an Ariel Atom which got banned from being sold for road until recently i believe due to road legal issues, so why not take a good design a build from it.
    Clearly by the looks of things its not his first rodeo either, and they say shed but its a workshop haha
    …More lol i wrote this whole thing before even getting into the video hahaha

  14. Nice power to weight. Not so sure about the front wing though. At 00:40 the thing flexes and wobbles far too much to provide useful work. Looking at the mountings, it will fracture very quickly at speed if it wobbles that much going slowly on smooth local raods.

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