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I Built My Own Formula 1 Car | RIDICULOUS RIDES

I Built My Own Formula 1 Car | RIDICULOUS RIDES

COMM: Mišo Kuzmanović had the idea to build a Formula 1 car from scratch, ever since he was a child. COMM: The
top speed for this F1 lookalike is about 100 miles per hour – not quite fast enough to race the real thing.

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89 thoughts on “I Built My Own Formula 1 Car | RIDICULOUS RIDES

  1. There is so many things wrong that I don´t know where to start…. BTW… are those… air filters…poking from the rear? At first I thought they were bovs… or horns….

    And the croocked…i was about to say driving position, but everything is crooked.

    I tho love the no brakes in the rear….

  2. Serious… He build that Car by his own 0:49
    So he could give them Car any Look/Optic he like …
    So why did it look like a Gigantic Baby Toy Car ???
    If you make soooo muuuuch Work… why dont you do it right ??
    Instead of building a gigantic ugly Toy Car.

  3. Hehe, pola ovih komentatora iz EU zovu majstora da im promjeni kucnu sijalicu, i nisu u zivotu bilo sta sastavili, kamo li samostalno varili i konstruisali. Bitan je entuzijazam ovog covjeka i susret s necim.sto realno nadmasuje njegove mogucnosti i uspjeo je, kako tako. A vi glupi grbavci samo komentarisite..

  4. Dude ok i won't argue that it isn't a bit rise, but the fact that he built it himself is amazing! Don't listen to all those idiots here, none of them can ever reach you keep doing your thing!

  5. one hand I find the car a bit ridiculously pretentious. But in the other hand I must concede the builder he put a lot of effort on it. Most of those who are laughing at it wouldn't be able to build one by themselves (ourselves).

  6. you people don't understand, this man in bosnia is king of the hill, you western guys don't understand balkan mentality, he puts a lot of work in this project, with a minimum budget, but most of comments i read people make fun of this guy, try to make a car with his ammoun of money. He build a street legal car. Most of you don't like a design, but for him it beautiful , we have different tastes, look in this way the car can run on streets without police problems .

  7. Fair play to him for building a car but it doesn't even look like an F1 car and it has the performing of a smart fortwo

  8. It would look better if it god 1 seat defuser good engine more serious racing and just the design can be alot things. Be done

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