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If You Don’t Have This Car Mod You’re Stupid

If You Don’t Have This Car Mod You’re Stupid

rev up your engines today I’m going to
show you some great products I’ve been trying out now this tool cost almost
nothing it’s an obd to memory saver got an
amazon it was like $12.99 but man it can save you a lot of problems realize a
modern car site they’re very complex under the hood simply disconnecting your
battery can mess with the computer system can make it idle weird lose your
radio presets and that’s what the burglar alarm just changing the battery
on your car can create problems some modern vehicles hey you got to pay a mechanic like to use our fancy computer to reset stop if you disconnect the battery
or replace the battery so if you have one of these simple memory savers you
can bypass all that nonsense don’t prevent all that electrical problem you
just need this device plugs into the OBD port you just go on dash there it is
right here that’s it connect the other end to any 12-volt power supply in this
case I’m using a motorcycle battery positive I’m positive negative negative
that’s it no mess no fuss now if you replace the
battery or disconnected so you can do electrical work and not charge something
out the computer memory stays alive so it doesn’t reset anything and I found
this particular $13 one to be the best because it’s simple it just plugs in
positive and a positive red negative the negative black you can’t screw up and
since you’re using an external power supply you don’t have to worry about
something going wrong don’t make some of these to have a 9-volt battery built-in
and different all these things but then you got to worry is that battery good is
it gonna hold power supply to these clips this thing’s gonna keep the memory that’s why this inexpensive one it’s the
best one as far as I’m concerned the plug only plugs in one way so you can’t
screw that up if you try upside down it won’t plug in and these are very simple
read it spas electricity black is ground negative electricity that’s it so if
you’re gonna plan on working on your car even something as simple as changing the
battery buy one of these $13 memory save
devices and you’ll thank Scotty when everything works just like it is you don’t find Oh
the car is idling poorly now or I can’t turn my radio on because the end I
thought went on or the anti-theft system of the car’s gone ballistic or in fancy
cars like BMWs or Porsches the sunroof won’t work all those little electric
windows that go down when you close the door and pop up they won’t work you can
bypass all that stuff with a simple memory saver like this now the next
product I’m talking about is magic guard a metal polish it is insane I have been
trying it out for quite some time now since you’re a monopoly may check out
these crappy wheels here they’ve been polished in years you just open up the
magic guard and put some on I’m using one of these clean
nice work towels I have put a whole bunch on you want to make sure it’s covered
everything now let it sit on for 60 seconds yeah just 60 seconds yeah while
waiting for the 60 seconds here’s the back story of this stuff man in Missouri
and vanadate he died a short while ago but his son has taken over the company
he went to car shows all over the place he often won Best in Show with his own
cars cuz he used this polish to polish them up and they’d shine like mad and
rightful he’s proud of this product just don’t make it Missouri and it really
works great for polish and stuff now we’re gonna start polishing and as you
can see it’s starting to polish up pretty good now it was really pitted in
here so I’m gonna do this particular such and one more time but you can see
it’s already looking a lot better then the side that we haven’t polished yet so
we’re gonna work on this side too and as you can now see it’s really starting to
buff out good you can see all the rust and crud that’s coming off on the rag and sure it’s work you got a rub hey you want something shiny
you got it rub it look what it ends up like just look at the shine look at that
thing shines like mad I realized these are
thirteen year old rims and hot humid Houston taxes the plating pits but you
can see what a great job this polish does like I said the guy that made this in
Missouri hey he used in on his show cars and won all kinds of show stuff with and the real advantages protects the wheels that prevents rust it’s rain
repellant and yes it’s got some type of wax base on it shines for a long time
before it just fades away especially the older ones that I use years ago they
polished fine but they polished by buffing off the metal then there’s bare
metal sitting outside and guess what it oxidizes extremely quickly and then
corrodes away check out my motorcycle I polished just think six months ago and
look it’s still really shiny before hit all oxidize because I polished it with a
regular polish didn’t have wax or anything in it and this quickly got
white and look horrible it’s still shiny six months later sitting here as the
saying goes only time will tell well time told me that this stuff not
only works but it also lasts try it out if you’re really into polishing metal
stuff let me look here now I can’t stop I need to go polish the other ones too
it’s addictive now the last product I tested out is this going to engine
protectant shine what this does is it prevents metal parts from corroding if
you live in a corrosive environment here in the Gulf Coast near the ocean salt
waters gonna coast off just a humidity of houston corrode stop you live up
north the salt they put on a road and the winner is gonna corrode metal you
can coat your matter with this stuff and it’ll prevent the corrosion from
grabbing and holding it’s easy to put on you can spray it on a rag and wipe it on
the metal or you can spray it on directly don’t wipe the residue off wipe
it all off I’ve been trying this on for months and
you can see it’s pretty shiny it was extremely corroded to begin with
I could have polished it down but that’s too much work I just want to see if it’s
gonna keep it from getting more corrosion which is exactly what it did
being a mechanic I only care about saving things so they don’t corrode either rust
or in a case of aluminum pit badly enough that it creates problems now if
you’re an absolute fanatic the shine is the last thing you’d use you can clean
your engine to your heart’s content degrease it polish it all up and then
finish it off with this which is gonna leave a nice safety covering so the
metal won’t corrode and he’ll really be shiny if you go through all that
but I’m too lazy to do all that I just use this to keep things from corroding I
really don’t care that they’re all that shiny under the hood the hoods close I
don’t care I don’t have show cars I’m not showing these I’m just driving them
around now this has various petrochemical center but strange enough
when I read the directions in a soybean oil in a two so maybe if you got bugs in
your neighborhood after your posh it don’t come and lick the soybean but
I haven’t seen any extra cockroaches under there so maybe they don’t like the
other chemicals that it’s mixed with so now you know three products that I tried
out and found work quite well and since this is mechanic Monday I’ll be giving
away a case of this magic guard Polish deaf chance to win place to clean
non-offensive comment under YouTube comments below to be able to polish a
way to their heart’s content and make their vehicles all shiny and new and
here’s some bonus questions and answers there we go again I guess you can call
this better late than never the Dodge Viper is now being recalled 15
years after it was made that the airbag could potentially just
go off Randall me whenever they want and whack you in the head we should not be a
good thing in one of those fast Vipers if you’re driving it around hundred miles an
hour and they randomly just had to go off and hit your hat now the estimated
defects for these it’s really something it’s 100 percent a lot of times they have a recall they have half of 1% or something the cars having the problem
with you recall them off this one it’s a hundred percent recall for all of them
they realize they might have all wrong not a real shocker they’re though not for Dodge and Chrysler and even saying that the airbag running like might not even come
out well where you just be driving on rough sudden when it goes off I guess
it’s since it’s so much later those were the Vipers that we’re extremely
fast vehicles I’m sure quite a few of them are in
junkyards now or have been crushed and or aren’t even running I got a customer
owns two of them and neither of them are running anymore he’s in the process of
suing them he’s been suing them for years over the car so I mean it’s pretty
safe they’re not driving so if the airbags do go off their not going to hit anything but air cuz nobody’s inside them now they only sold three thousand
three hundred twenty-nine of these very poor so it’s not that big a mob they
actually solved they’re pretty much a dramatic failure they’re one of those
you know ideas that sounded good at the time and then when they made them they
had so many problems with them like I said I got a customer’s got two of them
the engines went out on both of them but they weren’t that well made but uh got
advanced lady that over fifteen years later I recall at every single one of
them the airbags may just decide to go off randomly with no warning whenever
they feel like it, it sounds like something at Chrysler is just full of anyway they always
had problems this is just the tip of the iceberg although a rather large
tip if you have an old one and you’re diving on I wear the bag decides to go
off in your face guy says hey I’m having issues with the electical on my 92 Chevy
Silverado two-wheel drive half-ton 5.7 motor it’s melted wire under the dash my
fan motor blows the heat in there in a cab and it’s hot I can’t turn it off and
a bunch of wires at a firewall have been melted help one you got to fix all the
melted wires there’s no way if ands or buts about they had caught them splicing
new sections but GM’s are notorious for having bad ground wires and what happens
is if you have a bad ground wire then often it will use a power wire to try to
ground the system and so then you got power and ground on the same wire and a
heat up and they melt you’re gonna have to fix all the melted wires there’s no
way out of them it’s often the ground wires it’s a 92 my advice is be if you
get a good book or go to alldata diy. com and find all the ground wires on
that car and check them off you find that they’re corroded if they get
corroded then they can’t ground correctly they
get hot the whole system gets hot if you lose grounds entirely the system will
start using regular wires to ground it the old ground and power on the same
wiring it really makes a mess so let’s pray you find a bad ground wire I mean
it started the simple thing the negative ground cable on the battery follow
everywhere it goes take it off make sure it’s all clean and shiny bolt it back on
you have correct ground because a lot of times it’s because dum is the battery
cable is loose or corroded where it bolts onto the engine or where it bolts
on to the frame of the vehicle which is the main ground but there’s also lots of
little grounds you want to check them off so if you never want to miss another
one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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