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iPhone Sized Drone! DJI Mavic Mini Review!

iPhone Sized Drone! DJI Mavic Mini Review!

(upbeat electro music) – And here it is, it’s the Mavic Mini, this
thing is so incredibly cute, like I can’t even handle
it and it’s so light. It is so light in fact that you do not have to register it with the FAA. So that’s one of the newest drone laws, is if you have an unmanned aircraft that is more than 250 grams, you have to make sure that you register it to legally be able to fly it. So this is ironically 249 grams. It’s crazy how small this is, like it’s smaller than
my iPhone 11 Pro Max. The max distance that this
will fly with the controller is two and a half miles and it has a 30 minute maximum flight time on just a single charge. It has a micro USB port for charging and it supports 18 watt fast charging. For photos it’s 12 megapixels and the max resolution for video is 2.7k, so you can shoot in 25
or 30 frames a second. But if you switch it to full HD, you can shoot 1920×1080, 25,
30, 50, and 60 frames a second. It has both GPS and downward
sensors for vision positioning, so it can hover both indoors and outdoors. There’s also some snap prop guards which are best used indoors
in case you hit something. I love DJI’s quick shots,
much like other drones, it has the usual rocket, drony, circle, and helix camera moves. It also has this newly
redesigned DJI Fly app, the viewing area is 20%
larger if you compare it with the DJI GO 4 app. I feel like this drone
is really being aimed at beginners, but if you’re
an experienced drone pilot, I think this is gonna be super fun for us. This is the case, I
love this thing so much because you can basically
fit everything in it. You’ve got your drone, you’ve
got your battery charger, and the controller but, underneath of it, you can fit your cables and I
have some extra prop guards. I love this controller because
the joysticks are removable and this is probably one
of my favorite features the DJI finally started integrating
in the past few versions of their drone controllers. This makes it so much easier for storage. This is the battery charger, which out of all the things
that DJI has ever made, like I really never have that
many negative things to say, but this battery charger
is so incredibly difficult to get the batteries out of. Like, am I doing something
wrong, I don’t understand? But once you get the batteries out, you can get 30 minutes of flight time. (upbeat electro music) I just wanna go on record saying that, right now this is probably
my favorite drone to date. The size of the quality,
and even flying it, like it was super smooth,
it’s not too windy out today but even so, like, I was
flying really quickly. I was in sport mode. All right let’s go somewhere else. (upbeat electro music) I’m gonna test out the
Senna Smooth feature. This isn’t something that’s new but, I really usually never fly like this because I like to fly quick and fast and in sport mode, you
can make big movements but it doesn’t allow you
to actually go that fast. So it keeps everything very
cinematic and very smooth, hence the name Senna Smooth. (upbeat electro music) My little baby! Come here, come here! (upbeat electro music) So we’re back in Catalina, and now I’ve got all of my
indoor accessories to play with. We’ve got the Mavic Mini DIY creative kit and I have my prop guards already on, I just did a quick test flight, just to see how it flew around the house and it was pretty awesome. So these prop guards
just snap on fairly easy, so they just go on each side
to protect your propellers, you will definitely hit
things in your house, like that’s, unless you’re
like an incredible pilot, I don’t even care, you’re
probably gonna hit something, because you can’t really see
up or down when you’re flying so I kept hitting the ceiling, cause’ I was sitting downstairs
and I flew it upstairs so, the only view that you have obviously is from your controller. Let’s open this up, I really don’t even know
what this is gonna look like, we’ve got some crayons, markers, these are probably markers, I wouldn’t imagine they
would give you crayons to decorate the faceplate with. We’ve got a wide variety of colors, we’ve got a yellow, blue, a
red, a black, and a green. Oh, they’re like little stickers. This is cool, so you can color it, it also has some blank ones. I mean, look how cool that’s gonna look. Lemme just do a really quick illustration, just to see how these markers
write on it because honestly, that’s one of the things
that I would wanna know if I was watching this video. Oh, it writes actually pretty nice. My review of the markers is actually, I would say probably
like an eight outta ten. But we gotta test all the colors. That’s terrible, that’s disgusting. That’s absolutely terrible. I juce t tin, I juce tin (laughs) all right this is honestly, this is embarrassing but I’m
gonna put it on my drone. So I think we have to
clean our drone first, probably should have turned it off so I should have saved battery. But the battery on this thing is amazing. The whole time we were in Catalina, I was really surprised
at how much battery life we ended up getting with this. Wow! Oh God, I’m shaking, I
had too much caffeine. Okay. Oh, I’ve messed up. Okay, you guys get the
point, it’s beautiful. Okay, let’s take off, I’ll just take off right here, why not? So right now we have another
shoot happening as well, we’re setting up for
something really cool, we’re shooting a bunch of
really cool 180 videos. So this entire place has just been, I mean, there’s just stuff everywhere, like it’s a mess. You guys will see very shortly. (drone rotors whine) Whoa! I’m really, thoroughly
enjoying this so far. Oh my gosh, guys there we are. This looks like an actual hurricane has gone through this place. (drone rotors whining) I’m driving it pretty quickly, through this house Oh! So, okay, it would be this way. Right there! (laughs) You guys wanna go to the laundry room? Okay! Laundry. Oops, I hit the wall, it’s okay. (drone rotors whining) This is handling really well inside. (drone rotors whining) Oopsie! (laughs) Oh God! (tense orchestral music) No, that’s terrifying! Oopsies! That’s okay! Let’s get upstairs and see Jenna. Oh, I gotta go up. Oopsies. Oops. Oh boy, we’ve hit some stuff I know it. (slow tense drumming) Oh, oh! I can’t tell where I am! Hi! There’s Jenna. Okay, this definitely helped,
taking it out of sport mode. Jenna’s doing an unboxing here. Okay, let’s go back downstairs! (tense music) Sorry! (laughs) So, I don’t know how that went. (drone rotors whining)
(tense music) I’m gonna fly it really fast in here. Okay, are you ready? Okay, I’m just gonna hit forward, it’s gonna go real fast. Holy crap! (laughs) That was incredible! (drone rotors whining)
(tense music) – [Man] What happened? – I hit it really hard. (slow tense music) Here we go. And we’re back. (drone rotors whine) and we’re perfect. (slow dramatic music) Okay, wow. I don’t know what was happening upstairs. So that’s a first look at the Mavic Mini and honestly, I love this thing so much. Now, the quality that
you’re getting from this is obviously not gonna
be that of the Mavic Pro or anything like that,
because it’s not 4K, it’s a smaller sensor,
and this is something that is a little more
geared towards beginners but, all in all, if I’m traveling and I just wanna get some cool drone shots on a hike or something like that, this is great, I love that
it has these prop guards. I was able to fly really well inside and I think if you’re looking for a cool, small, little tiny drone that will get you some cool aerial shots, like, this is it, like, I don’t think that
there’s anything else out there like this right now. And especially cause’ it’s DJI, it’s like their software, everything. No, there’s nothing else
out there like this. And I’m hyped. That’s the end of the video
so, see you guys later. I’ll put a link in the description. (upbeat electro music)

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100 thoughts on “iPhone Sized Drone! DJI Mavic Mini Review!

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  2. DJI: our new drone
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    Amazon: new sales offer
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  3. Dam you dji now i am thinking drone again for channel only thing holding me back is all the confusing laws on drones

  4. Don't be fooled:
    The Mavic Mini must be registered if:
    1. If Pilots add any accessory, (sticker or light or prop cage,) then the drone must be registered.
    2. Flying under part 107, the drone must be registered.
    FAA Source:

    Besides, won’t this just hurt the industry further? Or will it just increase enforcements when drone pilots haven’t registered the bird? Double edge sword.
    Is the mavic mini really that great, or would a Skydio blow it out of the water?

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  6. Oh how nice Avalon looks! I've always said it was the closest distance to get the furthest away from LA… & I'll be ordering my min this evening – thanks iJustine!

  7. In case anybody cares, the joy sticks for the Mini are plastic. But you can buy the aluminum Mavic Air joy sticks to replace them with, and they fit perfectly and are higher quality, and better looking.

  8. Me:I ordered it! I’m gonna get it before anyone else’s!

    Youtubers: I got it ha F**K the kids who ordered them “first” and begged their parents!

    Me: what- what the F**K! Whyyyyyyy do they get the drone first!

  9. Justine I really really need your help!! I have three iPhone 11 Pro Max'x and they are locked and cant use them on any other network.. do you. know how to unlock them or know of a website that could help me unlock them ??

  10. oh Justine…you're such clickbait, I skim read MacMini review!! 😛 As always, I pointed to the tech you demonstrate and said "I want that or something of similar or same value for my collection"

  11. I just love how no drone "review" mentions any negatives about DJI products. There are no perfect products. What's the actual range on 2.4/5ghz? How does it behave in in the wind above 15kmh? Is it backwards compatible with DJI goggles, DJI smart controller? How many places are geofenced, even if they're not functioning airports? This is not a review, it's an ad.

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  13. Great video IJustine
    Have you seen Sam kolders new video amazing he just have done it with this mini mavic

  14. Just to be clear, you need to register the drone with the FAA if you have the prop guards mounted. That takes the drone over 250gms and the FAA absolutely requires you to register it at that time. (This is directly from the FAA FSDO regarding drone registration). Spend your $5.00 and be legal if you fly with the guards!

  15. i noticed you used an DJI song. I was wondering if it is royalty free? I wanted to use them too for making new videos. thank you!

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  17. This video is wonderful. Congratulations. This drone is the best. With 720p HD video quality, you will make great recordings. You will not stop shooting with its long-lasting batteries. It is also very small and portable. I highly recommend you a product. 67$ To get ->

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