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Japan’s Nissan mulls pulling out of S. Korea as trade tensions rise: FT

Japan’s Nissan mulls pulling out of S. Korea as trade tensions rise: FT

Japanese carmaker Nissan is considering
pulling out of South Korea as trade tensions between Seoul and Tokyo have
hit the company’s sales that’s according to Financial Times on
Friday and Nissan is also rethinking its involvement in an assembly plant in
Busan owned by Renault Samsung Motors the plant in Busan produces cars mainly
for export both Nissan Korea and Nissan Japan have declined to comment on the
report is unsold just 58 cars in the month of August down 88 percent from the
same month the previous year

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14 thoughts on “Japan’s Nissan mulls pulling out of S. Korea as trade tensions rise: FT

  1. >>>The plant in Busan produces cars mainly for export.
    The Busan city assembly passed legislation backing boycotts against Japanese "criminal" firms. NIssan's full exit is smart and responsive. The company is aware of rising country risk in SK for business. More Japanese firms under threat will follow suit.

  2. It has nothing to do with trade tension. Korean crazy union has been in serious trouble with Renault. It was just the matter of time. In my opinion, foreign companies should not employ low efficient Korean labors.

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  4. Korea didn’t respond to consultation request from Japan which is for talking about the situation of export of Korea last three years. In addition, Korea doesn’t introduce catch-all regulation and put enough people for export controls that’s why Japan and Korea need to see each other. Korea needs to reconsider about its export controls system not blame on Japan nor fight back like a kid. Conversely the action of Korea is against WTO and free trade.
    Plus, Don’t you think this’s hilarious cuz Korean do no-buying Japanese products though they demand selling 3 materials without complicated procedures 😂 😂

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  8. Yessss….our boycott WORKS!!! We can drive them all out if we keep on boycotting them!!! Let´s do it!!!! But I really love Ashai beer and Uniqlo underwear…to be honest it is VERY hard to boycott Japanese products 🙁

  9. Boycott or not, Nissan was never a big player in SK to begin with. The majority of the cars manufactured in SK were export models. The cars should be manufactured in the country where they are sold. This is a good move, rather it was bound to happen soon or later just as the water flows from high to low.

  10. 한국이 한국 방위의 협력을 기대하지 않는다면, 한국의 희망 거리에 재일 미군은, 한국의 방위에 사용시키지 않는다.
    일본은, 한국의 방위에 협력하지 않아서 좋네요? 제2차 조선 전쟁에서는, 일본은 완전중립을 선언해 일본에 있는 군대의 기지는 모두 사용시키지 않는다. 미군도 국련군도 일본의 영토 이용을 금지한다.
    베넷 연구원은 "미군은 일본의 지원(support)이 있어야 한반도에서의 임무를 다할 수 있다"며 "유사시 미국 군인 70만명·선박 160척·비행기 2000여대가 한반도에 증강 배치되는데 일본 내 인프라를 제대로 활용하지 못하면 미군 전략물자의 이동이 차질을 빚는다"고 했다. 이어 "평시에 한·일 양국이 긴밀하게 정보를 교류해야 유사시 무기·장비가 적재적소에 투입될 수 있다"고 했다. 미국의 중재를 끌어낼 지렛대로 지소미아를 활용하자는 주장에 대해선 "미국이 개입하면 어느 한 쪽을 편드는 것처럼 보여 한쪽이 소외될 수 있다. 삼각 공조를 와해할 수 있어 적절치 않다"고 했다.
    그는 "한·일 양국은 북핵이라는 당면한 가장 큰 위협을 직시하고 협상 테이블로 나와야 한다"고 했다. 그는 "북한은 이미 30~60기의 핵을 보유하고 있는데 내일이라도 서울에 떨어지면 사상자가 최대 300만명에 이른다는 점을 기억해야 한다"고 했다. 이어 "단 하나의 핵무기도 폐기하지 않은 북한에서 진정성을 느낄 수 없다"고 했다. 미국의 '중거리 미사일 아시아 배치' 움직임에 대해선 "한국 배치는 좋지 않은 선택"이라며 "중국이 경제 보복에 나설 가능성이 크다"고 했다.

    출처 :

  11. Again, let me remind my Korean friends. Japan is 3rd largest economy in the world, S Korea is 12th. Let's not be delusional. Japan does not need to trade with S Korea as Japan products are in demand and traded world wide. Remember, even in a stagnant economy for the past 30 years, Japan is still the 3rd largest economy on Earth, and S Korea is 12th. Now fight me.

  12. To everyone that replied to my comment. It’s been 30 years and Japan economy is still 3rd largest, SK is still 12th. Ask yourself this, what did Japan do right. My bitcoin says, Japan did everything right by focusing on the future and what makes Japan great. S Korea focused on the past and wasted their energy on things they can not change. It’s why SK is 12th and small. Facts don’t give a fuck about your feelings.

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