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Jeep® | “Groundhog Day” | Bill Murray | 02.02.2020

Jeep® | “Groundhog Day” | Bill Murray | 02.02.2020

Radio DJ: Okay campers, rise and shine! It’s Groundhog Day! And don’t forget your booties…
Bill: Oh no… Oh no. Ned: Phil?! Hey Phil! Bill: No… Not you… Ned: It’s me Ned Ryerson! Mayor: Okay little fella… good job. Bill: That’s different. Mayor: Good job… Hey! Mayor: He’s got the groundhog! Ned: Phil? Farmer: Hey! You’re going to freeze to death. Bill: Who cares? See you tomorrow! Bill: (singing) Don’t let them say your hair’s too long… Bill: Safety first. Yeehaw! Mayor: He’s got the groundhog! Ned: Phil? Bill: It’s not personal. It’s just a game. Bill: Not a bad day, huh? Bill: I don’t know where we parked. I was following you.

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100 thoughts on “Jeep® | “Groundhog Day” | Bill Murray | 02.02.2020

  1. You know Johann h. is absolutely correct nobody cares lol. People should though. And yes a large bolt in the frame grinding and rocking against another part will treak the frame. But no one cares. I paid 35k cash for this vehicle and i was only able to get out of debt and do this because my dad past away and left me the money that he saved for years. But FCA will spend all this money on the time and actors to make a commercial and not spend a dime to help there current customers. Why is society always acting like its the consumers fault and not the people in the corporations.

  2. This beats:
    Ghostbusters 2016
    Terminator Dark Fate
    The Mummy
    Total Recall
    The Predator
    Robin Hood
    Tomb Raider
    Charlie's Angels

  3. dang i love this commercial, i love the movie, i have met Bill Murray in person, he is way funnier than me, great job everybody, you know what i am buying this jeep gladiator and the groundhog

  4. Ranked the most popular commercial from the Super Bowl and the lines were improvised by bill Murray and the commercial was filmed a week before the super bowl

  5. a tökéletes partnernek való ígéret csak egy nagy hazugság, a [email protected] vagy a marsd.h az Instagram-ban ezt megmutatta nekem, nem az, hogy támogatom a hackelést, de megkapta a szükséges egyértelműséget és bizonyítékot arra, hogy nem vagyok őrült

    Hire Tom Cruise for a 2021 Superbowl commercial. Have him fill in for Bill Murray's Phil Conners on Groundhog Day, "I Got You Babe", etc, etc, but he's paranoid about an alien attack, finds the Jeep and keeps running for cover. It would need to be very comedic, mixing the two great "do-it-over-again" movies "Groundhog Day" and "Edge of Tomorrow". Yeah, have the same set locations, the groundhog and even hire the Ned Ryerson actor, just have Tom Cruise looking at the sky in paranoia.
    Even better, hire Emily Blunt to fill in for Andi McDowell's "Rita" who keeps wondering why Phil got an "alien invasion" obsession going on. (But, of course, they both love driving in the Jeep!)

  7. Gostooo rsrsrssrs 🌈🌞🌸☘ ☕️❄️☘🌈🌞🌸☘ ☕️❄️☘

  8. Never have I seen a ad get 50M views in a week especially when the channel doesn’t even have 200k subs

  9. Jeep needs to offer a Ground Hog Edition of the Jeep LOL like with Groundhog emblems and a life size doll of the Groundhog that clips to the passenger side window!

  10. My b day is on the groundhogs day and the Super Bowl. I got lucky on the Super Bowl, happens only every seven years. (FEB 2ND)

  11. It's great because of our love for the groundhog, the movie and Bill Murray and cast. Who cares about the jeep. The ad agency and writers know this. They put the Jeep in the background. Never "consciously" looked at the newest model once in the whole ad. So why am I now driving to the Jeep dealer? Because I want my own groundhog with a side of Jeep. Cudos Jeep, well done.

  12. Amazing how a 50 million view video was removed from “trending“ so a 600,000 view Kardashian video could be promoted. Not fair, YouTube… not cool.

  13. 50 mil views, Jeep sure hit attention jackpot, now i just want to know statistics of how many orange Gladiator's they sold after this

  14. Это самая лучшая реклама автомобиля которую я когда либо видел !!!!!! х_х

  15. The only reason I liked the movie "Groundhog Day" is because my old dad loved the movie and he would laugh out loud several times. This put a smile to my face to bring good memories back

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