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Jeep Wrangler (1997-2017 TJ & JK) Teraflex Spare Tire Extension Bracket Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler (1997-2017 TJ & JK) Teraflex Spare Tire Extension Bracket Review & Install

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review and installation of the TeraFlex Spare Tire Extension Bracket, fitting all
1997 and up Wranglers. Today, we’re gonna talk through the installation
of this bracket, which is a very simple one out of three wrench installation. This is going to bolt directly onto your Jeep
in under a half an hour, but we’ll talk more about the install in a second. We’re also going to talk through the construction
and a few of the features of this bracket. This bracket is going to be for those of you
who want to run a larger-than-factory spare tire in your factory spare tire mounting location. This bracket is going to move that tire up,
which is going to give you some clearance between the tire and the bumper when you open
and close the tailgate. It’s also going to add a little bit of depth
to your bracket, so if you’re installing a wider-than-factory tire on a factory wheel,
it’s going to give you some additional clearance. However, if you have a lower backspacing on
your wheel to provide some additional clearance on the vehicle and you have a matching spare
tire, you won’t need to necessarily take advantage of that additional depth. Now, a bracket like this, while it will give
you the physical space to mount your larger spare tire, you’re not taking care of the
other issues that come along with mounting a big, heavy spare in the factory spare tire
location. Again, this is giving you the physical space,
but it’s not taking care of those other issues. Your factory spare tire mount is only rated
to carry the weight of a factory spare tire. Those brackets are made out of stamped steel
that doesn’t have a ton of strength, and when you add a big, heavy spare on there that,
especially if it’s twerking around and moving, it can fatigue and break that metal. And when you add this bracket on there, you’re
actually increasing the torque and the leverage that that tire has on the spare tire bracket,
which can expedite the fatigue and the breaking down of that material. So if you plan on running a big, heavy spare
tire for the foreseeable future on your Jeep, I would definitely recommend getting either
a tub-mounted tire carrier or a bumper-mounted tire carrier that is properly set up and able
to handle the weight and the size of your spare. A bracket like this is designed for short-term
use. If you don’t have the funds or you haven’t
picked out that tire carrier yet, but you wanna have that full-size in place, this is
going to be a good temporary solution. There are some other similar solutions on
the market. MBRP, for instance, makes a similar bracket. However, theirs does come with a third brake
light relocation bracket, but again, you’re still going to have the same issue. Now, these are going to be far less expensive
than a tub-mounted tire carrier, a bumper-mounted tire carrier. However, there is a good reason for that. Obviously, this is just going to be a small
piece of metal. It’s going to be a temporary solution. If you are going to be running that big, heavy
spare, you are going to wanna upgrade your tire carrier. As far as extension brackets go, this one
is built very well. It’s heavy-duty steel, it’s gusseted, it’s
fully welded, it’s powder coated. And what makes this one a little bit unique,
especially if you do compare it to the Off Camber Fabrication by MBRP version of this
bracket, is that this will work for both a TJ and a JK. Now, they do have different lug patterns on
their wheels, so this has some additional holes so that you can use it for either one
of those vehicles. Again, it’s not the strength of this bracket
that I’m worried about. This is very well-built. It’s the fact that this adds a lot of leverage
onto the rest of the weak components, those components designed for a factory size and
weight spare tire that becomes the issue. So getting this installed on your Jeep, again,
one out of three wrench install, under half an hour. All you need to do is remove your spare tire
off of your spare tire mount. You’re going to set your new bracket over
the existing lugs that are in that spare tire mount and attach it down. And finally, you’re going to attach the included
hardware to your bracket to hold your tire onto the new bracket. It’s essentially the same steps as just removing
your spare and reinstalling it. You’re just putting this piece in-between
your factory bracket and your new spare tire. Very simple, just traditional hand tools,
and under a half an hour. As I said before, I think that this should
be looked at as a temporary solution, and as a temporary solution, this needs to be
inexpensive and it is. This is around $40, and you get a very well-built
piece that is absolutely going to do its job for the short-term. Now, if you want to, if you’re able to, you
can certainly skip this step entirely, save that $40, and put it toward your full-time,
permanent tire-carrying solution. But if you do need a short-term solution,
I think $40 isn’t bad for this part. So if you’re looking for a bracket that’s
going to allow you to run a larger-than-factory spare tire on your factory spare tire mount,
this is going to be a well-built and easy-to-install solution. There are others on the market that are priced
right around the same price, and for a temporary solution, I think this is going to get the
job done. So that’s my review of the TeraFlex Spare
Tire Extension Bracket, fitting all 1997 and up Wranglers, that you can find right here

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  1. I got a barricade trail force rear bumper but my 32in wont fit. Is this a good solution or should I return it?

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