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Jeep Wrangler JK Smittybilt XRC Front Bumper w/ Winch Mount Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JK Smittybilt XRC Front Bumper w/ Winch Mount Review & Install

Hey, guys. So, today, I’m here with the Smittybilt XRC
Front Bumper with Winch Mount, fitting all 2007 to 2018 JK Wranglers. So, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty front
bumper that’s gonna offer a lot of functionality, utility, as well as styling at a very affordable
price point, then this option by Smittybilt is gonna be a really good one to take a look
at. So, this is a stubby front bumper. And it’s gonna be perfect for somebody who’s
looking to upgrade to larger wheels and tires with all the room on the outside and also
wants to keep performance in mind for the trail, considering that this front bumper
is gonna maximize your approach angles. Now, this is also going to be perfect for
somebody who wants to build off of a front bumper and also for somebody who wants to
have a little bit of insurance while they’re out on the trail. So, this is gonna have a recessed winch plate,
as well as light mounting options, and even an option for recovery right on the front. Just in case if you get into a sticky situation
out of the trail, this front bumper will be able to get you out of that. Now, not to mention, this is also gonna add
some heavy-duty styling and we’ll match with any other heavy-duty accessories that you
already have mounted up to your JK. So, like I said, this is gonna be a very affordable
option coming in at roughly $200, making this one of the most affordable options that we
have on our page. So, when we’re looking at front bumpers all
across the board, usually the stubby front bumpers are going to be the more cost-effective
choices because they are a little bit smaller and won’t provide as much protection as a
mid-width or a full-width front bumper. Now, nonetheless, this is still gonna have
all of those standard features that you would want. It’s just not gonna have those extra bells
and whistles. But I personally think for the price that
it’s set at, that that is a pretty fair trade off. Now, more expensive options are usually gonna
have more bells and whistles, like I mentioned. So, they may come with the ability to swap
over your factory fog lights or they may come with additional lighting. But in my personal opinion, I think that this
is a very solid front bumper. It comes with all the standard features. And this is really going to add a ton of functionality
and utilities to the front end of your Wrangler. And like I said, again, for $200, you really
can’t beat it. So, install is gonna be a light two out of
three wrenches on the difficulty meter, taking you some basic hand tools to get the job done. So, speaking of the install, let’s jump into
that now. The tools that I used for my install were
an impact wrench, a 3/8-inch drive ratchet, a three-inch extension, and an 18-millimeter
deep socket. So, if you have an upper and lower splash
guard on your front bumper, it’s going to be held on by a couple of clips. So, you can go ahead and remove that first
with a trim removal tool. We don’t have those on our Wrangler, so our
first step is gonna be to unplug our fog lights. So, all you have to do is depress the clip
and then just pull back, and you’ll remove your fog light harness. We can do the same thing on the other side. We can put that right in our crash bar. And then we can go ahead and head underneath
our Jeep so we can take off our hardware. So, on each side of both the frame horns you’re
gonna have studs in your bumper that are holding it to the frame and we’re gonna remove that
hardware with an 18-millimeter socket. The outside, you can fit an impact wrench,
but the inside, you’re gonna have to use a traditional hand ratchet. All right, so, now we can do that for the
other six studs. So, on the inside of the frame, you’re gonna
have the same thing. It may be a little bit difficult to see but
we’re gonna use that same 18-millimeter socket, as well as a hand ratchet to remove those
two nuts. So, now, we can go ahead and take off our
front bumper. So, before we go ahead and install our new
front bumper, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit more about it and what benefits
that you’re gonna see out of the Smittybilt front bumper that you’re not getting with
your factory setup. So, right off the bat, this is gonna be a
lot smaller. This is gonna be a stubby front bumper in
comparison to your factory standard width. However, this is gonna provide a lot more
protection to the front end of your Wrangler or a lot more heavy-duty protection, should
I say. So, this is gonna be made of a 3/16th-inch
cold rolled steel. And it’s gonna leave the ends open, giving
you the best approach angles that you can get off-road, while also opening up all that
room for a larger wheel and tire. So, with your full-width front bumper or standard
width front bumper, you’re not gonna be able to have a very large tire on the front without
making contact with it. So, moving over to a stubby front bumper is
a really good idea for somebody who wants to put some large wheels and tires, while
still thinking about performance while they’re out on the trail. Now, this is also gonna have a textured black
powder coat finish on top, which is gonna protect the steel underneath from any rust
or corrosion. And it’s also going to provide a very heavy-duty
look in comparison to the factory plastics that can fade over time. Now, this is also gonna come with a couple
of different features that you won’t see out of your factory front bumper that are gonna
provide a little bit of utility and function. Now, starting up top, you do have this large
bull bar that is reinforced on the side, giving you that protection aspect that you may be
looking for for your grille. But it’s also gonna have two light mounting
tabs up on top for any accessory lighting or auxiliary lighting and it is able to hold
up to a nine-inch light bar. Now, moving down to the bottom, you are gonna
get a recessed winch plate capable of holding a winch with up to a 10,000-pound point capacity
and it’s gonna be tucked a little bit lower, giving it a little bit of protection while
you’re out on the trail. This is also gonna come with two welded D-ring
mounts on the front for a little bit of extra insurance. And that’s gonna act as a safer and more efficient
recovery point than your factory tow hooks. Now, the only thing that you’re not getting
with this new front bumper is the option to swap over your factory fog lights. However, in my personal opinion, I think because
this already comes with light mounting tabs and the option to mount up accessory lighting,
and it also comes with a ton of other benefits that your front bumper from the factory isn’t
able to give you, I think that that’s a pretty fair trade-off. So, enough from me, let’s go ahead and mount
up our new Smittybilt front bumper. So, now we can go ahead and mount up our front
bumper. This does have studs on it so it will stay
in place once it’s mounted up to the frame. Now, we can go ahead and secure it down with
our hardware. So, what we can do now is secure this down
with a flat washer, lock washer, and a nut. So, now that all of our hardware is threaded
in or threaded on, what we can do is tighten it down with an 18-millimeter deep socket. And I’m also gonna use a three-inch extension
just to clear our bumper here. So, on the inside, we’re gonna have one stud
but we’re also going to have a welded nut that’s on our bumper. So, we’re gonna take our provided bolt, lock
washer, and flat washer and thread that through the frame into our front bumper. Then we can secure the bottom one with the
same flat washer, lock washer, and nut. And since the other side of the frame is already
attached, we can tighten this down as well using that same 18-millimeter deep socket. So, that’s gonna wrap it up for my review
and install. Make sure you like and subscribe. And for more videos and products like this,
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