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Jeep Wrangler JL 4-Door XG Cargo Gama Mounted Sportsbar Side Storage Bags Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JL 4-Door XG Cargo Gama Mounted Sportsbar Side Storage Bags Review & Install

Hey, guys. So today I’m here with the XG Cargo Gama Mounted
Sportsbar Side Storage Bags, fitting all 2018 and newer 4-Door JL Wranglers. So storage space inside your Wrangler can
be very limited so finding creative storage solutions is always beneficial to taking adventures
in your JL. So this option by XG Cargo is going to be
perfect for that JL owner looking to take full advantage of their cargo space with a
roll bar mounted system. So this option is gonna come with two large
storage bags mounted up to either side of the roll bar and is going to be perfect for
somebody who’s looking to take extra camping gear or extra recovery tools out on the trail
or whatever you need to take on your adventures while staying very organized since this does
have interior pockets and interior storage. So not only is this gonna be perfect for interior
storage but it also is gonna have a Molle style attachment on the outsides, perfect
for anything that you want to mount up outside of the bag as well or strapped to the side
of the bag. Now not only are these gonna be very versatile,
they are going to be very durable as well, resistant to any UV rays, water, chemicals
or even abrasion, so you can keep your top off or keep your top-down and trust that these
are going to hold up and last a very long time. So what I do really like about this in comparison
to other options is the fact that this is gonna take up all that negative space that
you have inside your hard top or your soft top and keep that large storage space on the
bottom in your cargo area open to any other large items that you may need to take with
you on the trail, so this is gonna be very creative in the way that it’s mounted up and
very useful as well. So these are gonna be roughly $160 for both
of the bags as well as both of the frames that they are attached to, and personally
I think for what these bring to the table that that is going to be set at a pretty fair
price point. So in comparison to some of those other options
for roll bar mounted solutions, some of those other choices may mounted up a little bit
differently and take up more cargo space than these will, or some of those will just be
for smaller bags that won’t have as much storage space as this. So personally I think for $160 you’re getting
a very high-quality product as well as something that is going to be very versatile and lasts
a very long time, making it well worth that $160. So install is gonna be very easy at a one
out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter taking you probably 15 minutes to get the
job done with one tool. So speaking of that, let’s jump into the install
now. The tools that I used for my install or a
1/4-inch drive ratchet and a T25 Torx socket or you could use the provided tool. So in order to install our new cargo bags
we will have to install the frames first so you are going to need either the provided
tool or a T25 Torx bit. We can go ahead and remove this bottom bolt
on our roll bar. Now I’m just using a T25 Torx socket and a
1/4-inch drive ratchet, makes it a little bit easier, but you are provided with a tool
if you would like to use that. This is the tool. So after you have this screw out we can grab
our frame, they are gonna be site-specific, so you have to make sure that this tab is
facing the inside and then we want to line up this pin with the hole in the roll bar,
line this tab up down at the bottom over that bolt hole, grab our factory screw that we
just took out and then we can go ahead and reinstall that. Then we can grab our T25 Torx socket or the
provided tool and then you can just tighten that back up. We can do the same thing on the other side
and then grab our cargo bags. So what I also like about these is the fact
that this has a rubber coating on it so when it’s sitting on the painted roll bar it’s
actually not going to scratch the paint. And they’re pretty sturdy. So our next step is to attach our cargo bag,
now these are also going to be side-specific. You want to make sure that the Molle style
attachment is facing up and that your straps are facing in. We’re going to place it inside the frame. You’re gonna have some Velcro that we’re going
to attach around this frame. You can just loosely attach it to begin with
and then we’ll straighten everything out once everything is attached. After those are attached what we can do is
take our strap and buckle that down. You can pull down on the nylon, tighten that
down, and then the same for the top one. Wanna make sure that you’re going underneath
or above your seatbelt, you don’t want to interfere with that. And they actually have a small clip on here
to make sure that that stays in place and it’s not flapping around. Then we can do the same thing on the other
side. So that’s gonna wrap it up for my review and
install. Make sure you like and subscribe. And for more videos and products like this,
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  2. You are showing this without any of the soft/hard tops on. How does this work with the Soft Tops on the JL? Does the soft top slide on/off without any issues? Thanks

  3. I have a 2019 JLU Sahara with the sky 1 touch power top. Would this work with my roof? Do you have any videos showing mods I can do with this type of roof? Like roof rack, sun shade, etc.

  4. Great storage solution for the JL. If necessary are you still able to mount a fire extinguisher and a Powertank to the cargo area row bars?

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