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Jeep Wrangler Raxiom 20″ Dual Row LED Light Bar (1987-2017 YJ, TJ, JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Raxiom 20″ Dual Row LED Light Bar (1987-2017 YJ, TJ, JK) Review & Install

This Raxiom 20-inch dual row LED light bar
is gonna be for those who that have a 1987 and up Wrangler and are looking to add some
auxiliary lighting to your Jeep. Now, a 20-inch light bar like this is going
to be a little bit unique when you compare it to a smaller light cube or a 50-inch LED
light bar. The 50-inch LED light bar, of course, is gonna
be mounted above your windshield. There’s really only one spot on the Jeep to
put that, so you’re kinda locked in a box as far as the installation, you don’t have
a lot of options there. The smaller LED light cubes, on the other
hand, there is a ton of different options as far as where to mount them: A-Pillar, on
your bumper, bumper hoop as a reverse light, up on a roof rack, a lot of different options. Now, this is going to be somewhere in the
middle there. There are going to be some bolt-on brackets
where you can bolt a 20-inch light bar onto your Jeep without the need to drill any holes
in your Wrangler. However, if you do wanna get a little bit
creative with where you mount this, you can do that as well. Like we said before, up on the roof rack,
you can mount a couple of these, you can have them switched independently. You can get a little bit more creative with
a bar of this size than you can with a 50-inch light bar, and you are going to still get
a larger light bar that has multiple beam patterns integrated into one, and you’re going
to get a ton of light from it, so a lot more powerful than those smaller cubes. Now, as far as pricing of light bars go, there
are light bars all over the spectrum. There are the bargain basement light bars
that you can get, a 50-inch light bar with the brackets and the switch for $100, but
they’re really not gonna hold up very well over time. These are a little bit finicky if you end
up getting any sort of water condensation in them, you can get condensation behind the
lens, you can get…burn out individual LEDs or have the whole light burn out, and that’s
what you’ll oftentimes end up with one of those cheap bargain basement lights. Now, there are also light bars that are gonna
cost you almost $1,000, sometimes $1,000 and more, even for a smaller light bar like this
one. And while the optics and the R&D that goes
into a light bar like that is very substantial, you might get a throw a little bit further
down the trail, you might get a few more lumens out of that light bar. I think for what most of us are using our
light bars for, something like this is going to be a really nice hybrid. You’re gonna get a really high-quality light
bar, it’s gonna last a long time, you’re gonna get a lot of very usable light but it’s not
going to completely shatter your budget either. And that’s where, I think, Raxiom comes in,
right in the middle there, a really nice mix of quality and price. So getting into some of the details of the
construction, this is going to be an aluminum light bar, it has a polycarbonate lens on
it that’s going to be both scratch and crack-resistant. As I alluded to before, this actually is a
dual beam pattern light. So one switch, they’re both on at the same
time, but on the outside here of either side of the light you’re going to have more of
a flood pattern, or on the inside, you’re going to have more of a spot pattern. So you are going to get some nice wash to
the sides, but also throw pretty far down the trail in front of you from these center
lights. This is a double row LED light bar so you
are going to get a total of 43-watt Cree LEDs providing a ton of light. Now, the newer trend is to go with a single
row LED light bar, they’re gonna be a little bit less bulky, a little bit sleeker looking
but you are going to lose some lumens. This is going to be a little bit of a bigger
light, physically, but you are going to get a ton of light produced from it, and that’s
gonna be a really nice feature for you. Now, this produces light at a 6,000-Kelvin
color temperature, which is going to be right around where a lot of the other LEDs that
you’ll purchase for your Jeep, is going to produce light. And what that is is really talking about the
color of the light. This is going to be a very bright white light,
almost bordering on a blue, so it’s going to be very crisp light, and it’s going to
give you a lot of detail when you’re using it in an off-road situation. Now, this light is going to come with a two
wire pigtail as with most other aftermarket lights, so you are going to have to do some
wiring to get this installed. If you’re comfortable with automotive wiring,
you can go ahead and build yourself a wiring harness, you can switch this in a lot of different
ways, or you can go ahead and purchase an LED wiring harness from Raxiom that’s gonna
make this installation even easier for you. Now, this does come with a pair of feet that
you can use to mount this, really, anywhere you’re willing to drill two holes in your
Jeep. However, as I said before, there are a couple
of bolt-on brackets that you can get for a 20-inch bar like this. Put it up on the hood, put it on the grille,
get a little bit creative with where you’re gonna mount this. So for the installation of this, I am gonna
go with a two out of three wrenches because of the wiring that’s going to be involved. Now, getting the light placed is really up
to you. If you wanna buy one of those bolt-on brackets,
if you wanna drill some holes, you wanna build your own bracket, that’s up to you. You somehow do have to get this bolted down
into place, whether it’s on the front, the side, the back of your Jeep, get the light
itself bolted down and then the wiring. Again, you have a two wire pigtail that comes
on this light, so fairly simple. You have a positive and a negative. You can build your own harness, you can have
this switched in a bunch of different ways, or purchase one of those Raxiom wiring harness,
which is going to allow you to make the two connections at the light, make two connections
at the battery and pull a pair of wires through the dash so that you’ll have a switch on the
inside of the Jeep, making the install that much easier. If you’re not comfortable with even that level
of installing the wiring harness, that’s perfectly okay. You can always take your Jeep to a shop and
have them wire this up for you. This light bar’s gonna come in right around
$220, and like I said before, I do think that’s gonna be a pretty fair price for what you’re
getting. You’re getting a lot of lumens but maybe,
more importantly, you’re getting a light bar that’s going to hold up and last for a good
long time. You can certainly spend a lot less money but
you’re not going to get the same quality. And you can spend a lot more money, get a
little bit more throw, get a few more lumens, and if that’s what you’re looking for, a really
premium top top of the line bar, then those are available as well. But I do think that this is a really nice
mix of high-quality and a little bit more of an affordable price. So if you’re looking to add a 20-inch LED
auxiliary light onto your Jeep, I definitely recommend taking a look at this one available
from Raxiom right here at

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