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Jeep Wrangler Rough Country Hitch Mount Black Series LED Light Kit – Spot Beam Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Rough Country Hitch Mount Black Series LED Light Kit – Spot Beam Review & Install

Ryan: This Rough Country Hitch Mount Black
Series LED Light Kit in Spot Beam is for those of you with a 1987 all the way up through
the most current model year Wrangler that are looking for a very easy way to add a set
of reverse lights or auxiliary lights onto the back of your Jeep without the need to
swap out the bumper for one that has lights integrated into it or drill a bunch of holes
in your Jeep. This is going to allow you to clamp around
that 2-inch receiver that you already have and mount lights on that very, very simply. This is going to be a two out of three wrench
installation, pretty easy to get done but there’s going to be a little bit of wiring
as you would expect with lighting but we are going to show you how to get it done. Again, pretty straightforward, pretty easy
because of the wiring harnesses that are included in this kit. Now, the first and most important thing to
note about this kit is just because you have a 2-inch receiver does not mean that this
kit is going to work for you, you have to make sure you have the clearance. So you need 1-inch of clearance on top of
your 2-inch receiver and three-quarter inches of clearance from the receiver to anything
that it might be running into, like maybe your chain plates. If you don’t have that much clearance, you’re
not going to be able to get this mounted up. So take some measurements, take a look and
make sure that this is going to work for you. But if you do have the room, again, this is
a really clean and easy way of adding some reverse lights without drilling any holes. The kit is going to come with not only this
bracket right here, that’s going to be that clamps around your 2-inch receiver but it
has a couple of wings here with holes drilled in them to allow you to mount the two lights
that come with the kit. And these are Rough Country’s Black Series
lights. And as you can see the background behind the
LED’s themselves, they are black, just a little bit more of a stealthy look, a little bit
less noticeable when you’re looking at the back of the Jeep. These are going to be six LED lights. You’re gonna have plenty of brightness from
them. And as I said before, these are a spot pattern
light. Now in my personal preference, I like to see
more of a diffused light, more of a spread pattern for a reverse light, but as long as
you aim these properly, they’re gonna get the job done for you. These are also going to come with a couple
of snap-on covers for those lights. Now for reverse light, you’re not really gonna
be using them but they do come in the kit just in case you decide to pop them on. Over here, you’re going to have a couple of
wiring harnesses that are really just extension harnesses. This harness is going to plug into your light
and just give you the same weatherproof connector that’s on the end of the light just further
down range and you have two of these harnesses, one for each of your lights. Then you have this harness over here that’s
gonna have two weatherproof connectors on it, those that are going to plug into your
extension harnesses and this harness has all of the other stuff that you need to make this
work. So it’s gonna have your fuse, it’s gonna have
your relay and it’s also going to have your switch. It also has a couple of ring terminals on
it, some pre-terminated ends that are going to pick up power at your battery. So again, it really is going to give you everything
you’re going to need to get this kit running. Now if you install it exactly as it comes
in the box, you have a button on the dash that is pretty convenient, push the button,
you have your reverse lights come on. But if you are comfortable with automotive
wiring, you could very easily make this a system that will come on automatically when
you shift the Jeep into reverse. But again, that’s not going to be included
in the instructions, you’ll have to get a little bit creative there. So for a kit like this that comes with not
only the lights but the wiring harnesses and the mount, I think the price tag associated
with it is pretty fair. This comes in and right around $105 and again,
for everything you’re getting, I think that’s gonna be a pretty good deal. So two out of three wrenches because of the
little bit of wiring that’s involved here but let’s show you how to do it. Man: Tools required for this installation
are going to be a three-eighths drive with a 10-millimeter, a 13-millimeter. This is a 5-millimeter Allen key socket. These Allen keys were supplied by Rough Country. Some consumables are going to be these zip
ties and I recommend using some side cutters to get rid of those tail ends. Optional is an impact. All right, guys, so to start off our Rough
Country hitch mounted LED bracket, I wanted to show you our hitch. This is not a factory hitch. Your factory hitch will stick out about half
an inch. If you look at our bracket here, we’re working
with an inch. So you’ll see there we have plenty of room. We do sell on some extenders
for this factory hitch. So, I recommend picking up one of those before
you get this. But to start off our install, I’m gonna put
this on the bottom. And then the top is gonna go, you can see
how it’s stepped and that’s going to go right over that receiver. Then I’m gonna start my 5-millimeter Allen
key hardware. And I’m gonna tighten this up as evenly as
possible. All right, now we’re gonna bring in our Rough
Country light pods. We’re just gonna put our hardware right through
there and then we’re going to top it off with a washer, lock washer, and nut. This is going to be a 13-millimeter nut, just
get our flat washer in there. Go ahead and tighten that up with a 13-millimeter
socket. And I’m going to position it right around
there but we’ll tighten down those Allen keys on the side in just a little bit. And our next light pod going on. All right, so now we’re gonna start our wiring
process. And Rough Country actually did include a very
nice and long wiring harness. So I’m just gonna start routing my wires,
I’m gonna go through these two holes where my safety chains would go if I were towing
but I don’t tow much with this Jeep. So we’re gonna start plugging in our Deutsch
connectors here. And you should hear that audible click to
let you know that they are seated properly. And then I’m going to start routing it up
and down my frame. So from this point, I’m going to get a zip
tie and go up and through my frame here, sandwich it in between the frame and the bumper, just
like that. And I’m gonna bring my wires up and tighten
what I got here. Get that nice and out of the way. Next, I’m going to get another zip tie and
zip tie it just like that. Again, away from my muffler or anything that’s
hot. Let me get one more just to make sure that
is nice and out of the way. All right, so running these wires more forward,
we’re going to go above here above our parking brake cables, our fuel filler neck, and this
crossmember for our…that’s right next to our fuel tank here. Make sure it’s nice and away from the muffler. This is your vent for your axle tube here. Let’s go ahead and zip tie it to here. All right, so let’s go ahead and get these
connectors above one more of these crossmembers. We’re just gonna leave these here dangling
and then we’re gonna start our wiring in the front and the meet right here in the middle. All right, now we’re gonna wire up the forward
portion of our wiring harness. And in my hand, you can see I have a relay,
a fuse, two terminals, and then this connection is for your switch. So we’re just gonna leave this switch off
to the side right now. And I’m going to make sure that I have enough
slack up here for my relay box and my terminals. I’m not gonna connect these up right now because
I want to make sure I connect those lights first. So let’s just put these off to the side here. Our relay is chilling right here next to my
fuse panel and then my switch is going to go all the way around and then through a hole
in our firewall. Now let’s get our Deutsch connectors. Now the best place I’ve found to route any
wiring in your engine compartment is going to be in the corners over here. So let me just start snaking these through
and they’re gonna pop out right below our grille. Then we can run these down our frame rail,
meet up with the Deutsche connectors right in the middle. Just like that. And we can tuck these wires next to our airbox,
nice and clean. All right, let’s go find those wires and connect
them in the middle. So as you can see, we’ve got our Deutsch connector
coming through this…my favorite spot in the engine department. And right now we’re going to run these behind
our shock and spring towers. And we’re gonna hopefully pop them out right
there behind our brake line. All right, so now we’re gonna add a zip tie
to this wiring harness right here. You can see this loom is protected by a little
bit of a heat shield because you have a catalytic converter and exhaust right there. So we’re gonna put it on the outside, put
a zip tie through and tighten that up. Now let’s run these the rest of the way. I’m gonna go through the body here and meet
you on the other side of the frame. All right, let’s go ahead and continue the
wiring run of our Deutsch connectors from the front to the middle. Now I’m going right above our fuel tank next
to the transfer case and then right over this crossmember. And as you can see, there are our Deutsch
connectors from the back. Now I’m just gonna take another couple zip
ties and make sure this is nice and out of the way. All right, let’s go ahead and connect our
Deutsch connectors. Again, you’re gonna want to hear that click
to make sure those terminals are touching. And too [SP], I’m just going to tuck this
right and that gas tanks skit plate and make sure that it is zip tied and tight and out
of the way. All right, so one of our last steps is to
trim our ends of our zip ties. And if you need to add any at this point,
just go through your whole wiring route and make sure everything is nice and clean and
away from any moving parts or anything that’s hot. So I’m just gonna go up the line and trim
all these ends off and then go into the engine bay and finish our wiring. All right, so now we’re gonna connect our
positive and negative side up to our battery starting with the positive. So the cool thing about Jeep batteries are
that they have these little auxiliary posts that we can attach auxiliary lights to or
any accessories that we may be adding to our Jeep. So let’s tighten that up. And we’re going to attach our ground. All right, cool. And then we can attach our switch to this
electrical connection right here and test our light out. So we do have power available to that switch. And looking back, the lights are now on. All right, so the last step is to run your
switch through the firewall. So there is no blank spot right here. On the JK is the best spot to run it is right
through the cowl underneath here. You can see that foam right in there, if you
grab a long screwdriver and make a hole into that, you can now fit your switch through. However, we have to return this vehicle to
stock, we’re not gonna be poking into that. So we’re just going to connect our switch
right underneath the hood here for demonstration purposes and just turn it on. So that’s gonna wrap up my install of the
Rough Country Hitch-Mounted LED Light Kit for your Jeep Wrangler. And for all things Wrangler, keep it right
here at

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